Hi, I’m Sheila, founder and editor of Maison de Cinq, a lifestyle blog that encompasses decor, fashion, and entertaining. The name Maison de Cinq means “House of Five” in French and was named in honor of my family of five, as well as my love of everything French.

I started Maison de Cinq in 2015 as a creative outlet for my interest in fashion and design. At the time, I was a fashion stylist for television and commercials, but I also loved decorating and I wanted to share my passion for both of those things. 

Combine that with my love of food and family, and the real soul of Maison de Cinq was born.

My passion for home and all that that means comes from a very French-inspired outlook. I believe in ‘elevating the everyday,’ and by that, I mean making even the mundane things in life meaningful.

Cooking a homemade meal and then lingering over the table with family and friends. Setting a pretty table and using the ‘good’ china, even if it’s just a weeknight. Having fresh flowers in your home on a regular basis. Making sure your home is filled with things that have meaning to you. These seemingly small things make us feel nurtured and loved, and add joy to life.

By ‘elevating the everyday’ we can make the time we spend in our homes more beautiful, both literally and figuratively.

I’m so glad that you landed here at Maison de Cinq and hope that you’ll stay around to get ideas and inspiration for your own French-inspired life.

I love to hear from you! Feel free to email me with any questions or comments at sheila@maisondecinq.com.

Thanks for being here!