Classic Christmas Porch with Greenery & Brass Bells

This year’s holiday porch features lots of garland, cedar wreaths, and brass bells for a simple and classic Christmas porch.

There are so many ways to decorate your porch for the holidays, from going all out to just a simple wreath on the door.

But I love to tie the porch decor into what I’m doing on the inside. And this year, I’m going for a classic Christmas porch with lots of fresh greenery, brass bells, and a few small trees.


beautiful christmas porch with garland wreaths and a Golden Retriever

The porch sets the tone for everything since it’s the first thing anyone sees. And there’s nothing more welcoming than a pretty Christmas porch, decorated for the season and saying “Happy Holidays!” to friends, neighbors, or passersby.

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gorgeous and classic Christmas porch with garland, cedar wreaths and a beautiful golden retriever

And it doesn’t take much to create a classic Christmas porch! Lots of fresh or faux garland, simple wreaths, plus a few little trees creates a festive but easy-to-create look!

I used fresh garland from Home Depot, but you can also get it at nurseries, tree farms, or Trader Joe’s. Or use faux! 


little trees in galvanized buckets, rustic lanterns and pinecones create pretty holiday decor on the porch

Normally I use only live trees on the porch, but this year I mixed both faux and real. The largest one is faux, while the rest of them are live. Really, it was just because I couldn’t find the right size live one! But I’m actually loving it since we typically have very dry, windy fall weather and the live trees tend to dry out way too fast.

This way, I only have a few to water and I can re-use the faux year after year. But whether you use faux, real, or both, a couple of little trees add so much charm!


vintage galvanized bucket with birch logs and pinecones and little trees create charm on a Christmas porch

Birch logs, greenery, and some pinecones fill a vintage galvanized coal bucket. And my favorite lanterns also usually make an appearance! I love the rustic look of these and use them almost every year. They’re great on a porch or patio, but also look great inside on the hearth, too.

And I even brought out a few wrapped gifts to add to the festiveness! 😉


classic Christmas porch with gorgeous cedar garland and wreaths with brass bells holiday decorating ideas

The wreaths are my absolute favorite! They are faux cedar and they look so real! Each year I change up how I display them. I add different ribbons, or bells, or even by adding some extra greens or ornaments.

Unfortunately, mine are sold out, but this one is almost exactly the same, as is this one (on sale), and this one is stunning!


This year, I featured sage green in the interior spaces, so I continued that palette out here as well. I added a mix of cream and sage green velvet ribbons, along with some new brass bells. The feel is festive, but simple and easy, too!


French inspired christmas porch with greenery and wreaths with brass bells gorgeous holiday porch

Our bench also got a little fancy with another smaller wreath and some gifts. You could even add pillows or throws if you have a bench on your porch for a cozy look!


gorgeous wreaths with velvet ribbons and brass bells on black doors French inspired Christmas porch decor

Thank you so much for stopping by, and for sharing in our holiday decor this year. I so appreciate you being here and hope I’ve brought you inspiration for your own holiday decorating! If you missed any of our holiday tours, you can find the formal living room here, kitchen here, and the family room here.

I’ve linked quite a few wreath options that will give you the look below, as well as the ribbons and bells I used, along with similar lanterns and trees!

Shop Classic Christmas Porch

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Teddee Grace says:

    This is gorgeous. What keeps the garland above the door from getting caught when you exit and enter?

    1. Hi Teddee and thank you!! It doesn’t get caught at all! It’s not long enough to actually get ‘caught’ in the door so it works out fine! But if it was, you could always attach it slightly higher to avoid that.

      Happy Holidays to you!


  2. Hello, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now and every month I’m pleasantly surprised by the lovely items you find to decorate your home in that simple yet elegant French fashion. I was curious, though, if you could tell me the name of that beautiful soft creamy paint color you use on the exterior stucco of your home? It looks lovely with the black front doors and it’s just what I’ve been searching for as we look to paint our home’s exterior to complement our own country French style. Thank you. Regards, UVK

    1. Aww thank you so much, I so appreciate your kind words! Our exterior paint isn’t a creamy color, but more of a taupe (we painted over a decade ago and I’m sure it’s faded somewhat) We do love this color though, and it looks great with a black door! It is called Flintstone and is by Dunn Edwards.

      Hope that helps!