Coffee Table Styling: Tips & Tricks

Today coffee table styling is on my mind. I’m one of those people who once I start thinking about something (design-wise, anyway… or clothing-wise :)) I become a little obsessed. I was literally up until after midnight the last few nights looking online and at pins on Pinterest for interesting ways to style a coffee table!

I recently purchase a new one and it’s twice the size of the old one so I’m feeling like I want to add a little bit. I don’t like them too full (and the hubby usually doesn’t like too many things “in his way”) but I don’t like a big empty table either. My new table is a full 48″ x 48″ so that’s a pretty big space if there is nothing on it!

There are a few things I noticed that were consistent in the tables I liked:

1. It’s nice to have a basket or tray of some kind to corral some of the accessories together. Gives the table more of a cohesive look than just having a whole bunch of things sitting on the table.

2. It’s got to have books!! Piles of coffee table books (pun intended) are essential. They look pretty and they are great for raising some things up so that there are different heights on the table and also anything you put on top is automatically featured.

3. Something green/natural is a nice touch. I totally agree with this, it looks so much better with something natural or alive. However, this one is a problem for me as my cat will eat any plant/flower/topiary that is within her reach. I’m going to try to work on this one, but for now, I might have to skip this one even though I like it!

So here are a few that inspired me in one way or another…..

I love the simplicity of this one (there’s that something green!)


This one has a nice look, love the shells and the natural elements


Beautiful! This is great for a rectangular table but I could add to it for mine. There are those flowers I can’t use again!


Overall really love the balance of this one. Candlesticks add a nice height element.


Absolutely have to have books! And I love little items sitting on top.


One of the prettiest ones I found. Love the silver. Bummer that you can’t see the whole table though!


This one is stunning, but of course, my house is not this gorgeous!


This one is a little too busy, don’t you think? Not sure where you could put a drink (or your feet!)


A lot of the articles I read stressed thinking of your table in terms of four sections or “quadrants”, and then styling each of those. However, I kind of like three sections better so I will probably do that (plus, I can’t do the “live” part anyway, right?) Maybe when I re-train my cat I will make the flowers be the fourth section!


This one is pretty perfect! Personally I rather like odd numbers in decorating and there are three (rather than four) “sections” with the third section being a little bigger (the books are directly across from the other two sections and are almost equal in size to the other side). It has something on top of the books, and it has something alive/green.


Hope these have inspired you as much as they have me! Now let’s get to work!



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