Decorating with Copper – How to Add Warmth to your Fall Decor

Looking for a unique way to decorate for fall? Learn how to warm up your home by decorating with copper this season.

You know how sometimes you just fall in love with something, even something that you passed right by only a few years ago? That is how my love affair with copper is. I am crushing on it… hard. 

So in love that I’m looking for more vintage pieces to buy – I seriously can’t get enough! Which is funny, because about five years ago I had the chance to buy a copper tea kettle at a fantastic price, and I turned it down. Of course today, I’d be snatching that up as quickly as possible!


gorgeous fall decor with copper pitcher eucalyptus and white pumpkins

Not only is copper back “in” – which is great, because it makes it that much easier to find, but decorating with copper is perfect for fall! It adds warmth and patina, and mixes beautifully with all those warm autumnal colors. And because it is so in now, it’s easy to find new copper decor and accent pieces – they are everywhere!

So today I thought I’d talk about how I’ve been decorating with copper, as well as where I’ve found some of my favorite pieces. I love any copper, but the vintage pieces really have my heart. I love their patina, and the fact that they aren’t perfect makes them even better!

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decorating with copper votives on fall mantel with greens and fall flowers

It all started with my romantic fall mantel. There were so many people asking about these copper votives! I bought about ten of them I think, in different shapes and sizes, and I just can’t get enough of them. They are so versatile, and I’ve since used them in every area of the house, as well as in this Thanksgiving tablescape.

Sadly, they are sold out but I managed to find some similar options below. 


This copper pot was a vintage find and perfect for displaying apples or mini pumpkins all season!


I especially love decorating with copper in an all-white kitchen. The copper really adds warmth and gives the space such a pop!


white kitchen range with copper pot and mantel with vintage oil painting

This copper teakettle is one of my favorite things – it makes me so happy to see it sitting on the stove all season!


decorating with copper pots in french country kitchen fall flowers

Then last year I found some great vintage French copper pots that I love! How charming are those handles?!


decorating with copper pots in gorgeous black and white kitchenI love how they displayed these copper pots! I’m thinking next year I may try to hang mine. Via Good Housekeeping.


gorgeous vintage copper pitcher white pumpkins and fall florals in ironstone pitcher fall decorating ideas

This little French pitcher is a favorite. I found this on Etsy, and I’m seriously in love!


decorating with copper mug white kitchen fall flowers My copper mugs come out every fall and winter. They’re great as a little vase for a few flowers, too.


decorating with copper vintage plant mister with white pumpkin fall decorating

The little vintage plant mister was probably my very first copper piece! I think I bought it about three years ago at an antique mall.



decorating with copper candle holder fall decorating ideas
decorating with copper vintage colander with ironstone pitcher and fall florals autumn decor ideas

Candle holders, pots, pitchers, teakettles – even colanders – all of it works and can be used to add lots of fall warmth!


fall decor in kitchen with copper pot holding apples and gorgeous fall flowers

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for decorating with copper in your own home! And if you’re as crazy about copper as I am, I’ve found some great pieces for you! Lots of fun, new items as well as some great vintage pieces!


Shop Copper Decor


Happy Fall!




decorating with copper for fall on maison de cinq gorgeous french country style fall decor



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  1. I love your decorating ideas . Your pics are always so inspiring !! I’m not sure I can mix copper in my home, it is mix of English & French cottage !
    And, I do have white cabinets in my kitchen. All my decor is pink & green, I collect transferware & vintage green glass … what do you think about adding copper to this mix ?

    1. Hi Cheri and thank you for your kind words! And yes, I definitely think you can add copper! Copper absolutely works with French cottage, looks great with both pink and green and of course, looks amazing in a white kitchen. Why not buy one piece, like a small pitcher or something, and try that in the kitchen to see if you like it?

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Sharon Doenitz says:

    Love your article and pictures. I have loved and collected vintage copper for a dozen years and have a house full now. Love green patina inside and outside. Thanks !

    1. Love hearing that Sharon – you must have so many great pieces!

      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!


  3. Mary O'Connor Weyel says:

    Hi love your ideas and how you display and I collect as well. Thank you for inspiration even though it is summer! I find vintage copper on Etsy at times 😊happy decorating!!

  4. I love your copper! I started collecting 3 years ago. When remodeling our kitchen I replaced the sink with a copper coated stainless and I love it. Not the temperament of solid copper. My dilemma is…I have a 14” pitcher I found. It has been painted the green copper patina on the outside. Guess the original owner didn’t understand it could do that without paint! Any suggestions for stripping? I’ve used an orange no chemical stripper but it didn’t work.

    1. Oh my goodness, what were they thinking?! It sounds beautiful but I understand why you’d want to remove the faux paint. Other than what you tried I really don’t know. I would google “how to remove paint from metal” or something to that effect and see what you find. Though I do think you risk ruining the copper. But if it’s worth the risk to you, then I would try!

      Thanks for stopping by Carol and for your kind words! Happy fall!


  5. Narelle Lindner says:

    Hi Shiela, I am just wondering where you get all your lovely flowers from? Do you grow them, or are some of them imitation, or do you buy them? I particularly love the green hydrangia. So hard to come by!


    1. Hi Narelle and thank you so much! First in answer to your question, I don’t grow very many of what I show here and I hardly use any faux. They are mostly real and almost always from Trader Joe’s or the supermarket! TJs has a great selection that are very reasonably priced and I find I can do a lot with what they have (Kroger stores and the like usually do as well!) For more info on how to style flowers as well as where I find them, check out this post:

      Hope that helps!


    1. Thanks so much Maryann! And I don’t – not really! It’s not nearly as bad as silver, so I do polish it but maybe only once every 3-4 years. It doesn’t tarnish fast and I actually like a little bit of patina. 🙂

      Hope that helps!


  6. Nancy Brantley says:

    Always loved copper. I have an iron pot rake hanging in my kitchen overloaded with copper collected over the years. I also have pieces displayed. Copper gives a home warmth. Your finds are nice and hope you find more.

  7. Thank you for inspiring me! I had in my attic several copper pots/tea pots my mother had back the the 70’s. I got them out and I and just love the warmth they bring to my kitchen! I didn’t realize what I was missing! I am like you, a few years ago I would have never considered using them!

    Also, thank you for giving the links to “similar items” in your blog! I have snagged several things over the course of the last year and it always makes my day!

    1. I love hearing that Tonya!! How wonderful that you still have all of those- the pots can be pricey so lucky that you saved them! 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and thanks for your kind words! Happy fall!


  8. Joy Gilreath says:

    I’m thrilled everyone is finally discovering the beauty of copper. I have Mother’s copper bottom revere ware pots and the hanger to display them from the 50’s and her copper hanging jello molds that she purchased the S & H green stamps. I’ve gradually added a few pieces myself, buy the vintage items are the best!

    1. The vintage items ARE the best!! And how wonderful that you have all of hers – my mom gave HER mom’s away when I was just a child which just breaks my heart!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Speaking of polish! I picked up some large copper coal buckets and they are so tarnished. I don’t want to polish them to a perfect shine but need to get most of the black and green off. I’ve looked on Pinterest but everything is very labor intensive. Any helpful miracles? I have a tall skinny pot that I can’t wait to use. Thanks for getting me going on decorating for Fall! I’m also making your Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake bars!! Yummmmmy!

    1. Hi Cecilia! Funny because I actually need to polish all of mine right now too! Personally, I use the creams that are made for copper rather than the free household methods. The cream I’ve used is here (and it’s not terribly labor intensive):

      But if you want to use something you may already have at home, I’ve also used Barkeeper’s Friend. It’s great for getting in detailed edges or where it’s quite black. People also use vinegar or ketchup but I just don’t like the smell, haha!

      Hope that helps!


  10. I first decorated with copper in the early 70’s! I decorated our small family room in black and white with some open shelving where I displayed a mix of old and new copper pieces. It made a warm, inviting place to relax.
    Like one of your readers I gave most of those pieces to my daughter in law and I think we’ve both lost track of their whereabouts, but I have a newer collection now with a set of copper cookware mixed in with a number of vintage pieces picked up here and there. These days I’m very careful in how I care for the old pieces, making sure not to polish off the tarnish that makes them so attractive. I use just enough to bring out a gleam here and there. Finding the vintage items is a lot of fun, you just never know where they might turn up!

    1. Oh how I wish I had started collecting even sooner – imagine all the inexpensive pieces I would have found!! Yours sound beautiful and you’ve now reminded me I definitely need to polish mine! I like to leave them just slightly tarnished, not too much, but not too shiny either! Thanks for stopping by Margo!

      1. Kathy Menold says:

        I know this is not real copper but have you ever used copper spray paint on other metal containers? Was thinking of doing an old colander as a planter.

        1. I haven’t because I love the real stuff so much and I love the patina too, which obviously wouldn’t happen with paint. However, I have used it to make copper pumpkins (painted on cheap plastic pumpkins) and that works well. I guess as long as you don’t care about the look of age or patina it could work. Good luck!


  11. Holly Banks says:

    Thank you very much for inspiring me! I would have never thought to add copper but now I’m going to have to get some! It looks so good!

  12. Sue Malizia says:

    I could kick myself as I gave all my copper away about 20+ years ago!!! Now I find myself looking for pieces again. =)

    1. Oh no! Isn’t that always the way though?! But I’m glad you’ve fallen in love with it again:) We will both be hunting for more now!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  13. It’s all gorgeous Sheila! I’ve loved copper all my life, and I’m always so glad when it’s back in fashion, because you’re right – then you can find more of it! 🙂 You’ve inspired me to dig out all my vintage copper and see what I can do with it this year. Thanks so much, and Happy Fall!

    1. Oh I’m so glad Barbara!! Dig it out! I so appreciate your support and am thrilled that you’ve found inspiration here:)


  14. Catherine says:

    I’ve just fallen hard for copper too and love all your ideas! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  15. Are you cooking with your vintage pots, or just as decor? I’m finding them at estate sales some in better condition than others, some worn on the interior.
    They are beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Jill – glad you love them, too!

      And I actually haven’t cooked with my vintage ones, though I have used the new ones. I’ve already had to polish them!!