Six Awesome (and Easy!) Decorating Tips

Do you sometimes feel stuck when it comes to decorating? I know I love reading decorating tips from other designers and/or bloggers, and seeing some of the processes that other people use. We all get stuck sometimes and it can be so helpful to hear what others do. 

Today I’m joining five friends, and we’re all sharing a favorite decorating tip or trick. Easy, actionable things we all do that make a difference in our decorating process. Some are smaller tips, and some much broader, but most of these can be applied no matter what your skill or budget.

These are general rules we follow when tackling just one space, or even a whole home. You may find you like them all, or maybe just one of them. But I think knowing what other real people do can be immensely helpful when it comes to decorating your own home. In fact, sometimes it’s just the thing to get you over a decorating hump!

Here’s six of our best decorating tips….


Add Natural Elements

decorating tips add natural elements florals and baskets


From Ann at On Sutton Place

My best decorating tip is to always add natural elements to your space. Natural elements add warmth and life to any room. They can take a basic space and transform it into something wonderful.

A few examples are preserved boxwood, a grocery store bouquet of flowers, or something clipped from your yard, like branches, hosta leaves, or garden flowers. Place these natural elements in pitchers, bowls, or baskets, and layer them on trays or shelves.

Natural elements say cozy and welcome. They immediately send out the message that you love and care about your home. That’s definitely a good thing! For more on the layered coffee table vignette, click {HERE.}


Add an Investment Piece

decorating tips add antiques French country dining room


From Lory at Designthusiasm

One of the best ways to upgrade the look of your decor is to have one investment piece in each room. For me, that usually means a fabulous antique like a gilded mirror or an aged urn, but it can be any accent piece that fits your style. It could also be a smaller piece of furniture like a wonderful table or a statement chair, or a lovely piece of art.

The key is to have the item be a focal point in the room, while the surrounding players are more like a supporting cast. I aim for classic and understated for my bigger pieces, saving money where it makes a difference, then use these powerhouse pieces to add personality and style.

There are certain decorative elements I return to over and over to make this kind of impact and you can read about the 6 defining style elements I use in the rooms in my home. Join me at Designthusiasm for more decorating ideas and tips for living your life with casual elegance.


Decorate with Soft Colors

decorating tips soft decorating colors in French country living room


From Janet at Shabbyfufu

If you’re looking to decorate a room with soft colors, there are several points for doing so without compromising your budget. Freshening up the walls with a coat of white paint will bring in instant light, no matter what the previous shade was!

Once you think about putting the room back together, it’s time to add a soft shade of color via an area rug. Not only will a rug aid in defining your space but it will give you that feeling of warmth and ground the furnishings. Today’s area rugs are so affordable and available in just about any color-way! Bring in soft shades with a new piece of art and make it large enough to create a focal point. From this artwork, draw out key colors and accessorize with coordinating muted pillows and throws.

The final touch to your pale palette can be a floral arrangement, and there you have it! Soft colors in a minimalist style that should reflect your own taste and without great expense.


Five Essential Textures Every Room Needs

decorating tips using texture in interiors gorgeous French country entry way


From Sheila at Maison de Cinq

Wondering why you’ve bought furniture or re-done a room and yet it feels like something’s missing? Do you look at rooms in magazines or online and wonder what they have that yours don’t? Try adding texture! Decorating with texture is key to creating a space that has depth and interest, and something that we all see, whether we recognize it or not. In fact, texture can make a difference between an average room and one that really wows.

There are five essential textures that every room needs; antiques, wovens, metallics, glass or mirrors, and woods. Go here to see how they make a huge difference in any space, as well as why you absolutely have to mix your wood tones!


Add Architectural Interest to your Home

decorating tips add wainscoting and architectural elements

From Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

One of my favorite things to do in my home to give it a sense of age and create interest is to add architectural features. From real beadboard, to beadboard wallpaper, board and batten and other wainscot and millwork ideas, even if you don’t have a lot of moldings and trim work in your home, you can add them for very little money and some DIY planning.

Take your space from plain to wow with just a few elements of architectural pieces. I’ve added them to both my houses in the past 6 years and it made a huge difference. Read more {HERE.}


Know Your Decorating Style

decorating tips pretty urn on buffet

From Yvonne at StoneGable

Knowing your own unique decorating style is one of the most important things a home decorator can know. It will help you decorate a home that works with your lifestyle and feels beautiful and comfortable! And knowing your decorating style will help you know what furnishings will work in your home and also decor that will not, as well as help you avoid lots and lots of costly decorating mistakes!

Here’s a great way to think about the importance of knowing your decorating style. Just pretend you want to get a puppy. So you go to your local dog shelter and there are tons and tons of puppies!! Who doesn’t love darling, cuddly puppies? They are all so cute and sweet. But you wouldn’t take them all home with you, right? They would make a mess or fight and they would be a whole lot of work. You would pick the puppy that works with your lifestyle and one that would be a wonderful addition to your family.

Think of decorating the same way. You would not, or should not put everything you love into your home! Styles would fight, your rooms might look messy and disjointed and decorating will be a whole lot of work! Knowing your unique decorating style is the key to decorating a home you love. You can see HOW TO KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE HERE.


I hope you enjoyed our decorating tips, and hopefully at least one resonated with you! And if you have some tips that you use again and again that work for you, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear about them!



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  1. All of these are great ideas, and I’m right there with you on texture! 💚 Thanks for the excellent tips Sheila. You’ve got me making plans!

    1. I’m so glad you agree – and that you enjoyed all the tips we shared! Thanks for stopping by Barbara!