Decorating with White Hydrangeas – My Favorite Flower!

Today for my Friday Favorites post I thought I would talk about decorating with white hydrangeas. White hydrangeas are my all-time, absolute favorite flower! As some of you already know, I’m a big fan of white flowers in general. I even switched over my garden to all green and white a couple of years ago. But the one flower I find I always come back to, the one that has my heart, is white hydrangeas.
I grow them in both my front and back yards, and I almost always have a pitcher of them on my counter. Not only do I love their charming, fluffy blooms, but they are one of the longer-lasting flowers you can buy. And they’re almost always available at the market or Trader Joe’s. Often times I can make a $6 bouquet last a couple of weeks! And for even more flower tips and tricks, make sure you check out my post all about Decorating with Flowers!


white hydrangeas ironstone pitcher sweet vignette books clocheAn arrangement I did last spring with white hydrangeas and seeded eucalyptus in a vintage ironstone pitcher.

And the best thing about them? They work year-round in decorating. A lot of other flowers have a strong seasonal association. Peonies in the spring, paper whites in the winter, or gladiolas in the summer. But hydrangeas really are around most of the year, so they look great at any time, for any occasion.


white hydrangeas wood box shabby chic farmhouseSeriously?! Does it get any lovelier than this? I adore the white hydrangeas against the old wooden box. Via Debra Hall Lifestyle.


white hydrangeas clear glass vase simple stunning arrangementVia The White Company.


white hydrangeas grouping farmhouse kitchen counter cloche cake stand white pitcher

A vignette I did on the kitchen counter last year, combining white hydrangeas in a white pitcher with white cake stands and cloches.


white hydrangeas crusty vintage bucket shabby chic chippy farmhouseVia Atelier de Campagne.


decorating with white hydrangeas in antique olive jar floral decor display


white hydrangeas blue and white vase white berriesFloral design by the fabulous Carolyn Roehm.


They look spring-y and fresh in the spring and summer months (especially the Limelights that have a slightly green tinge), but they also look amazing in the winter! I love them mixed with eucalyptus in fall, or pine and berries at Christmas.


white hydrangeas dough bowl gorgeous vignette farmhouse style white kitchenMy dough bowl with white hydrangeas in it.


decorating with white hydrangeas French farmhouse style with vintage bread board and ironstone pitcher

From my recent post on vintage French bread boards.


white hydrangeas crusty vintage urn french style gorgeous vignetteAbsolute crusty urn perfection! Via Atelier de Campagne.


white hydrangeas grouping glass vases white flowersLove them mixed with other white flowers. Via Pottery Barn.


gorgeous white hydrangeas in antique olive jar with ginger jars French country farmhouse style decor

From my Summer Tour in Shades of Blue.

See what I mean? They look good with everything, and in anything! From an old crusty urn or bucket, to a crystal vase and everything in between. Not just gorgeous, but versatile, too. For me, they are the ultimate flower!

And in case you’re looking for some unique containers for your hydrangeas (or any other flowers!) I’ve gathered some of my favorites below. From buckets, to my favorite glass vases, to some blue and white pottery, there are so many wonderful options for showcasing these gorgeous flowers!

And for more tips and tricks, as well as ideas on how to keep flowers in your home every week while still keeping on budget, check out my post How to Decorate with Flowers: 7 Easy & Stylish Tips!


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Happy Friday!



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  1. Adrienne Withers says:

    I love flowers too and yours are so gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ruth Ledyard says:

    I, too, love hydrangeas! We have over 70 varieties and I love the stages of each one. We are having to downsize and will be leaving them behind due to health reasons. It really saddens me. I have made 2 pinterest boards so I can go back and vicariously enjoy my gardens and hydrangeas in future years. One is ” The house I”ll be Sad To Leave”, and the other is “I Love the Flowers and Creatures in my Garden”. T

  3. Hello Sheila! Fresh hydrangeas are so beautiful and they are lovely in all your containers. Do you have tips for drying them and keeping their color?

    1. Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I don’t dry the white ones but I did used to dry the blue all the time. I simply clipped them and kept them in water to enjoy in the house. Once they started fading (but before they totally wilt) I would remove them from the water and hang them upside down for a few days in a cool, dry room. That’s it! Then you can enjoy gorgeous dried hydrangeas for quite awhile!

      Thanks for your kind words!


  4. Ruth Ledyard says:

    I, too, love hydrangeas, and have over 70 varieties. They are so beautiful at every stage. Sadly we are having to downsize due to health problems and leave them behind. I have made 2 pinterest boards so I can continue to enjoy them. One is “The House I’ll be Sad to Leave.”. The other is ” I I love the Flowers and Creatures in my Garden. ” This way I can enjoy them again and again!

    1. Aww Ruth, I’m so sorry about you having to leave your beloved hydrangeas behind. I love them so much as well, and I’m sure you miss them! But how wonderful that Pinterest is keeping that love alive for you!! I’ll be sure to check out your boards!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for taking the time to write!


  5. Nice decorations and your florals are all beautiful!

  6. When you grow them, do they stay white or change like the blue to pink ones do?

    1. No, they stay white. Only the blue ones have the power to change due to the soil content.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I could not agree more! I love white and green in the garden and containers, and hydrangeas are a favorite!

    1. I’m right there with you! I changed my garden to white and green only a few years ago and I love it!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Love these and I’d like to just be transported!! 😉 Happy weekend!!

    1. Haha! Me too!! How about to the South of France?! ;))


  9. They really are gorgeous flowers and I love how you style them. Different containers can really change the look. Happy September to you, Sheila! I hope the temps are getting cooler for you!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Shelley! The containers can change the look so quickly!

      Thanks for your sweet words, and happy weekend to you! (and no, no cool down yet! :((


  10. gorgeous! I always have fresh cut flowers on our table . Yours are lovely in the wood box and dough bowl. All of your white hydrangea inspirations are lovely too. I invite you to stop by and add your post to our TFT link party. Hugs

    1. Oh thank you Katherine! Aren’t fresh flowers just the best?! There is seriously not much that brightens a room faster than they do!

      have a great weekend:) (and I’ll link up for sure!)