Garden Inspired Easter Table Setting with Ranunculus

This Easter table setting full of pink ranunculus and sweet bunny plates is perfect for Easter, Passover, or even a spring dinner party.

Before I even started putting together this Easter table, I had a garden-inspired theme in my head. We’ve had a little sunshine lately and I’ve seen some flowers starting to pop out and it’s really lightened my mood. It’s amazing what some sun will do to your spirit after days and days of rain!

So inspired by a spring garden party, this table features lots of flowers, plants, and of course, bunnies! 


Easter table setting in gorgeous French country dining room pretty spring styling

We haven’t all been together for Easter for years as the kid’s college spring breaks never all aligned, but this year, we’ll all be here so I’m excited to make it extra special. 

But even the years when there were fewer of us, I always tried to set a nice table. To me, making that extra effort is a small way that I show I care. πŸ™‚

And it’s easier than you think! Break out the Easter or spring-themed dishes. Grab some flowers at that trip to the market. Use some cloth napkins. By elevating the meal, it makes it more of a celebration, and brings us closer together!


spring table with ranunculus and bunny plates gorgeous Easter tablescape

I was lucky enough to find ranunculus at my local Trader Joe’s last week, and you better believe I plucked some right up! They’re one of my absolute favorite spring flowers and I can never get enough of them!

For the rest of the table, I went foraging in the backyard and my dishes cabinet to see what I could come up with.


gorgeous Easter table setting with garden inspired theme

My centerpiece consists of the pink and white ranunculus in a white enamel vintage watering can. Funny because I probably never would have thought to use this, but I ended up loving how it looks! And if you don’t want to spring for a vintage one, this white watering can is adorable (and can be used afterward to you know, water the plants!) πŸ˜‰

The watering can really gives the whole table that garden feeling. I simply mixed the pink and white flowers with some eucalyptus – so easy! And another benefit? If you can find them, ranunculus last soo long! They are still here on the dining table, and I did this table over 10 days ago!


centerpiece with ranunculus and eucalyptus in vintage white enamel watering can charming French vintage style

The white embossed bunny plates are one of my favorites – and I haven’t used them in ages! After digging them out of the cabinet, I found I loved the simplicity of the white on white look. They were originally from Pottery Barn but are now discontinued, however, I found a few on Ebay as well as some similar options.



bunny with eggs and ranunuculus spring or Easter tablescape ideas

I also added a few little bunny egg cups that I got at Pottery Barn a few years ago, as well as my favorite faux eggs scattered on the table. These are something I use frequently, not just in tables, but also in my spring decor.


Easter table setting with ranunculus easter eggs bunny plates and chicken wire chargers

The chicken wire chargers were also something I already had, and another favorite I hadn’t used in a long time. 

So go through your cabinets! Bring out some plates or chargers that you haven’t used in awhile and mix them up in a new way.


Easter and spring decor entertaining ideas plants vintage pitcher bunny

Plants, lots of galvanized zinc, and a cheerful bunny create a sweet little vignette on the sideboard.


embossed white bunny plates on chicken wire chargers paisley napkin flowers easter eggs scattered

Bunny napkin rings and a paisley pastel napkin round out each place setting. But you could use any pastel or spring-y napkin here. In fact, I almost used my pink linen ones and I think they would have worked fine, too!


French country dining room Easter table setting garden theme spring entertaining idea

And this doesn’t just work as an Easter table setting. You could easily change this out for Passover or another spring gathering by simply removing the bunny plates and using another white plate – it’s easily changeable and could work for so many different occasions.

This would even be cute for a bridal shower or Mother’s Day brunch!


I hope this has given you some ideas for throwing your own ‘garden-party’! And I hope this has inspired you to use what you have. I’ve never used the pieces together in this way before, but it was fun to mix it up and come up with something new!


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Happy Easter!




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  1. Wow, Sheila. This is absolutely stunning! I love the gorgeous ranaculs centerpiece. I’m going to feature your tablescape in my weekly recap post tomorrow. I think my readers will love it too!

    1. Aww thank you Jen – that’s so kind! Happy spring to you!


  2. Maloni Miller says:

    OMGosh. Your tablescape is gorgeous…and the sideboard, too! But you had me at chicken wire chargers! Where can I source those gems?

    1. Hi Maloni and thanks so much for your kind words! Those are old from PB but can be found on Ebay from time to time. I actually listed a link to a set that is on Ebay currently. Here is the link again:

      Hope that helps!


  3. I love the bunny plates as they make a nice touch. I am looking for a new pattern for daily use as my current pattern is old and I should replace it. What is the name of your pattern?Thank so much for sharing. Jean

    1. Hi Jean and thank you! My dishes are almost exactly like the Pottery Barn ones that I linked!! You can see them in the “shop the post” part at the bottom. Hope that helps!


  4. I also love ranunculus ! The huge splash of color against the white is eye catching.
    Been wanting to try growing them in the yard so when Costco had a red pink white mix of the tubers I went for it. Fingers crossed they grow;)

    1. Thank you so much Rachelle! And yes, I love them too – and they’re often hard to find here! Good for you for buying some (I should do that!) Hope yours bloom soon!


  5. I just love the bunny plates. Who made them? Thanks….

    1. Hi and thanks so much! I linked them right below the plates and in the “Shop the Post” part of the post (at the very end).

      thanks for stopping by!


    LOVELY TABLE SETTING……….guess I better start thinking about what I am going to!
    WE use to have WILD RABBITS that were TAME………IT WAS GORGEOUS.
    I miss their little faces.
    MAYBE its time to get another PET!

    1. Thanks so much! I used to have pet rabbits too – they’re so sweet!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  7. That’s so pretty Sheila! I love the flowers against the white on white, and those bunny plate as darling! Hope you’re all safe and well, and have a happy Easter celebration!

    1. Thanks so much Barbara! It’s hard not to love anything with ranunculus right?!

      Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a lovely Easter. Stay well!


  8. Sheila, I adore your Easter table and what a cute idea to use a wearing can with the bunch of flowers. Ranuculus are so pretty here. I think the rustic can looks lovely with it all. Isn’t it kind of fun to use what we already have? I love the idea of not buying anything and using what is in the cabinets and in the yard. Great doing this with you and I have to catch up on your blog. I hope things are good with the family and your kids. I am sure you are all at home as we are. Take care! xo

    1. It is fun to go into the cupboard and use what I have – I actually really enjoyed it! And even better to use things we haven’t used in awhile!

      Thanks for your kind words Kim, and yes, we’re all home here. Four of us so way more cooking and cleaning but I’m loving having everyone under one roof. The silver lining for me for sure πŸ™‚

      Take care!


  9. Sheila – What a beautiful spring table! I love your white bunny plates but you’re right, they could easily be swapped out and it could work for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, a birthday celebration. Always love your beautiful and inspiring flower arrangments sheila!

    1. Aww thank you Annie – so appreciate your kind words! I love doing tables and this one would be so easy to repurpose I think!

      Fun “hopping” with you as always:)


  10. Your tablescape is gorgeous…and the sideboard, too! I was lucky enough to get ranunculus at Trader Joe’s too. We are only shopping once a week…so it’s nice to throw in a little splurge.

    I love that you said this, Sheila…”By elevating the meal, it makes it more of a celebration and brings us closer together”.
    It will just be Howard and me for Easter, but I will definitely set the table πŸ™‚

    Take care and thanks for doing this with us.
    Mary Ann

    1. Thanks so much MaryAnn! and yes, although it was a very different Easter for most of us, I truly believe that by setting a pretty table we honor it more and it makes it that much more special!

      I’m so glad to have joined you all – thanks for having me and Happy Easter!


  11. Hi Sheila

    I love ranunculus too. What a gorgeous table, love the chicken wire chargers so festive! Now what about the art you have above your sideboard? What are they? They are wonderful! Thanks for joining us again!

    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for your sweet words, I so appreciate it! And the prints are old from Restoration Hardware – found them on a big sale when they switching over to their more modern style!

      thanks so much for having me again, and Happy Easter to you!


  12. Oh, Sheila! Your table totally captures the essence of SPRING! I really love the ranunculus in the watering can. Good for you for grabbing those at Trader Joe’s.


    1. Thanks so much Claudia! They’re so hard to come by here so I was giddy when I saw them πŸ™‚

      Wishing you a happy Easter!