Keeping it Simple: 10 Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Do you love Christmas but feel too busy to go all out right now? Or maybe you’re craving simplicity this year. Either way, our easy holiday decorating ideas will have your home feeling festive without a lot of work or fuss!

I love Christmas. It’s absolutely my favorite time of year, and the decorating is a big part of that. But even I’ve had some years where I just couldn’t face it.

Years when I was short on time or money. Or when a friend or family member was sick and it all just felt a bit overwhelming. But even then, I still wanted to bring the spirit of the season into our home. And I found the best way to do that is with simple little decorative touches that are easy to do, but create a big impact.

Today I’m sharing 10 creative ideas for decorating simply without going overboard. These holiday decorating ideas are festive, but easy.

And they’re perfect all by themselves, or in addition to whatever decorating you’re already doing. Either way, they make a big impression!


Hang a swag on a mirror or piece of art

swag on artwork French farmhouse simple Christmas decor idea

Here I used live greens, but I’ve also used faux to achieve the same look. Either way, it’s such a nice alternate to a wreath and feels so French!



Attach little wreaths to your dining chairs

wreath on back of chair in French country dining room easy holiday decorating ideas

One of my favorite seasonal touches is small wreaths added to dining chairs. It’s inexpensive and oh-so-charming. I usually use a straight pin hidden in the fabric, and when it’s a wood chair I use a ribbon. Easy peasy!



Create a vignette with a cloche

bottle brush trees under cloche glass dome christmas vignette idEA

Using a cloche is such an easy way to create a vignette. And it also makes anything you put under there feel special – no matter how small!



Create a focal point in the kitchen

pretty kitchen mantel holiday decor with wreath and tree

Using the mantel space over your range to create a seasonal display is a wonderful way to bring lots of seasonal charm into the kitchen. If you don’t have a mantel, you can simply hang a wreath on the hood.

Either way, it creates a focal point and really makes the whole room feel more festive!



Group ornaments in bowls

ornaments in marble bowl easy holiday decorating ideas French country style

I’ve put ornaments in everything from this marble bowl, to vintage buckets, to French urns, to wood bowls, to baskets. I use larger ornaments in the larger vessels, but I’ll even add tiny ornaments to little bowls in the kitchen or on a side table.

There’s no simpler decor than this and yet, it really brings a lot of bang for your buck. Any room with buckets of ornaments feels Christmas-y!


Decorate a tabletop tree instead of a larger one

tabletop tree in basket on hearth easy holiday decorating ideas French farmhouse christmas decor

A tabletop tree feels as cheerful and festive as a larger tree. So if you don’t have the space or just don’t want to do a large tree every year, you can still bring the holidays to any space with a smaller tree.

I’ve put them on tables or stacked baskets, or here on the hearth. This little charmer is 3 feet tall, but I think anything from 3′-4′ is great for this purpose. 


Use greenery in vases or urns 

greenery in antique urn French farmhouse Christmas decor tree

I love using greenery in vases or pitchers, it adds lots of holiday cheer and freshness to a space. And feel free to use live or faux branches- or both! I’ll often cut branches from our yard and then mix those with some additional faux branches to get a fuller look.



Sprinkle small trees everywhere

easy holiday decorating ideas small cedar christmas tree in terra cotta pot christmas in the kitchen

Possibly my favorite tip! I love little trees and put them everywhere! From the kitchen counter to the coffee table to a bedroom or bathroom. Their ability to bring in holiday cheer is much greater than their size!


Display brass bells for vintage Christmas spirit

brass bells with small bottle brush trees christmas decor in kitchen vignette

Another favorite are these brass bells! I love their vintage charm and I use them every year. They look cute in a vignette on the table, or hanging with a swag or wreath on the door. And the small ones can be amassed in bowls just like ornaments.


Plop a small tree in a bucket for major impact

easy holiday decorating ideas tabletop tree in bucket kitchen christmas decor

A little tree in a bucket in the kitchen? Why not?! I first did this a couple of years ago and I just love it!

Something about the bucket and the charm of the tree just has my heart. And I love the twinkle lights while I’m cooking or prepping. 😉 


I hope these simple and easy holiday decorating ideas have given you some inspiration for your own home – it doesn’t take a lot to make a home feel festive this time of year! Something as simple as greenery, small trees, or some ornaments scattered around can bring holiday cheer to any space!


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Happy Holidays!


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  1. I do not have Christmas cheer without my loving husband this year. I promised our adult children that I would do it next year. I love the simple and less expensive ways to decorate and make it meaningful while I plan for next Christmas. Thank you!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss Sheryl. I know the holidays can be especially hard during this time – I wish you a simpler but equally wonderful Christmas with your children.

      Thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays to you!


  2. As usual, so very beautiful and so many great ideas! May I ask where you purchased your cloche? The ones I have been looking at are on the smaller size and I do love the wooden base on yours. Thank you!!!

  3. Ethel Alderson says:

    Shiela, what size poinsettia will be required for the French galvanized bucket?
    Where can I purchase the wire tub?
    Does it com with the tan lining?
    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Hi Ethel!

      The poinsettia was a pretty basic size – probably 12″ or 14″ from Home Depot. As for the wire tub, I linked one that’s very similar but it doesn’t come with the lining. I would suggest going to Joanne’s or somewhere like that and purchasing a piece of burlap to tuck inside.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Donna Colotti says:

    It’s the little things that have the most impact at times! I picked up the charming 3′ tree from Target the other night before they sell out. My question is where did you get your cloche? The ones on amazon have reviews of being smaller than anticipated and I do like the base on yours. thank you as always…..I so look forward to your posts!!

  5. Fiona Canton says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! You have amazing taste and i always get such great ideas from you! Thank you Sheila for sharing your talents with us!

  6. Unlike you, I’m not a Christmas decorating enthusiast. I actually store my Christmas tree fully decorated! I was definitely inspired by your last 2 Christmas posts though. I took your recommendation and ordered the Target Hearth & Hand 4 foot tree and it’s so cute. I much prefer several small trees with lights to a big one. I think I’ll do a swag instead of a wreath on the front door this year too. Thanks for all the fun ideas!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been inspired Kelly – yay! And wow, good for you for storing your tree all decorated! I don’t have room but I imagine it’s the perfect solution for those who don’t want to do it every year!

      Happy Holidays to you!


  7. Sarah Dunigan says:

    Your blog is my favorite! I especially like this one because the ideas are so affordable, quick and easy! Please tell me where I can get a French urn like yours. It is beautiful and the perfect size.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!

    1. Aww thank you Sarah, that really means a lot! And I LOVE that you find my ideas quick and easy because that’s what I’m always striving for! 🙂

      My urn is vintage and unfortunately, they are hard to find online! Whenever I do find similar ones I always link them so keep checking back as I will add them to the post as I find them. Other than that, I suggest looking at any local antiques stores/malls or flea markets – that’s where I’ve found a lot of mine, too.

      Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you!


    1. Yay! Thanks so much Holly and Happy Holidays to you!