Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting in Gold & White

Looking for easy Thanksgiving table setting ideas? This beautiful table in shades of white and gold is simple and elegant!

It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve shared a table setting with you – especially a Thanksgiving table! I’m super excited to be doing a tablescape again, and this one is especially easy (my favorite!) 😉

Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting  with brass lantern and candles linen napkins

To me, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to put in some effort and create a beautiful table. After all, it’s a holiday solely about the meal! I truly believe that a pretty table makes the holiday that much more enjoyable. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s also a lovely way to show you care.

And I have to say, this table came together so easily! 



brass lanterns fall thanksgiving table decor tablescape

The brass lanterns were something I’ve had for awhile and when I spied them in the cabinet, I knew they’d be the perfect way to add elegance to the table while also keeping it uncomplicated.



Thanksgiving table centerpiece with candles brass lanterns and mini white pumpkins white runner

The centerpiece features two different sizes of brass lanterns, along with brass candleholders and lots (and lots!) of eucalyptus over a white linen runner. I also added a few large pillar candles for even more ambiance. 



brass lanterns on fall thanksgiving table with white mini pumpkins and eucalyptus

For me, the thing that made this even simpler than other tables I’ve done was the lack of a floral centerpiece. And though I love flowers, by not using them I not only saved money, but it also made it almost effortless to throw together, too! This also makes it easier to set your table a day or two ahead (something I strongly recommend if you’re hosting!)

If you do want to add flowers, I would use only two lanterns and do a bouquet of some type of white flower in the center. 


flax linen napkin on white plates with stamped place card

The place cards are attached to my favorite flax linen napkins with jute string. The card and the string bring a level of casualness to an otherwise elegant setting which I love. A sprig of eucalyptus is tucked in for added color.



white mini pumpkins on leaf shaped appetizer plates table accent

I used these little leaf shaped appetizer plates as an accent piece and added a mini white pumpkin to each one as a nod to the season.



flax linen napkin on white plates with pumpkin eucalyptus and gold candleholders easy thanksgiving table setting

I layered a white salad plate over white dinner plates and finished with vintage-style silver flatware. It is Thanksgiving after all! And using silverplate or real silver elevates the table to something that feels extra special.


hand stamped place card Thanksgiving table setting ideas

As for the place cards, I made them from card stock tags and a stamp. I love adding a personal touch to a table setting, and a handmade place card really does that. If you want to be more traditional you could add names, but this year I opted to add a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” sentiment stamped in gold.



brass lanterns and eucalyptus thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

beautiful and easy thanksgiving table setting with brass lanterns candles and white dishes

I hope this easy Thanksgiving table setting has inspired some ideas for your own beautiful holiday table! Be sure to check out my 10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving without the Stress – very helpful if you’re hosting!


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Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Sheila, I love this ! I am trying to copy it! Though I can’t afford all of the things on your table. Are those white candles all real or are they the battery operated that Pottery Barn sells with their candle sticks?
    I love your home and I love your humble demeanor as you always so kindly and so politely help us all out .
    Happy Thanksgiving and a big THANK YOU for sharing your home with us!

  2. Gail McConville says:

    Can you tell me where to get the gray buffalo check napkins with front?

    1. Gail McConville says:

      Sorry.. meant to say gray buffalo check napkins with fringe

      1. Hi Gail,

        I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for as the napkins I used are a solid flax linen (kind of a grayish-taupe, but not checked). If you need the link for those it’s below:


        Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Shirley Wittig says:

    Thank you so much Sheila for all your tips and beautiful tablescape. After all the almost countless years I have hosted Thanksgiving, there were still ideas and organizational tips that I loved from you, the ultimate host! Such class.

    1. Aww that’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you Shirley!!

      Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. When we bought our home 26 yrs ago, one of the things I most loved about it was the silver dollar & seeded eucalyptus trees on the property. I have always loved incorporating their beautiful foliage into almost every table I set, regardless of the time of year. The simplicity of the greenery is always quite chic, so your table is 💯in my decor book!

    1. Oh I love that Marti!! You’re so lucky to have them – they are a table essential to me (plus they smell good too!)

      Thanks so much for your kind words!


  5. Kay French says:

    I just love this table setting! So pretty and simple and elegant!!

  6. Elizabeth Croft says:

    This table setting is so gorgeous and can be used for so many occasions. Quick question…how do you keep fresh eucalyptus from wilting??

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! And I so agree – I think this could easily work for Christmas or Hanukkah if you took away the pumpkins! As for the eucalyptus, it will stay fairly fresh for about 3 days without really drying out (and that’s here in dry Southern California). When I set this table for the post the greens were sitting there for more than 3 days and they still looked good! If you’re worried, I wouldn’t set the table too much before that. Or, you could set everything except the greens and add those the day before.

      Hope that helps!


  7. I love the simplicity of this. With everything going on right now something like this will be what I am doing this year. Easy and less expensive can still be very beautiful. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more JC! Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by!

      And Happy Thanksgiving!