Fabulous Dough Bowls: Where to Find Them & How to Style Them

Antique dough bowls are a big design trend these days. Today we’re sharing all about how to style them as well as where to find them!

Maybe it’s because I’m a baker, but there is something so romantic about antique dough bowls! I love the thought that someone once made bread in them, that they were used to feed their family and friends. And their patina! 

Now there are plenty of reproductions around these days, but the patina on the real ones is far superior. It’s taken years of work and use to make them look the way they do, and that’s a pretty hard thing to copy.


dough bowls antique peonies white kitchenOne of the other reasons I love dough bowls so much is how versatile they are. They can be styled for any season, holiday, or occasion. You can completely change the look of them simply by changing what you put in them. In fact, they are tailor made for seasonal decorating!

And they’re even great empty. Their character and shape can definitely stand alone.



Flowers or Greens in Dough Bowls

dough bowls succulents candlesVia Pottery Barn.

Greens, flowers, and even faux plants work really well in dough bowls. The green against the brown of the bowl looks especially good!


dough bowls succulentsI especially love succulents in them!! Via Pottery Barn.


dough bowls filled with green moss balls dining table french country roomDesign by Laura Forbes Carlin via Traditional Home.


Fruits and Vegetables in Dough Bowls

dough bowls pumpkins gourds fall decorMine filled with pumpkins and gourds last fall. You can see the rest of this fall tour here.


dough bowls artichokes console table vignetteLove the artichokes! Via Pure Salt Interiors.


dough bowls filled with apples bottle with greens chic coffee table stylingDesign by Roger Higgins via Traditional Home.

What’s great about using fruits and vegetables is that it fits right into the seasonal aspect. In the fall, fill your dough bowl with pumpkins, at Christmas, pomegranates and in the spring, artichokes or apples.

Seasonal decorating that’s also practical!


dough bowls white pumpkins dining table fall decor farmhouseVia Pearson & Company.


Seasonal Decor in Dough Bowls

gorgeous dough bowl with moss and candles christmas decorating idea

You can find the details for this dough bowl styling in my European Inspired Christmas Tour here.


dough bowls with candles and greens christmas decor french country farmhouse styleVia Country Living.


dough bowls christmas ornaments decorHow cute is this?! Via Paige Knudsen Photography.


dough bowls filled with poinsettias christmas decor farmhouse style white kitchenMy doughbowl filled with poinsettias at Christmas.


dough bowls shells beach coastal summer decor with peoniesThis is my dough bowl filled with shells for the summer.


dough bowls entertaining serving party drinksAnd how adorable is this?! I think I need a big long one just for entertaining! Via Pottery Barn.


When I was looking for mine, it was difficult to find antique ones that weren’t prohibitively expensive. Now I see dough bowls literally everywhere! Not only are they still a big trend, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Even Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs are selling them (real ones too, by the way, not repros!) And I’ve even noticed that the antique ones have come down in price!

So whether you spring for an authentic antique, or go with a reproduction, you can find one at every price point!


Shop Dough Bowls




Vintage Dough Bowls graphic on Maison de Cinq

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  1. I just love dough bowls! Thank you so much for all the history and the great sources – off to shop now!!

  2. Oh how I love this post! I have my grandmother’s dough bowl. I remember her using it on her farm. I Am always looking for ways to style it so I can keep it out where I can see it and appreciate it.

    1. Aww thank you Sue – so appreciate that! And how lovely that you have one that means so much – lucky you!

  3. Mollie Gieseman says:

    Oh how has this site existed and I did not know about it! Love the way you lay it all out. I am 75 and lived in Europe in the 60’s. I have loved dough bowls for so long. This is not a fad. I am going to buy them for my girls for Christmas.

    1. Aww what a lovely compliment Mollie! I’m so glad you did find me – and thank you for your kind words!

      Your daughters will love getting dough bowls for Christmas! 😉


  4. I’ve seen so many lately and although I don’t like decorating with a fad item, I am contemplating on buying one anyway. I just hope I can find a reasonable real one! Love your decorating ideas. Thank you.

  5. katherine lee says:

    Thanks for your post! I love my dough bowls. I have two large oval ones and I use them for everything from decorating to Ceasar salad for a crowd. I use natural beewax to protect when using for food. I love them and have long forgotten the very large pricetag I paid for both!

    1. Yes, I love hearing that! And I feel the same way about mine!

      So glad you loved the post – thanks so much for stopping by!


    2. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find food safe ones? The ones I’ve seen say they aren’t food safe. This is confusing since they are saying that they are actual antique dough bowls. Hmm

      1. The reason people say they aren’t food safe is usually because they are just being cautious – it’s a case of CYA, to be honest. Vintage ones have held food for decades and I definitely use mine to serve food (after a good cleaning of course!) There are some reproductions which say the same thing but those have been chemically treated and/or have varnish that is harmful – those I wouldn’t recommend using for food. And it could be that someone is trying to pass off a reproduction as a vintage one, another reason it might say that.

        You can also always line it with something like a paper towel or cloth if you’re concerned. Or use them for decor only – they’re still beautiful!

  6. I love this post! I even always wanted one ! I have a fake one though 😃

    1. Aren’t they so great?!! Faux or real they are definitely fun to style! Thanks so much for stopping by Kellie:)


  7. Several years ago, I was at a tag sale and came across the most wonderful bowl I’d ever seen. It was wood, well worn from use, a large oval and didn’t sit quite flat on its bottom. I had to have it! A woman looking at some things next to me commented on what a beautiful “dough bowl” it was. “Dough bowl?” I’d never heard of such a thing! Of course it didn’t have a price on it so I picked it up and walked to the cash table. It felt warm and smooth in my hands. I asked about the price and neither woman knew. Another woman from behind the table asked me if I’d pay $12.00 for it. I snapped it up for $12.00! After I got home with my treasure, I started researching, “dough bowls” and learned how they came to be and how they were used and why the bowls were used for different things than trenchers. Then I saw some for sale…I was stunned! I saw bowls much smaller than mine starting at $75.00! I wondered if those women knew what they had sold me? Well, that was several years and many dough bowls ago and I love them more now than ever!

    1. Oh, you are one lucky lady!! You practically stole it! I wish I could say that either of mine were a “steal” (they were not!) but I do love them and I know I’ll enjoy the for many years to come.

      I love that you spied that item and plucked it right up – all I can say is you’ve definitely got a good eye!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for taking the time to comment. I so appreciate it!


  8. I don’t have one but I do have a wooden French farm basket and you have given me some great ideas!

    1. Oh, your basket sounds fabulous! I bet it would look good with anything in it:)


  9. Jackie Ryan says:

    Hi Sheila!! I have a few oval ones and you gave me some great ideas! Thanks. Love your round bowl!

    1. Thanks Jackie! How fun that you have a few oval ones – I’m definitely thinking I need one!

      And thank you so much for stopping by – I appreciate it!


  10. What pretty examples and yes, yours is very unique being round! They really are great styling tools, aren’t they?
    xo Shelley

    1. They’re so great! I’m definitely in love – and needing another I think! I love the absolutely huge ones I’ve seen on a dining room table.I think I see an antiquing day in the near future!

      Happy weekend!


      1. Oh this is great! I had a bowl last week and here I am to see all these beauties that are so inspiring.
        Thank you so much!

        1. Oh that’s so great! I’m glad the post was helpful and inspiring for you:)