French Country Fridays – Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Trends vs. Fads!

Good morning friends, and thanks for stopping by our weekly does of French-ish inspo, French Country Fridays!

I’m so excited for today! Not only because Friday is always my favorite day of the week, but today will be a day of celebrating for me! Celebrating that I finished remodeling my bedroom for the One Room Challenge – yay!! (you can check that post out below if you missed it yesterday!) But, also that I’ll be going to my friend Brooke’s home, Patina Farm!

I know a lot of you know Brooke Giannetti from me talking about her here on the blog, as she has been a great source of inspiration for me. But you may not know that she also has a new book (this is her third) and today she’s hosting a book signing at her gorgeous farm in Ojai! I recently reviewed her book here on the blog – you can check that post out here if you missed it.

But even better? I’m dragging my husband as part of my “birthday gift” as it’s next week, and we are making a day of it and staying for dinner in Ojai! I reasoned that if we I want a farm of our own one day, then he should at least get a glimpse of what I’m thinking of, right?! 😉

Now let’s see what my friends are sharing this week…


French Country Fridays logo


French Country Cottage | 5 Favorite Room Refreshes 

French Country Cottage


Maison de Cinq | French Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover



Shabbyfufu | How to Make a Book Page Runner

How to make a book runner shabbyfufu


Cedar Hill Farmhouse | What’s the Difference Between a Fad and a Trend

cedar hill farmhouse pillows


Designthusiasm | 20 Minute Decorating: Summer Bathroom Refresh

summer refresh bathroom decor flowers on a silver tray


Edith and Evelyn Vintage | French Plat Desk in the Study

Edith and Evelyn vintage


Happy Friday to you!


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