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Welcome to Friday Favorites, a series where we share our favorite decor, design inspiration, movies, podcasts, fashion finds and more! And though it won’t all be French, some of it definitely will!


Hi friends and happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a great week! It’s been a busy one over here, with several fall posts happening as well as blog planning for the holiday season (can’t wait!) in addition to regular/mom life. In other words, I’m glad it’s Friday! 😉

This week on Friday Favorites I’ll be sharing all my favorite things. Everything from a great decor find, to a favorite movie, recipe, or podcast, to a wonderful thing to wear – anything that strikes me as interesting or fun or that you might love, too! 😉



Found this beautiful home tour from Bria Hammel Interiors and I’m in love. 


This week on Instagram I shared a video of my fall home tour, and my two most asked about items were this marble bowl and these olive branches!

The marble bowl was a gift from my husband and is a bit of a splurge, but it’s so gorgeous! It makes a great statement on the dining table and I can’t wait to use it in the kitchen to hold fruit come springtime (it also comes slightly smaller here). Other great little decor items in marble are this adorable fluted canister, this cute bathroom tray, and this large tray is a steal (and a great gift idea!)

And the olive branches are my favorite! I’ve been wanting some for quite awhile but the price held me back. These look so real, plus you get a lot of ‘branches’ on one branch and they’re quite large.

Olive trees are one of my favorite plants, and they’re hugely popular right now. I’m dying to add one to the living or dining room, but finding the best faux plants that look real (and are affordable) can be tricky.  This one is gorgeous and quite large, this one gets great reviews, and I’ve also got my eye on this one and this one. And this one is more petite and great for a small space like a bedroom or office!

And aren’t these olive topiaries the cutest?!




I’m a huge fan of capes, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see that capes and ponchos are big again for this fall! To me, they are the ultimate in chic outerwear. They’re warm but never stifling since they aren’t covering all of you which makes them perfect for fall!

I ordered this relaxed turtleneck style and can’t wait to wear it! I also love this subtle striped one (so cozy), this plaid version, and this classic style. I can’t think of a better layer for early morning soccer games, walking through a chilly airport, or throwing in the car ‘just in case’!


Have you jumped on the mule bandwagon yet? I’m not sure why I was resisting it until recently but now I’m loving them. So comfy and chic and they’re perfect for an in-between season like fall! I recently ordered this pair in black and I love them. (Sam Edelman also makes my favorite loafer which is very similar and comes in a million colors!) And this pair!! I’m so smitten with the chocolate brown and these in the snake print couldn’t be cuter.




I just discovered a new design show (insert happy dance here!) It’s called Point of View: A Designer Profile. It’s unlike most other shows in that it’s not about renovating or even a certain project. Each episode focuses on a designer and is a bit of biography, a bit of design, with insight into their style and their creative process. I’m really enjoying it and hope they produce more (it’s new and there are only a handful so far).


And…. The Morning Show is back! One of my favorite shows from last year, I’m super excited to see season 2 of this show! If you missed the first season, now is the perfect time to start watching. Jennifer Aniston has never been better.




I look forward to fall at Trader Joe’s every year! They carry a slew of pumpkin-themed products and though I haven’t tried them all, all the ones I have tried are so good! 


Ooh and speaking of all things pumpkin, I can’t wait to try this Vanilla Chai Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew!




How cute is this pressed leaf gallery wall my friend Lauren created?!


Funny because I’ve been doing this forever – I didn’t know it was a ‘trend’ now, haha!


And it’s been a busy on the blog this week! I shared my Fall Living and Dining Room tour as well as my porch all decorated for the season. Take a peek for lots of fall inspiration!


Happy Friday!





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  1. Love that marble bowl!! It’s so pretty. What a beautiful gift! I’ve had my eye out for an olive tree. I actually like the fullness of the World Market one, and what a great price!
    Those capes look so cozy too. I really like the JCrew pumpkin colored one. I’m headed to Ohio in a couple weeks and think this would be perfect. As always, great fall finds, Sheila! Thank you!

    1. Oh I love hearing that JC – this was the perfect week for you on FF for sure!! I ordered the J. Crew cape in grey and can’t wait to try it – hope you get to, too! Happy Fall!