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Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s! Ours ended up being low-key, but nice. We cooked a delicious dinner and cozyied up and watched When Harry Met Sally (which I’ve decided is the best NYE movie ever!)

On a personal note, I’m really hoping to set some goals and intentions for the coming year. A few things on my list – journaling everyday (something I’ve always wanted to do), re-joining the gym I Ieft during Covid, traveling more (both as a couple and as a family), and seeing old friends I’ve lost touch with, among other things.

And on the blog, I’m hoping to start managing my time better which will give me the opportunity to share even more content with you. So look forward to more design basics posts, a few in-depth fashion posts, some organizing and redecorating posts, as well as the usual seasonal decor, decorating tips, and more!

I also wanted to share that I’ve updated the The Maison de Cinq Shop for the new year! It’s been exactly a year since I first ‘opened’ our online shop and you’ve all seemed to enjoy it! If you haven’t stopped by, our shop is a curated collection of decor and furnishings, from kitchen accessories, to vases, artwork, furniture, and more. These are my personal recommends and not just the things from my own home. I hope you’ll take some time to hop over and check it out!

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I’m in love with this stunning European country style home!! See all its gorgeousness here.

As for decor, I’ve been busy trying to warm up the house these days. I spent a few days last week putting away and re-organizing the Christmas decor and now the house feels so empty! Plus, our winter has finally arrived and it’s been so cold!

There’s nothing like a good throw to up the cozy factor – we fight over this faux fur one (on sale!), and this chunky, nubby one is a classic (also on sale).

Also loving this cozy sweater pillow (on sale) and this gorgeous wool plaid pillow has long been a favorite.

Or how about changing out your artwork? Etsy makes it so convenient and inexpensive now, and it’s fun to add some new pieces. You can do a full-on winter scene, but I prefer a subtle, slightly moodier print like this pretty still life or this gorgeous landscape. Also, this Etsy seller sells framed versions which many don’t! Or go for a pre-selected gallery/grouping!

Also bringing in some green really helps with the doldrums of winter. Since our local nursery is pretty low during the winter months, I go with faux to brighten up our spaces. I’m in love with this tabletop eucalyptus treehalf off!  and this faux olive topiary is equally cute (also on sale)! And I have these olive branches that I love and use all year.

Last week’s best sellers were this perfect basket and these velvet hangers.



Since it’s been so cold I’ve kind of been living in my ‘casual winter uniform’. Usually skinny or straight jeans, cozy sweaters, and either loafers or booties.

If you’ve all heard of Jenni Kayne, then you know her über popular sweaters have a near cult-like following. I love the look, but the prices are pretty steep. I’ve been on a mission to find options with the same casual chic style without the price tag, and I think I’ve found some winners!

Jenni Kayne’s Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan is her biggest seller, but the Quince Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan is a near-perfect dupe for a fraction of the price. Another best seller is the Cashmere Turtleneck, but in this case, the Quince Fisherman Turtleneck Sweater is almost exactly the same for 1/5 the price! And my personal favorite sweater is the Jenni Kayne Cashmere Fisherman Sweater (above) – I love the slouchy/chic look it gives. But the Quince Cashmere Fisherman Sweater gives a similar vibe for waaay less! 

I ordered several of these to check out and am excited to get them – my closet is really needing a sweater update!

I love a more faded jean for at home/casual days. These are my everyday faves, but I’m also curious to try the Levi’s Wedgie Jean. They’re so popular now, get great reviews and you can’t beat the price! 

These chunky loafers are such a great find! They come in 15 different colors plus they’re super comfy!

Last week’s best sellers were this $28 down vest and this hooded puffer jacket (on sale).



If you’ve been here awhile now, then you know I’m a pretty avid reader. Or at least I used to be. The last half of this year I’ve fallen off a little, so another one of my goals this year is to get back to more reading!

A few books I’ve heard a about and would love to try are The Covenant of Water (recommended by both my MIL and some friends), The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store, and Tom Lake by Ann Patchett (above), an author I’ve read and loved before.

And I’m open to suggestions – if any of you have read any great books lately, I’d love to hear about them!



Once January hits I know lots of people vow to eat healthier, and we’re no different. It’s not so much that I need to lose weight, but I want to be better about eating the right foods for my health, starting with more fish. This Broiled Tilapia with Mustard Sauce looks easy and yummy, and this Baked Salmon (above) has rave reviews!



Gray Malin is an amazing photographer who shares the most unique and fun photos on Instagram!

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Happy Friday!



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