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How are all of you? How’s your weather? We’ve had another cold winter (last year being very similar), and I’m so ready for spring! The atmospheric rivers are great for the hills/flowers/water reservoirs, but not much else, haha! Though it will mean a very pretty spring full of blooms so I’m looking forward to that.

And now, let’s talk Friday Favorites – there just might be a bit of spring this week! 😉

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This European farmhouse style kitchen by my blogging friend has always been a favorite!


Green is such a perfect shade for this time of year! It’s not as dark as our moody dark colors, yet it doesn’t feel too summery the way blues can. These gorgeous throw pillows here and here would add a nice bit of color to a space.

This pretty art print adds lots of spring vibes for a steal!

Another great idea for getting through the last of the season before spring comes? Faux flowers and branches. I adore these lily of the valley stems (and they look so real!), these are my favorite eucalyptus stems I’ve ever bought, and I love and have been using this greenery branch for years now (they look especially good in a gorgeous rustic vase!)

A good wreath is such a great investment and this eucalyptus one is worth every penny! I’ve seen it in person and it’s so good, plus it can be used year-round. This is another great option I own that sells for less and looks good in the spring or fall.

And I’m lusting after these woven planters big time! They’re still on sale from President’s Day so if you’ve ever eyed them, now’s the time to get them as they sold out last year!

Last week’s best sellers: this stunning European-inspired mirror (2nd week in a row) and this adorable wheeled basket.



This linen blouse (20% off) is possibly the most perfect blouse ever! I plan to wear it all spring/summer long. (I got it in white but it comes in 5 colors).

And this week I discovered one of the best jean brands I’ve ever tried! I had heard of Ayr and also seen their ads on Instagram, but they’re on the high side and I never took the plunge. Well, I finally ordered them and they are literally the most flattering jean I’ve ever worn. They have free shipping and returns (a must when trying a new brand or store).

I ended up keeping The Pop (above – their best seller and the one I’d been eyeing for a year) but I also loved the wide-leg style called The Secret Sauce. They’re all so good!

Another cute jean that’s very hot is the Pilcro Wanderer. It’s the top seller at Anthropologie right now. Any and all of these styles are a great way to update your look.

If you’ve been here awhile then you know I love flats, so I’m thrilled that they are back in a big way! These woven slingbacks are so cute for spring, as is this woven flat that comes in 7 colors.

I recently stumbled on a great new source of gold-filled jewelry. (Gold-filled is often my first choice if I’m not buying solid gold as it does not turn, and can be worn for years and years – way longer than plated). I ordered this gold rectangle and engraved it with my 3 kids’ birthdates, but I also love this dainty pearl piece

Since I was doing closet organizing, I went through my costume jewelry and pared it down. I decided I want the jewelry I wear most to be in my bathroom on a pretty jewelry stand. I decided on this one for necklaces and I’m going to display my bracelets on this one

Last week’s best sellers: this adorable sweater vest (25% off) and this pretty quilted trench coat (20% off).



You guys I am wild for the new Netflix show One Day, I can’t remember a time when I was this invested in a show! My husband and I both love it and we’ve binged it all week.

It’s based on a 2009 bestseller (which I now ordered) and tells the story of a couple who meet in college and stay friends for decades, visiting them each year on the same day. It’s a story of friendship, love, and loss, and the way fate connects their paths. Profoundly touching. Get ready with the tissues!



Looking for some new dinner ideas? I might be channeling spring in my decor and clothing, but I’m still eating comfort food (at least until it warms up a bit!) This Poblano Chicken Tortilla Soup (above) looks soo good as does this One Pan Creamy Parmesan Ranch Chicken.



Loving this stunning kitchen!

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And if you missed it, this week I shared a stunning modern French country home for our Inspiring Home Tours series!


Happy Friday!


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  1. It feels like we are all wanting spring to spring earlier this year! Where I live we’ll have a sunny day of 60 degrees, the birds are chirping, and the grass looks like it is greening, only to have the next day be foggy, rainy, and in the 30s! I’m trying to embrace the surprises!
    Thank you for all the charming inspiration. I’m going to look into the seeded Eucalyptus. I’ve not seen some that look that great. Also, love the Eucalyptus
    wreath from Target. We recently moved into a new home and my front doors are covered by a three foot metal awning. Sometimes when the wind blows while raining they can get a bit wet. Have you any experience with using this wreath in semi exposure to weather? I’d need two and hate to through my money away if they dont hold up. Thanks, Sheila! LOVED the home tour!

    1. Hi JC! We have the same weather situation here. I think spring weather is just mercurial, no matter where you are! As for the wreaths, I’ve had them out on my porch for months at a time, changed them out, and had them back out for months again with no problems at all. My porch is covered, but gets lots of wind and sometimes if it’s a windy storm, the rain hits them but they don’t get soaked – just wet/damp – and they’ve been fine. Hope that helps!

      Happy Friday to you! 🙂


  2. Sheila, I splurged on those woven planters at full price and haven’t regretted it for a minute. They are stunning and really perked up my front entrance. Thank you for this weekly post that I savor. You always source great finds!

    1. Aww I love that, they ARE stunning!!

      Thank you for your kind words Debra, so appreciate it! Happy Friday!