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Happy June! Can you believe this year is almost half over?! Time is a thief!

Summer is my favorite season and to be honest, the last several summers my husband has been gone for about 3/4 of the time which has made it really hard to do all the things we love. As a result, we haven’t done concerts in the park, beach days, or even much travel. 

Nonetheless, I’m determined to savor summer this year and cross some of my favorite things off of my ‘Summer Bucket List’! Yes, I made a bucket list! I’ve seen a few bloggers do this over the last several years and didn’t try it. I used to do it with the kids, so I guess I just felt I was past that.

But you know what? I made one (my husband chimed in as well) and I’m so glad! It’s kind of like making resolutions. For me, it’s much more likely to happen if it’s written down. 

And now let’s talk Friday Favorites!

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LOVE this stunning house full of charming details! See the whole home here.


This week is all about my obsession with Nancy Meyers’ style. Lately I’ve been obsessed with zhushing my home so that it feels a little warmer and more collected (inspired by her home and movies, of course). Which to me, relates both to more of a European way of decorating, as well as what her interiors are all about. Lived in, comfortable, and inviting. 

Aren’t these wicker dining chairs adorable?! I’m in love! Seriously considering changing out our kitchen chairs for these!!

I love her kitchens where she always displays lots of white dishes, cake plates, pitchers, and pretty glassware. This dish set is classic yet chic (and a great price – you can also purchase plates or bowls separately). I already had the salad plates but I’ve now ordered dinner plates as well. I’ve decided to replace my very expensive set as it is full of black marks from flatware, grr! (something that doesn’t happen with these, go figure!) 

Love this white pitcher that looks like a vintage heirloom.

This cloche with marble base would look beautiful on any kitchen counter displaying yummy baked goods, fruit, or even nothing. And it’s a steal at this price!

And of course, you have to add a linen runner on your table. This one is my favorite – soo good for the price, thick, heavy and washes beautifully. (Click on ‘buying options’ to see prices – it’s not sold out.)

And Nancy is a big believer in having a large bowl for display on the dining table, or on the counter holding fresh fruit. I love this marble bowl (great price), this is a great vintage wood bowl, or go with a large white bowl like this classic style. 

I never used to use hurricanes (not sure why?!) but I’m a complete convert now. They look beautiful on a dining or console table and will be used for years to come. These are stunning and come in several sizes (I just ordered the medium size and it’s 30% off!)

This wicker covered vase is sooo cute! Perfectly summery and could work indoors as well as out.

I love using terracotta pots both inside and out. Of course, you can get them ultra-cheap at your local nursery, but those are always too orange for me. It’s nice when they are more faded or distressed looking. These are utterly charming and feel very European.

Last week’s best sellers: this yummy Salt & Sea candle and this rattan tissue box cover.



Are you thinking swimwear yet? We don’t have a beach vacation planned (though I’m sure many of you do!) but I’m in need of new swimsuits and coverups. Because we live in Southern California we do try to get to the beach frequently during the summer (and this year I’m making sure we do – see above!) and mine are all many seasons old!

My favorite coverup is this relaxed beach shirt/dress (above) (comes in lots of colors and it’s over 50% off right now!) 

I adore a cover-up pant! Something loose and flowy looks so chic and can be worn with a cover-up on top or just your suit. These come in lots of colors and are highly rated, and these are a similar look for less. 

And I might be the most in love I’ve ever been with the new J.Crew lemon print line!! Soo fresh looking and perfect for summer! I just ordered the tank top, but they also have an adorable swimsuit and a pretty dress.

I have another great sunhat to share with you! I had heard so much about this packable sunhat that I decided to give it a try and it’s absolutely adorable! Such a great price for how expensive it looks. It’s very chic and I love that it’s so different from my old standby. 

Swimsuits? Everyone dreads it! I used to wear a two-piece but I’m finding I’m more comfortable in a one-piece these days. J.Crew makes very high quality suits and they’re on sale right now. Love this classy squareneck style (15% off) (ruching always makes things more flattering!) and this gingham one-piece (over 50% off) is soo adorable!

I also do really well with LaBlanca and it’s now available on Amazon! I just ordered this flattering style and this simple ruched style also gets great reviews and comes in tons of colors.

Last week’s best sellers: this packable hat and this cute sailor cardigan sweater.



It’s summer which for me, always means indulging in some great beach reads. I kicked off the season with Tom Lake by Ann Patchett and loved it! I’ve read quite a few by her but this was by far my favorite. A few others I just finished are Just Another Missing Person, Lady in the Lake (soon to be a TV show), and Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421.

If you’re looking for recommends, check out The 16 Most Anticipated Books of Summer.



If you’ve been here awhile then you know this Basil Vodka Gimlet is one of my absolute favorite cocktails in the world. It’s fresh, crisp and delicious and such a great way to kick off the summer! I’ve also shared this yummy Watermelon Mojito and this easy Red Wine Sangria. All of these have recipes you can print out.

If you’re looking for more, here are 50 Easy Summer Cocktails.



My friend Loi shares his beautiful home and gardens in Maine. He’s a ‘must-follow’!

7 Stretches to Prevent Back Pain (soo trying these!)

30 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas that Will Save You Tons of Time

25 of the Best Beach Movies to Stream this Summer


And if you missed it, this week we shared all about the Nancy Meyers’ Aesthetic and How to Get It. I had so much fun writing the post – I hope you check it out! 


Happy Friday!



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Oh and if you’ve missed any of the previous Friday Favorites, you can find them all here!


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  1. The Pink Stuff easily removes the marks on plates from your silverware. Works great!

    1. Oh thanks Marti – I have some of that in the garage, I’ll give it a try!


  2. I absolutely love that wicker chair! I love the amount of texture and the close weave. It’s a bit different than the usual rattan style. It would look great even by itself at a desk. Thanks for sharing, Sheila.

    1. Yay, so glad to hear that! I felt the exact same way!! Soo unique and a great price, too!

      Happy Friday JC!


  3. Loved your post on Nancy Meyers’s style! I wouldn’t have been able to distill the individual elements of her decor without your discerning eye. Also, I had the same issue with marks on my everyday dishes until I switched from stoneware to porcelain. Enjoy your new dinner plates.

    1. Thanks so much Debra – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And here’s to less expensive plates that actually last longer haha!

      Thanks for stopping by!