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Welcome to Friday Favorites, a series where we share our favorite decor, design inspiration, movies, podcasts, fashion finds and more! And though it won’t all be French, some of it definitely will!

First off I’d like to thank all of you for your comments last week! There were over 200 of you, and I’m overwhelmed by your kind words. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you love the series and the blog, and that you’re here!

And now, without further ado, the winner of the $100 Pottery Barn gift card is Bettie Binford. Congratulations to Bettie! And thank you to all of you for entering and for being a part of the Maison de Cinq family! 

And now, let’s talk Friday Favorites, where I share everything from a great decor find, to a favorite movie, recipe, or podcast, to a wonderful thing to wear – anything that strikes me as interesting or fun or that you might love, too! 😉



I randomly found this dining room on Pinterest which led to a whole tour of this Street of Dreams home. Love the French influences!


As for me, I’ve been busy trying to warm up the house these days! After all the Christmas decor is put away, it can feel a little cold and I try to add lots of texture to up the cozy factor. I love a good nubby throw like this one, this one, this one, or this one. And I’m thinking of adding a few cozy and/or winter-toned pillows, like maybe a gray plaid. Love this one, this one, and this one. And this one is so pretty and would go great with this one or this one!

It’s also fun to bring in a few new pieces to refresh for the new year! I’ve been wanting to go a little bit more rustic and love the vibe a rustic vase brings to a space. This one is gorgeous, love the texture of this one, this color is nice, and this one is a great price as is this one. Or a gorgeous rustic bowl like this one or this one, or this one (such a great price!)

I’m also on a bit of an organizing kick (see below for my latest post!) as I usually am in January. 😉  I have more organizing/cleaning posts coming your way, but in the meantime, here are a few of my absolute favorite accessories for home organizing!

I use these lazy Susans in the kitchen for sauces and even baking items, these sliding drawer inserts for silverware and gadget drawers, these bins corral things in the pantry, and these drawer dividers are the bomb and I use them everywhere! They divide storage containers and lids in the kitchen as well as socks, sweaters or sweats in dresser drawers, and these are the best for separating handbags in the closet. 



My latest obsession is black loafers! I’m such a flats person and rarely wear heels, and loafers seem like an updated version of the pointy flats I’ve worn for years. I already own these (super comfy) in two lighter colors, but I wanted a chunkier one in black for winter. Loving these, and these and these. Ordered them all and I’m excited to see which ones work best!

A favorite year-round pant for me are these. As comfy as a legging but way more polished! These soft and faded jeans look so cozy, this blazer is a classic (and on sale), and I love the stitching on this cute sweater. And I’m totally crushing on the idea of a pretty plaid coat! Love this one, this one, this one, and this one is gorgeous. How cute would any of them be with black pants and those black loafers?!



We’ve also been watching quite a few movies to get caught up before the Academy Awards (most years I haven’t seen even close to all the nominees!) We recently saw Belfast and loved it. It’s so moving and the little boy is beyond adorable. So far, it’s the best movie I’ve seen all year.

I just started another book and it’s a page-turner. It’s called The Couple Next Door and I can’t put it down!



Like most of us I always feel a little glutinous after the holidays as a result of lots of festive eating and drinking, so I try to start January off at least a little healthier! I’m starting with this Chicken Chili that looks so good, and since we’re trying to incorporate more fish into our diet, I also want to try this Tilapia with Mustard Sauce.

Do you guys take collagen? I never had until a couple of months ago but after several friends mentioned it, I thought I should give it a try. The amount of things it’s good for is amazing – from skin, hair and nails, to your gut health, to joints. The one I’ve been using is this one (I take the coffee flavor but it comes in chocolate and vanilla, too). I’ve been having some back pain since last summer so I’m hoping this will make a bit of difference!

Another thing I’d love to try is turmeric. Have any of you tried it? Did it help??



This lovely Instagram account shares inspired vignettes.


I’ve shared here before how much I adore Trader Joe’s, and apparently, so does everyone else! Here are 16 items wellness experts say we should be buying there.

And if you missed it I shared an amazing post this week all about decluttering! Check out the post (and get a printable list) 30 Things to Get Rid of in 30 Days!


Happy Friday!




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  1. Holly Bullard says:


    I am 64 years young and work with a trainer to help with arthritis in my knees. My trainer recommends turmeric as does my Ortho doctor. BTW I am also a breast cancer survivor and have to take a hormone blocker that also effects my joints.
    Schwartz makes a premium tumeric Curcumin that is wonderful Jarrow also makes Curcumin 95 and it is also great.
    The BEST thing you can do, long term, for joint health is daily exercise. Motion is lotion for your joints!

    Love your blog


    1. Thanks so much Holly! I do exercise everyday and am a lifelong exerciser – which apparently is some of why I have some aches and pains, haha! But I’ll look into the turmeric – thank you!


  2. Dear Sheila! Thank you so much. I’m amazed at winning the drawing for the Pottery Barn gift card! It is a favorite store.

    Thank you so much!

    Bettie Binford

  3. Bettie Binford says:

    Oh my! Thank you Sheila! I don’t know how to respond to you about the drawing! Thank you!

    Bettie Binford

    1. You’re so welcome Bettie! I sent you an email with details.

      Congrats to you!


  4. Oh my gosh Shiela you just kerp on hitting the ball out of the park! I had to order those loafers and that grey plaid coat from Nordstrom. Gorgeous!!!!
    Maybe you would like be my stylist?❤️☺️

    1. Oh yay – I LOVE hearing that!! (and I love the loafers!) Thanks so much and Happy Friday!