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Welcome to Friday Favorites, a series where we share our favorite decor, design inspiration, movies, recipes, fashion finds and more! And though it won’t all be French, some of it definitely will!


Well, it’s been a busy January here already, with one of the kids still home, my husband’s birthday happening, and of course, my many cleaning and organizing projects! So far I’ve organized the pantry, all the kitchen drawers, the hall closet, and I’m about to tackle the spice drawer. I joked on Instagram yesterday that I hadn’t done any work, bill paying, or household chores since tackling all that, haha! 

I’m planning on sharing more organizing posts this month as well as some posts covering design basics and decorating trends soon! Last week’s post all about decluttering can be found here, and I share my top 5 organizing hacks here.

And now let’s talk Friday Favorites! Where I share everything from a great decor find, to a favorite movie, recipe, or podcast, to a wonderful thing to wear – anything that strikes me as interesting or fun or that you might love, too! 😉



A modern English inspired farmhouse by Kate Marker.


As for me, I’m all about restyling my builtins in the family room! I spoke about this months ago but then got waylaid by all the Christmas goings-on but I’m now back on it and anxious to finish! One thing I’m doing to both the builtins and the rest of my home is to add in more rustic accessories along with lots of natural wood items. I’m still keeping a lot of white, but I just felt like it needed more texture.

My latest crush? Those amazing wood vessels that are all over right now! I’ve added two to the bookcases and I may get another for the kitchen. I’ve found them at Arhaus and Overstock, but there are lots on Etsy, too – two good ones here and here.

Another addition? Some vases that are more rustic and a little less ‘fancy’, like this one, this one, this one, and this beauty (it just arrived and I love it!) A few chunkier baskets like this one and these have also made an appearance.

And artwork! I love artwork leaning on a shelf and wanted to add a few. I mentioned this line and this line from Etsy before (I’ve ordered a couple now) – they’re super affordable and are perfect for shelf styling. And lastly, I added a few new design books I’d been wanting. Pacific Natural (love this!), Made for Living, Feels like Home, and Homebody (how did I not have this one?) It’s such a pleasure to have new design books to leaf through and enjoy!




I spent the better part of the week after Christmas purging and cleaning my closet. What I’m trying to do now is only keep what I really use, and only buy what I truly love. So today I thought I’d share some of my basic winter favorites with you. These aren’t exciting or glamorous, but they are things I use and love on the daily and swear by!

My favorite cozy winter socks that I live in are these (they literally sell out every other week!) And this cozy jacket is one I throw on daily, whether I’m running to the gym, Target or the market – it’s the perfect layer for running around on cold mornings. Another favorite layer is this chunky cardigan! Comfy enough for home and yet stylish enough for going out and about. As for sweat pants, I have these in about 3 colors. Cozy and flattering and the price can’t be beat! And when I walk or exercise I’m in these yoga pants. I’ve tried other brands but nothing is as flattering as Lululemon or lasts as long (I’ve had my same 4 pairs for almost a decade!) And of course, I wear my fave wool runners constantly (seriously nothing is more comfortable)! If I’m not in those, then I’m in classic Converse. 😉

And for at home I wear this to keep warm in the mornings (on sale now which it never is!) – it’s the same fabric as my favorite cozy robe.



We don’t talk about podcasts much but I thought I’d share a few favorites for those of you who haven’t listened to many or who are looking for new ones. Two all-time crime favorites are Dr. Death and Dirty John. And one that’s under the radar but fascinating and so good is Last Seen!



Mushrooms are on my mind – not sure why, but I love them and love almost anything made with them! They’re also earthy and filling so they seem even more perfect in winter. This chicken marsala is on heavy rotation here, this mushroom soup is delicious, and this mushroom risotto is a family favorite.



My friend Juliet’s Instagram is where she shares her beautiful home.

Wallpaper is back! This article shares the right way to do it.

40 Simple but Beautiful Moments You Forget to Appreciate (and a great way to start practicing gratefulness this year.)


And if you missed it, this week I shared some tips for winter decorating with ideas for warming up your home!


Happy Friday!


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