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My week has been busy, but not in the way it should have been, ie; work. Instead, I’ve been busy cleaning out and selling off all the stuff in my garage. My dirty little secret is that my garage is full, and I mean full, of all my decor castoffs. This includes everything from a Home Goods vase, to artwork, to antiques. It’s been an eyesore and a source of stress for years and I’m finally tackling it. So between listing on Ebay and FB Marketplace and taking donations to Goodwill, I haven’t gotten much else done. But I have made progress – yay! 

But I’m excited about what’s coming next week to the blog. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to beautify your home – and it may not be what you think!

And now, I’m thrilled to be taking a break from all that and sharing lots of fabulous Friday Favorites with you!



Love the European influences in this kitchen by Shannon Bowers. More here.


As for this past week, my search for rugs continues. Over the last few years I’ve ordered and returned dozens! I’m looking for two bathroom rugs as well as rugs for the family room, dining room and living room. I’ve had the seagrass for about a decade now and I’m itching for a change, as well as wanting to add some subtle color.

For the LR and FR, I ordered samples of this one, this one, this one (on sale!), and this one (which is an amazing price). I narrowed it down to this one and this one – just waiting for those to arrive and (fingers crossed) one will work!  I also ordered this one for my master bath and it’s so pretty! Seriously love it and it’s a great price. And it coordinates really well with the rug in the bedroom.

Have you seen the little Turkish rugs that lots of designers are using? They look so cute in a bathroom or kitchen and the small ones are affordable. There are tons on Etsy. I ordered a doormat size to use in the powder room from this seller, and this seller also has some good choices and prices.

I’m also looking for family room chairs. You might remember I bought the new Studio McGee ones at Target which I was so excited to get, but they just didn’t work with my sofas. And now I’m also thinking I want something with legs rather than upholstered. I just ordered this one, love this one, this one is an amazing price, or maybe this one for a different look?


If you’re like me and like to add some subtle nods to Valentine’s Day or have a nice dinner at home rather than going out, these plates are adorable. I’ve had them for a couple of years now and always get comments when I feature them! It’s nice to add a little pink this month, especially while winter is still roaring and we need a little pick-me-up! Love this velvet pillow in pink. And my new favorite way to celebrate any season? A cute doormat! This one makes a great statement and this one is so cute!



I’ve always treated Valentine’s Day as a day of love, buying presents for not only my husband but also my kids and usually my mom. Personally, I love an excuse to celebrate love in any form! Here are some gift ideas perfect for a mom, daughter, sister or friend – or yourself! ;)

This sweater is so cute (and 50% off) and it comes in both pink and grey, so it can work whether you feel like making a festive statement or a subtle one. This one is cute too and comes in a million colors. These mugs would make your tea or coffee taste better, as would this one. And I do love this one (might have to treat myself, haha!)

This sweatshirt is perfect for any dog lover (just bought it for my daughter!), love this cute robe, and this cozy pink sweater here or here would be great for anyone. Also my favorite lip treatment and color is a perfect gift. 


And for the guy in your life, I love this cute mug. I often buy my husband something small, like these boxers or these, cute socks or a good book. Sometimes books are hard to pick/find for men, but my husband is an avid reader and I’ve got a few great recommends. This true story of a silicon startup is mesmerizing, novel-wise this one and this one both come highly recommended, and I’m buying him the Alexander Hamilton biography (has amazing reviews!)



There are so many good shows coming out! The one I’m most looking forward to is Inventing Anna, the latest from Shonda Rhimes coming next week. It’s based on a true story about a woman who pretended she was a German heiress and tricked New York City’s elite out of millions of dollars. 

And if you’ve never seen her other show Scandal, it’s worth watching. The first four seasons are really good!



As much as I’m excited for spring, I do love winter comfort food. One of my favorites is Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic (and no, it’s not overly garlicky, haha! It’s actually very subtle, savory and delicious!) And believe it or not, I’ve never made beef stew – might have to try this one



Love this gorgeous bathroom from Kelly Nutt Design


This article has some great tips on setting up a successful morning routine.


If you’re looking for more Valentine’s tables and ideas for celebrating at home, check out this link. And for more gift ideas, clothing and decor, go here.


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Happy Friday!




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  1. Thank you Sheila for all the wonderful posts….always full of inspiration!,

    1. Aww thank YOU Ruth! so appreciate you being here and I’m glad you’re finding it inspiring!


  2. Love this post! Do you have a link please to the sweater on your “cover” email? It’s the soft pink colored one, with contrasting cream collar trim and cream wrist – almost sweatshirt looking style? Thank you!

  3. Teri Poole says:

    Today’s Friday Favorites are awesome, as usual… where can I find the link to the rug you have shown and also the sweater link too… many thanks, teri…

  4. I love to read your blog. Always finding inspiration and great finds. Keep it coming!
    Maggie San Diego ,Ca

    1. That is so nice to hear – thank you so much Maggie!