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Welcome to Friday Favorites, a series where we share our favorite decor, design inspiration, fashion finds, TV shows, recipes and more!

It’s been a very fast (and very hot – in the 80s!) week. I’ve been working on more organizing and trying to finish that up (organized spice drawer anyone?) and also working on the garage clean-out I mentioned last week. Selling on Ebay and FB has kind of taken over my life, but the garage floor is more visible than it’s been in years so there’s that! 😉

But onto much more fun things – Friday Favorites! And this week I’ve got lots to share, some new and interesting things as well as some favorites of yours (and mine, too!)



My favorite home by Joanna Gaines was this French country one.


I realized I haven’t shared any favorites or popular items with you in months. I like to do that once in awhile mainly because you may have missed something, or your needs might have changed and an item you didn’t click on weeks ago is now something you’d love to check out! And it’s fun! 🙂

These are the things you guys have been loving lately: this pretty scalloped bowl, this French chair (I’ve ordered and it gets here today – fingers crossed!), this cute olive topiary (on clearance), this neutral throw pillow, this very reasonable rug.

You’ve consistently gone crazy for these luxurious bath towels, and the most clicked on item for the last few weeks? My Target lamp! It isn’t available for shipping but it can still be purchased online/picked up in store.

And some of the purchases I’ve made lately that I’ve kept and love are this bowl, this jug, this gorgeous rug (it’s wool and so reasonable), this brass pepper mill (looks so good in the kitchen and works so well), and this vase (looks so much more expensive than it is – again, not shipping but can be ordered online and picked up in store).

And two small things – this new hand soap I bought for the powder room smells so good and I love the bottle, and for those of you who are organizing freaks like me, I’m loving my new glass spice bottles. Every time I look in the drawer it makes me so happy!



You guys might remember I was on a mission to find some straight jeans that were also flattering. I ordered/tried on no less than a dozen pairs, and ended up keeping these in blue and these in black love the fit and the color is perfect for winter. My other favorite purchase has been these suede booties (which happened to be one you guys also loved! The black is sold out but there are sizes in both the gray and the tan.)

I also love stripes and couldn’t resist this cute linen tee (love the blue) and this classic long sleeve one – both are on sale. And these pants are looking like they could be a keeper in every color! Great ratings and they are timeless and season-less.

And you’ve had great taste in fashion lately! You’ve loved these black loafers (wouldn’t they be cute in white for spring, too?), this gorgeous grey bag (on sale), this versatile polo sweater (on sale now!), this cute hoodie (now 50% off), and this suede jacket has had the most clicks of the month (the price is great and the color is so chic!)



My husband’s been out of town this past week so I caught up on season 2 of Emily in Paris. Have you guys seen it? I didn’t love it at first and it’s admittedly a little silly but, the men are handsome, you get to see lots of Paris and the heroine is adorable! Plus, did I mention Paris?!



I bought a new cook book – something I haven’t done in ages! And to say I’m excited to cook from it is not an exaggeration! It’s called Cook Beautiful by Althena Calderon. I had never heard of her but apparently she had a very successful blog called Eye Swoon where she discussed style, interiors and food. And she has a cook book.

The food looks absolutely stunning but the recipes don’t look difficult. It’s like food for home cooks, but elevated with a European feel. The first two recipes I’m planning to try are this Pan Roasted Chicken recipe, and this Orecchiette with Kale and Sausage.



This designer’s feed is so inspiring.


We are not the hugest DIYers (as I’m sure you’ve realized 😉 ) but this IKEA hack is so good – it makes me want to do more!


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Happy Friday!



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  1. Hi Sheila,
    How can I find your ebay items? I’m sure I would be interested.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Bonnie! I didn’t have too many and they’ve all sold now! Thanks for your interest though!