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Welcome to Friday Favorites, a series where we share our favorite decor, design inspiration, fashion finds, TV shows, recipes and more!

It’s been a very fast week – or was that just me?! I spent the week working on more organizing and trying to finish that up (organized my jewelry drawer and went through all my old jewelry and did the spice drawer – don’t be jealous of my exciting life, haha! ) Still haven’t gotten to the garage clean-out I mentioned last week, but hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend. 😉

But onto much more fun things – Friday Favorites! And this week I’ve got lots to share, some new and interesting things as well as some favorites of yours (and mine, too!)



This adorable kitchen pantry is just one piece of this lovely European-styled home.


I realized I haven’t shared any favorites or popular items with you in months. I like to do that once in awhile mainly because you may have missed something, or your needs might have changed and an item you didn’t click on weeks ago is now something you’d love to check out! 

These are the things you guys have been loving lately: this beautiful rug (the colors are stunning), this pillow set (can also be ordered separately), this gorgeous mirror (priced so well and has 5* reviews!), this handcrafted vase (comes in a bowl, too) (I’ve ordered and am anxiously waiting!), and another cute pillow option (comes in both blue and tan). You’ve also consistently gone crazy for these luxurious bath towels! 

And some of the purchases I’ve made lately that I’ve kept and love are this super large and stunning vasethis pretty gold bowlthis scalloped marble tray (super excited about this – it’s going in our bathroom) and this rustic vase (looks so much more expensive than it is).



After seeing a photo of Jennifer Aniston in the cutest green cargo type pants, I’ve been on a mission to find a pair! I ordered this cargo pair which look so cute, but I also love the idea of an army green pair of chinos and these would be perfect! 

How are you feeling about all the new puff sleeved tops? I admit I was on the fence at first, but now I’m completely smitten! I don’t like them too puffy, but a little bit sure adds detail and charm to a top or sweater! I ordered this adorable sweater, and I love this little chambray blouse (50% off), and this pretty floral blouse (30% off).

And remember I mentioned cleaning out the old jewelry drawer? I really took an inventory, weeding out dated, turned, and broken pieces, and decided I needed to buy better quality, especially when it comes to basics I’ll wear/keep forever. So I started with gold hoops, something I’ve been wanting for awhile. These are 14K gold-filled, a great price and come in multiple sizes (I ordered the 30mm) and these pearl drop hoops are so beautiful and versatile – can’t wait to wear them!

And you’ve had great taste in fashion lately! 😉 You’ve loved this gorgeous grey bag (on sale – and comes in black, too), this faux suede jacket (great price!), and this cute polo sweater (30% off) was the best seller of the month! 




We started a couple of new-to-me shows this past week. Victoria (on Amazon but it’s a PBS show so if you have that, you can also stream there) and Jack Ryan. Both had been recommended to me months ago, but we finally got around to them. They couldn’t be more different, but I love both! Jack Ryan is action-packed but I love seeing John Krasinski in such a different role. And I just adore the heroine in Victoria – the actress is soo good!



This Creamy White Chicken Chili looks really good, and this Salsa Verde Chicken & Rice Tortilla Soup looks even better! Either one would be yummy to make/eat while watching the Super Bowl. 🙂



This designer does gorgeous kitchens!

Tips for Sticking with Your Health Goals all Year

I’ve been having trouble sleeping as of late so this article was super timely.


And if you missed it, this week I shared the most delicious Chocolate Banana Bread (includes a printable recipe)!


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Happy Friday!



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  1. Vicki Bray says:

    I tried the Chicken and Rice soup from Half Baked Harvest and it is so good!
    Jack Ryan is super explosive in a good way!
    Have a great day!

    1. Ooh love hearing that! Thanks Vicki – and happy Friday to you!