Antique Mirrors in a Bathroom: Adding Charm & Character

Antique mirrors in a bathroom can add much-needed charm and character to an otherwise sterile space. Come get inspired to use this trend in your own home!

antique mirrors gold bathroom freestanding tub chair chandelier french country style

One of my all-time favorite bathrooms! I tore this out of a magazine about 10 years ago, but it’s as gorgeous today as it was then – the very definition of timeless! Via Amy D. Morris Interiors.


antique mirrors white bathroom marble wall tile pedestal sinkBy designer Mary Jo Donohoe via Traditional Home.

I love antique mirrors. In fact, they are one of my favorite antiques to own. And in a bathroom, they are particularly wonderful, especially in an all-white or neutral bath.


antique mirrors bathroom gold mirror grey cabinets glass knobs

Via House Beautiful.


antique mirrors twin over double sink vanity gorgeous french farmhouse bathroomHonestly, this is just one of the prettiest bathrooms I’ve ever come across! Love the double antique mirrors! Via Better Homes and Gardens.


It’s amazing how with all the hard surfaces, straight edges, and cool colors of a bathroom, introducing an antique mirror (usually gold) can add so much warmth and character.

It keeps a white bathroom from looking too antiseptic and cold. The gold warms up the space, and the contrast of a chippy antique against all that crisp, white newness is fabulous!



And antique mirrors can be found inexpensively, too. You don’t need to buy a valuable antique to get the look. Inexpensive vintage gold mirrors are easily found at flea markets, garage sales, or even on Ebay.

You know I love a good reproduction, but in this case the ‘chippiness’ is part of the charm so I’d say go for vintage over a reproduction. They add a unique look that really can’t be gotten with something store bought!



fabulous antique gold mirror in contemporary bathroom

Love the contrast of this antique gold mirror in an otherwise contemporary space! Design by Leslie Sinclair via Huff Harrington.
antique mirrors gold in white bathroom vanity with chairDesign by Kelie Grosso via Traditional Home.




antique mirrors silver leaf over custom dresser vanity charming french country bathroomUnlike most of my examples, this one is silver leaf, but I love it! And it still adds warmth as they used an aged, warm silver mirror. Via Chenault James Interiors.


antique mirrors small gold over stone sink on custom antique vanity stunning french farmhouse style bathroomAnother absolute favorite bathroom of mine! Design by Brooke Giannetti via Veranda.

I have a reproduction gilt mirror in my downstairs powder room now, but if I ever find a real antique one that will work, I’m definitely changing it out! 




antique mirrors in the bathroom ways to add charm and character graphic

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  1. I love the seat in the sixth photo from the top is there a source to buy it from?

  2. These bathrooms are stunning! Thanks for showing the silver mirror, too. I know gold is classic, but I am a silver girl and seeing this makes me think I can do this, too.

    1. Yay! I have silver in my master bath, along with a chandelier that is aged silver and I love it!

      Glad you enjoyed this post Sheri!


  3. Absolutely charming bathrooms.

  4. These are stunning bathrooms!

  5. I had an antique mirror in my bathroom for a few years. Until it got black spot due to the humidity. My advice is not to put an expensive one and to open the window or door a bit while taken a shower . This have help with my other mirrors. It still my favorite look in the bathroom:)

    1. It’s my favorite look too Eve! In fact, I actually like the spots or “ghosting” of a vintage mirror. I actually have a reproduction mirror and it has the black spots to make it look more vintage!

  6. Hi there Sheila, Good morning from Sunny Sooke, BC Canada, near Victoria. I was hoping you can tell me how you attached the smaller mirror on top of the larger mirror? Love your esthetic and am hoping to apply some of your ideas to a new small modern condo. The condo is brand new facing east on our inner harbour, 14’ ceilings 1100 sq feet with a modern esthetic however I own several French pieces of furniture and aiming for a Pied de terre esthetic. Love the large mirror behind the bathtub….I have a similar tub. Love your website and have been visiting it for a few years now!

    1. Aww thanks so much for your kind words Jacquie! I’m so glad you found Maison de Cinq – welcome! As for the double mirrors, that isn’t my bathroom so I’m not sure. I believe you can use a very strong adhesive (you obviously can’t nail them in) similar to what a builder grade mirror is glued to the wall with. I would google that for more info! Good luck!


  7. Nancy Brantley says:

    Love gold antique mirrors. Especially the Italian mirrors. And Trumeau mirrors.

  8. Love this post…. I’ve been shopping for antique mirrors to do just this but I was wondering if I was crazy!! I’m glad I’m not!! 🙂 love all your things!

    1. Oh gosh no, you’re not crazy – it’s such a gorgeous look!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Yes, please! Each bathroom is so gorgeous. I don’t know which one is my favorite! While our master bathroom is already remodeled our powder room is not yet, and these are so inspiring!

  10. PAMELA RAYMOND says:

    I love all of these gorgeous antique mirrors, but I am also loving the bathroom storage ideas I’m picking up as well. Lovely!

  11. What a beautiful collection of bathroom inspiration! Love every single one. Thanks so much for putting this together!

  12. Patti Olsen says:

    These are all stunning!! Especially loving that tall wall mirror against the bathtub – it looks so chic!

  13. You have shown some beautiful ideas with mirrors . Love antique mirrors !

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Suzanne! thanks for stopping by!


  14. Shaylee Packer says:

    We are looking for ideas to redo our master bathroom. I love that idea you showed here with the wall mirror on top of another mirror. I feel like that would give the sense that the room is going on forever. I’ll have to show the idea to my husband, and see what he thinks.

  15. I need a larger house with more bathrooms. I love nearly every single one of these! The mirrors are breathtaking but so are the overall rooms they're in. Wonderful post, Sheila.