Decor Crush – Blue & White Forever!

I am so in the mood for spring this year! I know we probably all say that every year, but we’ve had such a cold and rainy winter here (for us!) that I just can’t wait to have a little sunshine. But until it actually thaws out a little, I’m starting to think about spring decorating. One color that really screams spring and summer to me is blue. More specifically, the combination of blue and white.

The combination is so crisp and fresh, I just can’t get enough. And talk about a classic! Blue and white has been around forever and there’s a reason for that. There’s almost no combo that is so universally liked and works in so many different rooms and with so many decorating styles. It’s a look that is both beautiful and timeless, something that I’m always striving for.


How perfect is this adorable breakfast room with the blue and white striped chairs?! I mean, I’m in love!


Another amazing dining area that utilizes blue and white to amazing effect.


So crisp and fresh! Just a perfect iteration of the combo. Via Better Homes and Gardens.

Love this porch with it’s collection of ginger jars. I’ve seen it pinned about a million times – and you can see why! Pure gorgeousness by Mary McDonald.


Adorable blue wicker barstools in this white kitchen! Kitchen by Cassie Kelley via One King’s Lane.


Wonderful family room via Style at Home.


And is there a more gorgeous table out there?! I don’t think so! By Caroline Roehm.


This amazing patio filled with ginger jars is by Parker Kennedy Living via Atlanta Homes.

Most of the rooms we’ve seen so far have quite a bit of blue; it’s a main part of the color scheme. But what about if you don’t want to use that much? Blue is a color that is so powerful that it can work to enliven a room with just a touch. Whether it’s a rug, a couple of vases, or a few pillows, blue and white is effective even in small doses.


I absolutely adore this dining room by blogger Kim of Savvy Southern Style. I love that she painted just the inside of her hutch this beautiful, soft blue. Just gorgeous!


One of my all time favorite dining rooms ever! I love the simple French style done mostly in neutrals with lots of texture. By designer Annie Brahler via House Beautiful.


Stunning white kitchen with just a simple striped rug added, but it does so much! I love the punch it adds. Designer Kelie Grosso via Traditional Home.


I adore this kitchen by Sue Chiara of the blog The Zhush. This is one of the first kitchens I saw with a collection of ginger jars, and it really spoke to me.


Sweet collection of blue and white transferware adds just a touch in this cute kitchen from the blog Nine and Sixteen Home.


Summer Thornton Design.


Again, the combo is only in the rug but what a difference it makes! Design by Studio McGee.


Beautiful bedroom with touches of blue by Simple Nature Decor blog.


Gorgeous! Love this navy island in an all white kitchen. Via Traditional Home.


To read my previous post about how I fell in love with blue and white, go here. And here’s to an early spring!

Happy Friday!



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  1. Beautiful design! I’m quite partial to the breakfast nook in your first photo. I’ve been looking for chairs / chair covers like that for a long time. Have you ever come across any like this?

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by! I love those chairs too!! I think your best bet would be to find a similar fabric and then just have your slipcovered since I’m almost positive these were custom. It wouldn’t be hard to get a similar look doing it that way!

      Hope that helps!


  2. Sheila, these are beautiful examples – I think I have like half of them pinned! Such a classic color combination!

    1. I know – I’ve pinned them all too! I agree, it’s such a classic! That is one of the reasons it resonates with me!

      Happy Weekend!