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I love a good denim shirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s thicker denim a la J. Crew with an authentic snap front or a thinner chambray style, they are an all-round, crowd-pleasin’, wear-with-anything staple. I’ve especially loved the trend of the last couple of years of “denim on denim”.

Mind you, had you told me a few years before that I would wear mixed denim, I would have thought that there was no way. But I love the look. Personally, I like it more when the denims are not the exact same wash, so that there is some separation between the top and the bottom.

But denim shirts are good for more than just the denim-on-denim trend. They are great with white or black. You can dress them up with a great skirt or heels. Or, you can use them with something really dressy to take down the “dressiness” of the other item. And they go really well under a blazer (and we know how much I love those:)) They are just so versatile. And they have an innate ability to look cool and relaxed while still looking pulled together.

And who doesn’t like that?


Olivia sporting the denim-on-denim trend (love the two different washes) 


Denim chambray shirt with black skinnies 


Here is a denim shirt in the “pop-over”style – this looks really cute.


Denim done up for Fall (love the bright flats and the mix of plaids)


Denim shirt with a black blazer and white jeans – perfection!




Denim-on-denim dressed up with heels and a tuxedo jacket. I think this look is so cool.


Denim-on-denim (again!) This time with a cozy sweater and cheetah print shoes (a nice touch)


Denim with white again


And denim is great with a little bling! The dressy jewelry is a nice contrast with the down-home vibe of the shirt.


This is so cute with the pop of the red shoes!


Denim shirt dressed up with a cute white midi skirt.


Miranda Kerr doing the denim-on-denim (less contrast this time) with leopard heels.


Chambray shirt making it’s way to the office with a pencil skirt.


Another great idea is to shop the men’s department. Here a men’s oversized denim shirt is paired with her white skinnies and black strappy heels.



Usually when I feature something I like to give you guys some examples of where to find it. However, in this case, they really are everywhere. I am especially fond of J. Crew’s styles as they do them really well. However, if you want a lower price point, go with Gap or Old Navy. As long as the wash is done right, you usually can’t tell a higher priced denim shirt from a lower one. It’s a staple! Get two!! 😉
Happy Friday!


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  1. It has taken me a little while to get used to the denim on denim look as well. Love anything denim espicially these shirts can't have too many!!