Fashion Crush – Olive Green Love

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the crispness in the air (or, at least in LA, the promise of crispness!), the turning of the leaves, eating apples, making homey dinners, and wearing cozy sweaters. And even though I no longer attend school, September is still, in my mind, the beginning of school and so, I still associate it with “fall shopping.” There’s just something about those new sweaters and boots that gets me as excited as a teen!

I’m going to do a post on fall fashion trends soon, so for now I just wanted to focus on an item that I love and that isn’t necessarily a new trend, but is nonetheless evocative of fall. Olive green is one of those colors. And though you can wear it year round, and I definitely do, it just says “fall” to me.

Whether you call it moss, army, khaki, or olive green, it works well with the other fall neutrals of grey and brown, and can work in both casual and dressy situations. And, it looks amazing with both black and white (and we know how I love those colors!)


olive green coat with denim and white fall fashion
Beyond gorgeous! Love this whole outfit!
olive green army jacket with scarf and brown leather pants street style Olivia Palermo
Here Olivia Palermo mixes her olive green jacket with browns and tans, along with a scarf in black and white. 
olive green cargo pants with heels and gingham shirt cute casual street style
Olive green cargos with gingham – LOVE!

olive green coat with black heels and handbag chic fashion style
olive green coat denim jeans loafers casual chic fall fashion
Great coat!
olive green military army style jacket distressed denim white tee sneakers casual wear street style
olive green sweater jeans and flats street style casual chic fall fashion outfit
Okay, this sweater might be slightly dark to be considered olive green, but I’m going with it anyway! Love it! And those shoes!!
olive green blouse with denim street style casual
Great blouse!
olive green skinny cargos white blouse red flats casual outfit street style
Looks great with white (this is when you can still wear your olive green come spring!
olive green sweater grey fur coat denim jeans booties olivia palermo chic street style fall fashion
This coat though! But seriously, I’m loving the olive green with the grey/silver of the coat – it works so well!
olive green blouse and coat over white tee street style chic
Olive on olive.



Happy Fall!


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  1. Do you have links to where they can be purchased?

  2. Hi!
    Do you know how i can find out the brand of the pretty short coat in the photo with the model in jeans? I would love for that coat to be in my closet! 😉


  3. They are all lovely. I am thinking if the olive ( I think it could be olive) green sweater were to show up in my closet it would be very happy there , lol xo