Fashion Trend Fave – Pearls

I never thought I liked pearls until a couple of years ago. But for some reason, I fell in love with them. I love the classic look of them. They are the perfectly preppy accessory!
Although, I admit, I like them better when they are paired with things that are a little less traditional. Not the “twin set with pearls” look, but more like ripped jeans, a white tee, and pearls. Or a leather jacket with a chunky pearl bracelet.
I like the contrast of dressy with casual. But the great thing is, they go with everything. You can do them funky, or dressy, or classy, or business-y. They work in all situations and are a staple you can wear forever.
Pearls and lace – a classic 


Love this look, pearls with an edgy little jacket


Here they are long and knotted, but with boyfriend jeans and a blazer


Just classic


I love chunky necklaces wrapped around the wrist as bracelets
The original!!


Rihanna layering them up and making them edgy


Traditional, but still beautiful


Preppy perfection!


Love this with the leather shorts


Pearls and gingham
Just beautiful!
Happy Friday!



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  1. I’ve always liked pearls but I too have fallen in love with them in the last few years. I never realized their versatility until then. Pearls can be both a statement piece and a signature piece. And what’s amazing are pearls’ unique colorization and sizes. So the search is on because vintage jewelry abounds with pearls and the fun is in the discovery!