Trend Alert – Pop of Red

Now I know red is a color that is fairly controversial. I used to think you either loved it or hated it. But I’ve realized that that simply can’t be true, because I don’t love or hate it! I actually really like it – in small doses. Do I think a great drop dead red dress can be gorgeous? Definitely. I just don’t ever gravitate to such a big statement color in a big way.

In fact, last year for Valentine’s Day my daughter didn’t have anything red to wear for her school spirit day so she was looking in my closet, and it was then that I realized that I literally don’t have any red clothing – not kidding! Not a sweater, blouse, or top to be found. But this is the rub. I love it in accessories! I think a great red bag can make an outfit!


Animal print, black, and red = perfection!


This bag is a great pop of red with this black and white ensemble.


Here’s leopard mixed with red, love this!

Especially love red with white.
Cutest snow outfit ever!

And of course, a great red shoe, well, need I say more?


Red pumps with all white.


An everyday outfit that’s really elevated by the addition of a red accessory. If these flats were black, I don’t think the outfit would be nearly as cute.



These shoes are TDF!


Olivia Palermo again. Her simple white blouse and distressed jeans equal more than the sum of their parts the pop of red from those amazing shoes!


A bit of red is good anywhere, but I do especially love a good red coat. Whether it’s a winter coat, or just a little blazer, the pop of red really pulls the outfit together.


Leopard and red really are amazing together!


Even here, just the addition of a cute little red scarf gives the outfit extra panache. Love this!
Happy Friday!


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