25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves are one of the most versatile clothing items you can own. I love how a cold weather scarf can keep you warm, a bandana can add some earthiness, a silk scarf can add a little French style, and a pashmina can be used as a wrap when you are dressed up. I can’t think of very many clothing items that have such versatility. Plus, they’re timeless.

When you see them in an old movie, or on an old movie star (like Grace Kelly, below), they still hold up. They don’t look dated. They’re classy, and classic.

And they can be worn a multitude of ways! Here are some we’re inspired by…

They add so much panache! Just imagine any of these outfits without the scarf; they wouldn’t be nearly as stylish.






And a cold weather scarf, whether it’s a plaid blanket scarf or just a creamy woolen one, add a coziness factor that nothing else can.










But is there anything cuter than a neck scarf?! You know, a small, shorter scarf that ties just around the neck. It’s very “South of France,” don’t you think? And it’s coming back! I’ve always loved the look and now I’ve noticed it a lot more. I am so going to do this!!










Classy and classic!


Happy Friday!






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