Fashion Crush – Statement Coats

Every December, I start thinking about coats. I’m either buying one, dreaming of one, or wishing for one (or two!) for Christmas. And this year, with our unseasonably cold weather, they are on my mind even more. There is nothing I love more than a statement coat to add panache to my wardrobe in the winter!
But what exactly do I mean by a statement coat? One that makes an impact; usually a bright or unusual color, a fun pattern, or even just some extra special details. Something that isn’t the average peacoat or trench coat (although I love those too!) I’ve found so many cute ones this year!
But before we get to those, let’s take a look at some of my favorite statement coat images for inspiration…..
statement coats yellow coat plaid scarf
LOVE this mustard coat – and that adorable scarf too!
statement coats green Olivia Palermo
This is just iconic. Olivia Palermo looking as stylish as always with one of the prettiest green statement coats I’ve ever seen!
statement coats powder blue chic
 Loving the pale blue of this one.
statement coats cute plaid coat riding bike
I adore this plaid one!
statement coats classic white coat elegant
The elegance of an all-white coat.
statement coats red double breasted
Love the double-breasted style of this one. 
statement coats black and white houndstooth chic
This coat I’ve shown before in my post about houndstooth. Sorry, I couldn’t not show it again – it’s amazing! 


statement coats patterned black and white
Love the unusual diamond pattern on this one! The definition of a statement coat!
statement coats cobalt blue
This bright blue adds such punch to a simple black and white outfit.
statement coats rust colored with denim
Love this unusual color.
statement coats black and white pattern
Another great pattern!
statement coats mustard Olivia Palermo
Another great mustard coat. This makes me want to find a yellow coat so badly!
statement coats leopard with black skinnies
Well, you know how I feel about a leopard coat. Staple and a statement coat, all in one package!!
statement coats powder blue with black jeans
statement coats plaid adorable coat
statement coats red
 A great red coat is always a classic.
statement coats blue and green plaid
J. Crew is one of my favorite places to find amazing statement coats. They always have unusual and colorful options, and their quality is very good. However, colorful coats seem to be around a lot now, so I’ve found a ton of great options (most of which are on sale!)


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Happy Shopping!

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  1. Hi Cindy!!

    So happy to hear from you! And yes, Olivia is just amazing and can do NO wrong in my eyes! Love her style!

    Hope you are well and that you had a wonderful Christmas. And a Happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. Love that first mustard number! Olivia Palermo would look great in a sack wouldn't she? Happy New Year Sheila!!