Fashion Fave – Turtlenecks & How to Wear Them

Since we’re having a real winter this year (real for Southern California at least!) I definitely have winter fashion on my mind. In fact, I don’t even have enough sweaters to get me through this many cold days since I’ve never needed this many before!
However, one thing I do have, and have always loved, is turtlenecks. Most specifically, chunky turtlenecks.
They’re casual, cozy, and oh-so-comfy! And they’re not just functional, but versatile, too. They can be worn in a myriad of ways, they work with everything from skirts to jeans, and they’re warm (something I’m definitely looking for these days!)


And of course, a leopard bag never hurts an outfit!
A cozy, cableknit turtleneck in a cream color is so timeless.

A classic black turtleneck paired with jeans is my go-to winter outfit.
I love that she made this sweater slightly dressier by pairing it with a leather skirt.



Love the pairing of winter white with the black skinnies and loafers. So chic!
With a skirt again here. Seriously chic.
Black on black. You can’t go wrong.
A perfect casual fall or winter combo.



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Happy Friday!

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  1. Suzette Clarke says:

    I’m a bit late to the party, but I wanted to let you know I love your French fashion blog and your home. I went to the turtleneck post. I’ve loved turtlenecks forever especially since my neck looks old!! I have bought loads, but a lot of them pill etc., even J.Crew.
    Where do you like to buy? Thanks Sheila

    1. Hi there! So happy you love the blog – and turtlenecks!! They’re a definite staple for me. I’ve sourced quite a few favorites in the post, and yes, I agree, some (even nice wool ones) do pill. I think it’s unavoidable with any amount of wool. I usually use a little sweater de-piller I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Also, I buy all cotton when I can find them, but they are few and far between!

      Hope that helps!


    1. Aww thank you Angelina! As I told Shelley, it’s not perfect yet – but oh so much better!

      Thanks so much for your kindness and support!


  2. I pretty much live in turtlenecks all winter. Sheila – your new blog design is gorgeous! Congrats on the new look!

    1. Me too! Love them sooo much! And thank you Shelley! It’s still a work in progress! Broken links, some photos not coming over, etc., but all in all, a success! :))

      Have a great weekend!