How to Decorate with Vintage Baskets

I love decorating with baskets. There is something so wonderful about the texture they add to a room. Plus, how practical are they? Not only do they add great style, but they add function as well! And though I have many different baskets in my home, I have to say, that antique baskets are the ones that really speak to me!

First of all, they are usually adorable and often have details that you never find on a basket today. And they have a ton of character and age that you simply can’t reproduce. I’ve settled for the new ones, and even decent reproductions here and there. But the antique ones are the ones that make my heart skip a beat! Especially anything with a buckle, strap, or lock detail…..


antique baskets under console table great styling mix lamp statue pillows accessoriesBaskets under a table are a classic look! Via Better Homes and Gardens.


antique baskets under bathroom console with stone sink gold mirror french country style gorgeousLove these antique baskets used in a bathroom. Design by Brooke Giannetti via Veranda.


antique baskets hanging on wall as art over entry way bench lovely farmhouse styleI absolutely adore this antique basket hung on the wall in place of art! Via Leah Bailey.


antique baskets collection of fabulous vintage french findsIf I found a basket like this, I think I would have a heart attack! Via Eloquence.


antique baskets on top of armoire white ironstone white walls charming farmhouse style
This armoire with the baskets on top is a definite favorite. Via Heather Bullard.


antique baskets entry way under console table french country style gold mirror sconcesVia Veranda.


antique basket holding olive tree vintage decor farmhouse styleI absolutely love this large basket used as a planter! Via Vebeke Design.


vintage baskets on top of armoire french farmhouse style olive baskets vintage french farmhouse style

Via Pottery Barn.


vintage baskets shelf styling with pewter ironstone and mercury glass gorgeous vintage vignetteShelf styling with antique baskets, pewter, ironstone, and mercury glass. Literally shelfie perfection! Via Skona Hem.


antique baskets kitchen holding lavender plant white farmhouse kitchenOne of my all-time favorite kitchen images! This basket is fabulous! Via Debra Hall Lifestyle.


antique baskets holding hydrangeas vintage french country style room

Via Nancy Braithwaite Interiors.


I have one antique trunk-style basket and I’m desperately looking for another for the bottom shelf of my console table. I did order a cute basket from Pottery Barn, and I will say, it’s a pretty good one. However, it wasn’t the right size for where I need it so I ended up returning it. And the truth is, I’d really rather find an antique one anyway!

So the hunt continues…..


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Happy Friday!

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  1. I love you selection of images. Every single one inspiring and lovely!

  2. I swear, you can never have enough baskets! Great collection of photos – each one is prettier than the last!

  3. You are a woman after my own heart Holly! They are so great, aren't they?!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!


  4. They are hard to find here too Des, especially if I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. I have better luck at the flea markets though, the antique stores they are just too expensive. I'm on the hunt!


  5. I am drooling over these! My husband thinks I have a problem as I have never seen a basket I don't like. He just might be right! Ha!

  6. I too just adore wicker baskets and love the texture they add to a room. They are hard to find where I live but luckily I have found a few over the years.
    Have a great weekend!