Decor Crush: White Dishes

I love white dishes. I love the simplicity, the cleanliness, and the versatility. When I first got married, I had a floral, patterned set of dishes but when I started getting really into cooking and went to culinary school, I found out that food looks much better on white plates (this is why almost all restaurants serve their food on white dishes!)

Soon after that is when I started collecting white ironstone, so it just made sense to have everyday dishes that were white as well. I coordinate the vintage collectibles with the new purchases all the time, and what’s great is, everything works together! I even love the different whites. The vintage ironstone is everything from white all the way to antique cream but the different shades add texture and interest, I think.

And I’m particularly fond of white dishes and ironstone in a white kitchen.

I love the way the white pops against the aqua background!

And I especially love when the dishes have pattern or texture. 
And they look amazing in a white kitchen!
And nothing is prettier than a table set all in white, especially when there are different patterns and textures.

But there is no need to over spend when it comes to white dishes.  TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Home Goods are all good sources for inexpensive white dishes, as well as serving pieces. I have used pieces of Home Goods with my Horchow set as well as my antiques and they all mix well together.

And the best part about white dishes is the fact that you can mix them with any other colors in any season; red at Christmas, browns in the fall or at Thanksgiving, or blues or pastels for spring or summer. They mix with everything, never go out of style, and look great layered together!

Happy Friday!



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