The Beauty and Charm of White Tulips

I have to confess that I love almost all white flowers, to the point that even the flowers that are otherwise unloved and unglamorous look better to me when they are white. However, I do play favorites! 🙂

There are a few I love more than others, and one of them is white tulips.

It’s so charming how their flowers always seem to be reaching for more. But the thing I find most endearing is their “drooping.” I know, some see this as a flaw, but I actually think it adds to their beauty. They have a charm to them that other flowers don’t have.

They’re kind of like a very attractive, well-dressed woman all of a sudden letting out a big belly laugh or a giant burp! It makes them more relatable and lovable. They’re classy, but also down to earth. It’s just a shame their season lasts only a couple of months! They’ve been plentiful at my local Trader Joe’s the last few weeks so I’ve been buying them like crazy.

Because I know in no time they’ll be gone again for another year……


gorgeous white tulips in rustic planter

Via l’ Atelier Fleur d’o.


white tulips in glass vase on dining table French farmhouse charm

Breathtaking. And the chandelier just adds to the whole scene! Via Vibeke Design blog.


white tulips in glass vase simple beauty

Simple but gorgeous. Via


French country farmhouse decor white tulips in vintage urn

Tulips in a French urn in the dining room. This is from last year’s post all about decorating with flowers. Can you believe these tulips are actually faux?!


green garden with blooming white tulips

Via Garden Gate magazine.


stunning arrangement of white tulips with greens in glass vase

So stunning! Love the vase too! Flowers Gallery Salon.



Here I mixed white tulips with all kinds of other white flowers. From my Spring Home Tour last year.



white tulips with freesia in gorgeous crusty vintage urn

Gorgeous! This pot! Via Laughing with Angels blog.


stunning tablescape with white tulips in blue and white ginger jars French farmhouse charm

I think I’ve pinned this image about 50 times! So, so stunning! Via designer Carolyn Roehm.


simple white tulips in glass vase decorating with flowersFrom Versace via Home via Laura.



white tulips in mossy garden planter stunning arrangement wedding centerpiece

This is so gorgeous! Photo by Watson Studios via Fab You Bliss.


White tulips look good in almost any vessel! But if you’re looking for some new or unique ideas for displaying them, check out some of the great finds below!


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Happy Friday!



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  1. Hey girl! I LOVE white tulips too – they’re stunning! I love how you’ve decorated with them and the inspirational pictures from others too 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Christina! I so appreciate you stopping by – it means a lot!


    1. Thanks so much Cindy! And so glad to see you over here:)

      Have a great weekend!


    1. Aren’t they?! Glad you think so too!

      And thank you! Happy Weekend to you too Shelley!