Holiday Wreaths: 7 Charming Ways to Decorate with Them!

Holiday wreaths are a great way to decorate for the season. They’re charming and modern, and bring cheer to any space you hang them!

There are so many things to love about Christmas – from the music, to the lights, to the tree, but I must say, one of my biggest loves, is holiday wreaths. They are such a welcoming sight hanging on a door; there is nothing that sends quite the same message! I love that they are old-fashioned, yet modern at the same time.

There are lots of wreaths to love, but the simpler the better for me. If they are adorned with a simple ribbon or a few natural elements, that is beautiful.  

And I love that they bring the holidays wherever you put them…


On a Front Door

The front door is probably the most classic location, and one of the prettiest!

gorgeous black front doors with wreaths and garland holiday porch

Our Simple but Elegant Front Porch from last year. 


stunning holiday porch decor featuring large wreath and garland on white door

Picture perfect wreath decor via Monika Hibbs.


double wreaths on front doors gorgeous christmas holiday porch
I’ve never seen a double wreath before! But I love the idea – it adds such drama! Via House Beautiful.


Over a Fireplace

Another classic spot – and probably my favorite! 
large holiday wreath on stone fireplace wall French farmhouse christmas decor
Traditional, hanging over a fireplace. Via Country Living.
holiday wreath over mantel with stockings gorgeous French European Christmas decor ideas
stunning arrangement of 6 holiday wreaths over mantel Christmas decor ideas
Or get super creative and use a grouping of six wreaths! Via One King’s Lane.


Hung on a Mirror

A mirror is one of the prettiest places to hang a wreath – creating even more greenery in the reflection.

wreath on gorgeous French Country trumeau mirror holiday decorating ideas
A wreath hanging on a French Trumeau mirror in my Blue Holiday Entryway.
holiday wreath on mirror in French farmhouse kitchen gorgeous decor idea
Even in the kitchen!  Design Lisa Luby Ryan via Veranda.

Hung on Cabinets 

But you can also hang wreaths on more unexpected places! From furniture to lighting, they add charm anywhere you put them!

adorable holiday wreath hanging on glass cabinet in kitchen

Sweet little wreaths look so charming hanging on kitchen cabinets. Via Handmade Farmhouse


French country room featuring Christmas tree and wreath hanging on armoire

Love this one on an armoire! Via Veranda magazine.


Hung on Furniture 

Whether on a chair, a cabinet, or a bookshelf, wreaths look great added to furniture!

adorable holiday wreaths on back of dining chair gorgeous French Christmas dining room
Hanging a small wreath on a chair is another favorite of mine! From my French Inspired Christmas Dining Room.
wreaths tucked into book shelves cute holiday Christmas decorating idea
Wreaths look so cute tucked into shelves via Country Living.

holiday wreath hanging on gold sconce charming Christmas decor idea

Hanging a small wreath on a sconce is also adorable! Via Rachel Parcell.



Hung on a Wall

If you don’t have a fireplace, or simply as a replacement for art, a wreath can be hung directly on wall for maximum impact!

large holiday wreath on wall in Christmas living room with tree

Via Rachel Parcell.


grouping of 3 wreaths on wall in pretty entryway Christmas decor

Three wreaths on the wall in the entryway create a warm welcome. Via My Texas House.



Hung on Windows

Classic – and especially charming!

wreaths on windows and over range mantel in gorgeous white farmhouse kitchenVia Inspired by Charm.


grouping of 3 wreaths on windows in gorgeous farmhouse kitchen Christmas holiday decor

How adorable is this?! Via Ella Claire & Co.


I especially love when wreaths are placed on each window facing the street so that when you drive by, they just say “Come on in and stay awhile!” 


wreaths on windows of house in snow Christmas decor
Really is there anything more inviting or delightful than the sight of this house at the end of a snowy road?! Via The Cottage Journal.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Wreaths graphic on Maison de Cinq


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  1. This is a favorite post of mine and I look forward to Fridays knowing I will get inspiration from you. The wreath section is outstanding and so informative. Thanks.

  2. I love the wreaths hanging on your dining room chairs. Iโ€™m actually looking for chairs like the two at the ends of your table. Can you tell where you got them. Love all your post by the way. I canโ€™t wait to open it when I see it in my inbox.

  3. Teddee Grace says:

    Loved all these!! The photo of the house with the pale brick and cream trim and wreaths on the door and all windows was a favorite. Are those pears tucked in? Thanks for sharing, though.

    1. I’m so glad you found them inspiring! And yes, I do think there are pears on that one – it’s so gorgeous!!

      Happy Holidays!


  4. Hope you have a beautiful holiday with your family Shelley! Thanks for all of your kindness and support:)


  5. Good for you Cindy! Simple is beautiful, I think. And how nice that you are at the lake this year! That house is so pretty, and it's so chilly this year, combined with the beauty it must feel very Christmas-y!!

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  6. Thanks Des! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  7. You're right, that last photo is Christmas perfection! Actually, all the wreath inspiration photos are beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I agree! I was so tempted to just hang the wreaths and forget the tree this year. I arrived here at the lake after many weeks of absense. I foraged greens threw them on the fireplace and added some to a couple of bowls and called it Christmas!!

  9. I too love wreaths….from the simple ones to the extravagant ones, I love them all!!!! Beautiful inspiration pics!!!! Have a great weekend……