Holiday Gift Guide: Creative and Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Every year I spend a good amount of time looking for interesting, fun and creative stocking stuffer ideas for my kids’ and my husband’s stockings. When I was growing up, our stocking stuffers weren’t all in the stocking! My mom always had other slightly bigger things that she’d put more thought into. They were in the stocking along with the other smaller things, or if they didn’t fit, they were “next” to the stocking. And I’ve continued that tradition. I’m here to say, not all stocking stuffers have to be in the stocking!

I know many people like to just put in little items from the Dollar Store or the like, but I really don’t love the idea of more trash or landfill – no matter how cheap. So, with that in mind, I like the Stocking Stuffers to be cute presents that are fun and something the receiver can actually use! My criteria is more size oriented than price oriented, but there are lots of choices here at every price point! 

So those are the guidelines I’ve used to make my Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men & Women. Practical,  or useful, or cute (or all three!) is the criteria! And nothing that will go in the landfill or junk drawer later!


Holiday Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers women her gift ideas Christmas

  1. These Ugg fleece-lined socks are super cozy and a personal favorite! They were in last year’s guide but they were such a hit, I had to bring them back again!
  2.  I’m not a huge lipstick person, so these neutral lip glosses really fill the bill. The colors are gorgeous, and they are consistently highly rated.
  3.  A super warm and cozy beanie with a cute pom pom? Yes, please! (this would make a great regular gift, too!)
  4.  These Apple AirPods were on my Men’s Favorites list because they are rated so high, and they give up to 3 hours on a single charge.
  5.  This travel jewelry case was something I received last year and I love it! It’s the perfect size for travel, and keeps everything organized and protected.
  6.  The Tile Mate might be the perfect stocking stuffer! It’s a bluetooth tracker that can find your keys, phone, or anything else you want to track. 
  7.  This Bucket List journal has blank pages for your dreams and goals, as well as inspiring quotes and interviews.
  8.  These hoop earrings are genuine 14K gold-filled (meaning they don’t tarnish) and an amazing price! These are the “small” version but the medium are great, too!
  9.  The Anker mini-charger is no bigger than a lipstick, so it’s super easy to keep in your purse for when your phone needs an emergency charge.
  10.  I love Jo Malone fragrance products, and in this set you get 3 popular fragrances packaged in a cute Christmas cracker.
  11.  Another perfect stocking stuffer! Small, and practical the Minimergency kit has 17 personal care essentials.

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holiday gift guide stocking stuffers men christmas gift ideas

  1. I love this mug warmer! It’s inexpensive and works great at keeping your coffee warm at your desk all morning. And it’s under $10!
  2.  Possibly the single best stocking stuffer for a guy ever! A 10-in-1 tool that fits in a wallet credit card slot?! Brilliant!
  3.  My husband’s pick! He loves his and made sure we bought one for each of our sons. Amazing light quality in a pocket LED flashlight.
  4.  The Tequila Mockingbird (love the cute name!) is a book of cocktails with a literary twist. So clever. And perfect for any man who loves reading, drinking, or both! 😉
  5.  The complete series of The Office on DVD. Need we say more?! All 3 of my guys love this show!
  6.  A clever way of taking your favorite cocktail with you! (and there are 4 different cocktails to choose from).
  7.  Extra-Long Charging Cable: Okay, not exciting. But definitely practical and something everyone in my family has and loves.
  8.  It’s so hard to find cute phone cases that are also masculine but this one bridges the gap! Love the sophisticated marble finish. 
  9. This portable phone charger is twice as fast as the charger that comes with the iPhone!
  10.  Just discovered this cream and can’t wait to put it in my husband’s stocking! It’s non-greasy, fragrance free, and a portion of proceeds goes to veterans. So perfect!
  11.  I bought this for my husband last year and he loves it! The magnetic wrist band keeps nails or screws within easy reach while he works.

*please note some affiliate links are included for your convenience*


I hope some of these Stocking Stuffer ideas have helped you to think outside the box! And these stocking stuffer favorites can work whether you are doing Christmas stockings for your family, or just need a small gift for a co-worker, friend, or hostess. I would love to receive any (or all!) of these myself!

And if you didn’t see my Favorites Gift Guide for Men and Women earlier this week, you can get to that post HERE.


Happy Shopping!



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  1. Thank you so much for the gift guides-they are very helpful! I’m ready to start decorating soon, but stumped on my mantel-just wondering when you might be posting your Christmas mantel?

    1. Hi Gina! I’m so glad you liked the gift guides! And I’m posting the mantel this week! So sorry- it’s been a crazy busy time and I just haven’t been able to get to the photos and write the post. But it will be live Thursday! Hopefully that will help you:) By the way, I did share the mantel in my Instagram stories if you follow me there!

      Happy Holidays!