New Hardwood Floors and Seagrass Rugs – the Full Reveal!

I’m super excited to share this post with you today. I know some of you follow me over on Instagram, and those who do probably know that this past winter we finally took the plunge and ripped out our downstairs carpet and installed hardwood floors. Because of that, I’ve been wanting to do a post sharing the floors for quite awhile now. However, I really wanted to have my rugs in place first, because, let’s face it, rugs can really make the room! And that’s where my problem began.

In my case, I had a pretty good idea that I wanted seagrass rugs as it’s something I’ve always loved. (You can read about my love for seagrass here). I needed two rugs, one for the dining room and one for the living room. However, when I went to order some seagrass rugs from several online catalog retailers, I found that the standard sizes weren’t really working in my dining room due to the size and the layout of the furniture. They were all either too big or too small. The bigger sizes weren’t working, and I definitely didn’t want to go smaller. But then I found Sisal Rugs Direct, and my problem was solved!

Sisal Rugs Direct sells natural fiber rugs of all types, from sisal, to jute to seagrass. But the thing that sets them apart is that you can order custom sizes. For a very reasonable price, you can literally order any size you need!

Living Room Seagrass Rug


seagrass rugs stunning neutral living room

I ended up going with a custom size for the living room, just like the dining room. Since you can do any size you want with Sisal Rugs Direct, it just made sense to tweak the size so that it was more balanced in the room. I chose the most traditional seagrass style, though they have several patterns to choose from. This pattern is called “Seaside.” 


seagrass rugs gorgeous french influenced neutral living room

seagrass rugs white sofa living room modern coffee table

For those of you not familiar with seagrass, it’s quite different than it’s sisal cousin. For one, it’s substantially softer. Also, and this is a definite plus, it repels moisture. So if you spill something, it is much easier to clean up. Almost any spill can be soaked up with a clean towel without much staining whatsoever. I’ve spilled coffee and red wine on our previous seagrass rugs, and there was literally no stain at all!


seagrass rugs gorgeous living room with fireplace and white sofa

I do love the look in the room. It added some much needed texture, and the color is so neutral that if I change anything else, like furniture or draperies, the rug can still work. Seagrass looks good with any decor style!


seagrass rugs white sofa stunning living room big windows french style

seagrass rugs classic living room gorgeous bright white french style

seagrass rugs bright pretty living room white chair and sofa

To me there is just nothing quite like the combination of hardwood floors with seagrass rugs! I love the texture that a natural fiber rug adds to the room. And in my case, because my living room and dining rooms are on the dressier side, I like the casualness the seagrass rugs bring to the rooms as well. They “dress down” the rooms and create that casual chic look I’m always striving for!


seagrass rugs living room dining room pretty french style airy bright

seagrass rugs living room dining room chic french style

As you can see, when you walk in the front door you immediately see the living room, but you also look across an open space where the dining room is visible as well. That was one of the reasons I wanted to go with two matching rugs; the spaces are just too close to have two different rugs going on. Having seagrass in both spaces really connects the rooms and lends some continuity.


Dining Room Seagrass Rug


seagrass rugs dining room white curtains bright pretty

The dining room is longer than it is wide, so I went with a custom size in here, too. It’s so nice to be able to order a rug that really fits the room! Usually I’m struggling with making the furniture work or worse, dealing with a rug that is too small. This one fits just perfectly!


I’ve been very happy with the quality of the rugs as well. They arrived quickly, were packaged well, and have done little to almost no shedding.


seagrass rugs dining room pretty table bright open french style

seagrass rugs dining room close up floors

I went with a natural colored border, though again, they have many colors to choose from. I like the border to kind of “go away” and blend in with the natural fibers of the rug. But you can always do a contrasting border for a pop of color. This is the Pistachio cotton border in the extra wide size.


seagrass rugs french chic living room light and bright sofa fireplace coffee table

The hardwood floors have literally changed the look of my home over night. Sometimes I can’t believe I lived with the carpet for as long as I did! And now, I have just the rugs I wanted to complete the rooms. The seagrass is practical, long lasting, and beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with how they look!

To see the whole collection at Sisal Rugs Direct, you can go here. And to see their choices of seagrass patterns and colors, go here


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seagrass rugs and hardwood floors gorgeous french country living room




This post was sponsored by Sisal Rugs Direct, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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  1. Lee Ann Glidewell says:

    Is there a right or wrong way of running the weave of a seagrass rug like this? I notice that the more prominent lines of the rug run in the same direction as the sofa. Is that important? I could order mine going the other way and save money, but that may not look as good. Thank you.

    1. Gosh Lee Ann I really don’t know! That has never come up before! The weave really goes in both directions so I don’t know why it would matter? You may want to peruse Pinterest or Google photos of seagrass rugs and see which you prefer, if any.

      Good luck!


  2. Love your rugs and your information about sea grass rugs! I have new oak hardwood floors, too. Do you know what is recommended for a rug pad with the sea grass rug and the hardwoods? I know that one has to be careful about what materials lie directly on the hardwoods as some can cause discoloration to the hardwoods.
    Thank you for your advice!

    1. Hi there Mary! So glad you love the seagrass look too! I don’t use pads under mine as they have a padded “back” that is cushy and keeps them from slipping while also giving some padding. But yes, you’re right, pads can cause discoloration. But to be honest, just having ANY rug on hardwood floors can cause a color change underneath as the area around the rug sees sun and light and will change color due to that. Not unlike a suntan around a swim suit. It’s unavoidable but for me, I always have rugs in the large spaces (dining, living rooms) so unless I were to remove them one would never see that. Hope that helps!


  3. DEBRA DEMINT says:

    Very beautiful rooms! Can you tell me the color of the rug in the dining room? It appears to be a light beige color but don’t see that color on the sisal rugs website. That is the color I am looking for but it appears they only have the darker beige with the greenish tone seagrass color.

    1. Hi Debra and thank you! The pattern is called “Seaside.” There is no color to choose because all seagrass is a natural color (as it exists in nature). You can choose the border color though and mine is Pistachio.

      Be aware that ALL seagrass starts off slightly green as it is a natural fiber but in just a week or two it completely changes and warms up to the soft beige you see in my home.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Sheila your hardwood floors look amazing!! I too have seagrass rugs in both our living room and dining room (and on our stairs!) I adore them, they can take such a beating with kids, dogs, and life, with little to no traffic patterns over time, and you are so right on how well they clean up. We are a red wine drinking, red sauce loving family who loves to entertain, and had a St. Bernard for many years, and the seagrass rugs are the only ones that have stood the test of time! Your home looks just beautiful with your new floors and rugs. Love it all.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! And I couldn’t agree more, they are such workhorses!! I love the look, but also the practicality.

      I’m thinking of doing the stairs -if I can convince my hubby:)

      Thanks for stopping by my friend!


    2. Amy Heller says:

      Hi. I was wondering if the sea grass rugs shed? I have very dark hard wood and have tried both sisal and jute and the shedding drove me crazy..

      1. No not AT ALL! They are completely shed-less and are stain resistant as well. As far as natural materials go, jute, sisal, etc., seagrass is much softer as well as easier to clean, with no shedding.

        Hope that helps!


  5. The rugs look beautiful, Sheila! I have been thinking about getting a seagrass rug for my dining room and possibly also for my family room. In the family room, I was thinking about layering another rug on top because the kids still lay on the floor and watch TV in there. So anyway, I clicked over from your links and realized I actually have a similar seagrass rug already in my cart from that company! I have it saved with the Pale Ash border which is very similar to yours. How funny is that? Anyway, obviously I love the look. The rugs look amazing in your house! Great post!

    1. Oh my gosh, what a coincidence! Though not surprising considering you and I also have very similar kitchens! I think sea grass would look awesome in your house – and I love layered rugs! It would be perfect Shelley!