Home Design Trends for 2023: What’s Hot & What’s Not

Want to know what’s hot in the world of design? Today we’re sharing what we think will be the biggest home design trends for 2023!

Every year I anxiously wait to hear what design trends are predicted for the coming year. Not because I’m such a huge trend follower (I’m definitely not), but I love design and it’s exciting to see what’s new and what people are gravitating to. And this year is a good one!

For 2023 there is a continuation of much of what I talked about last year (so those did have staying power!), as well as a few new ones. Color and pattern are back, as is a turn towards traditional and nostalgic looks, and it looks like warmth and texture are here to stay after more than a decade of grey minimalism!

As I said earlier, I’m not one to follow trends obsessively or overload my house with the latest Instagram-popular piece of furniture, but I think it’s important to know what’s in. That way I can add a piece or two of a trend if I choose to, add a pop of a ‘hot’ color, or change something up slightly for a more updated feel. One of the easiest ways to keep your home looking fresh is to add a touch of a new trend!

So after researching and reading a lot on this topic, I’m sharing 8 of the major home design trends for 2023. These are the trends that I think will actually stay around, and that resonated with me the most. (Plus, this year I’m also talking about a few trends that are definitely on their way out!)



1. A Turn Towards Tradition

neutral kitchen with plates on wall decorating trend traditional style nostalgia

Via Studio McGee


home design trends traditional kitchen with lanterns and artwork

Via Better Homes & Gardens.


This trend could also be called ‘nostalgia.’  It reflects a desire to focus on warmth and comfort and live with the styles we grew up with. Signs of more traditional decorating are a return to darker wood furniture, the use of print and floral fabrics (something that seems to have been gone for awhile!), bucolic artwork, skirted sinks, and pleated lampshades. This includes last year’s ‘Coastal Grandma’ trend along with the Granmillenial trend that’s still going strong.

After years of pared-back minimalism we’re seeing the pendulum swing back in the other direction. But this traditional is more carefully curated – like a chicer version of your grandmother’s taste. Let’s call it “Modern Traditional.”


2. Maximalism

gorgeous fireplace with molding traditional style home design trends 2023

Via Joanna Gaines.


wallpaper in green powder room traditional style decor

Via Studio McGee.


Riding on the coattails of the return to tradition is a more enhanced version of traditional details. Think trims like fringe, ruffles, and scallops, more ornate moldings and woodwork, using pattern on pattern in a space, and wallpaper everywhere!


3. Statement Stone

gorgeous kitchen with dramatic statement stone marble counters and backsplash home design trends for 2023

Via EyeSwoon.


I’m a huge fan of natural stone, so this one is a favorite of mine! The use of large slabs of organic materials with lots of veining and contrast brings drama to a kitchen. Another new element? We’re seeing colored marble and stone again! I know – it’s a shock. But I’ve seen marble accessories and furniture in blacks and greens making an appearance. We’ve looked at white marble for so long I think we forgot it comes in all kinds of shades!

I think the colored marble will take awhile to reach the street, but statement marble in the kitchen (especially as a backsplash) is here to stay.


4. Mixing Old and New 

home design trends 2023 mix old with new neutral living room with beams and modern furniture

As seen in this post. 


mixing old with new in neutral living room design trends 2023

Via Lauren Leiss.


Another personal favorite. I’ve long talked about using a mix of old and new in any space. To me it’s crucial to creating a collected look and I’m so glad it’s begun to catch on more widely. 

Another trend I saw mentioned a lot was ‘Sustainable Design.’  To me, these two are connected as there’s nothing more sustainable than using vintage or antique pieces! They’re personal and unique, and add character that new items never could. 

Plus, this can be done whether you love color or neutrals! Either way, a few vintage pieces can transform your space.


5. The Return of the Dining Room

gorgeous neutral dining room with wallpaper and chandelier traditional French style
Via Dodson Interiors.


I’m so glad they’re coming back! Although admittedly I’m pretty biased. We have a formal dining room now and did in our previous home (even though it was only 1200 square feet), so I’ve never not had one! For the last decade or more there’s been a strong swing away from formal dining rooms with people opting for just one eating area (usually off of, or in, the kitchen).

And though I understand the popularity of that option, I’m someone who thinks it’s nice to sometimes eat a meal that’s not next to all the dirty dishes, or in view of the TV! To me, every meal we eat in there is elevated. Whether I’m having a formal dinner party or a simple Sunday night supper, it always feels just a little more special than the table that’s nearer the kitchen.

Personally, I think this trend probably reflects the fact that we all lost the last few years of breaking bread with family and friends. Apparently dinner parties are coming back with a vengeance and I’m all for it!


6. Texture, Texture, and More Texture 

home design trends 2023 gorgeous kitchen with texture patterned tile and cerused wood cabinets

Via Beth Webb.


gorgeous kitchen with lots of wood and beams texture design trends 2023

Via Ashley Montgomery Design.


I talked about this one last year, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. Use of lots of the aforementioned warmer woods along with rugs and baskets really warm up a space. In addition, we’re seeing things like textured tile, lots of stone and brick, as well as old-world materials like limewash and plaster treatments which I love! 


7. Statement Lighting

statement lighting design trends in neutral living room

Via Kate Marker Interiors.


statement lantern in white kitchen with wood ceiling and beams design trends 2023

Via Studio McGee.


This is a trend that actually started last year but has now really taken hold. Using a statement chandelier in a living space or kitchen adds drama and can serve as the focal point of the room and really bring a ‘wow’ factor to any space.

In fact, I would argue that by choosing a bold chandelier or pendant, you can upgrade your entire room without the expense of new flooring or the hassle of re-painting!


8. Bold Colors 

gorgeous green kitchen more color design trends 2023
Via Steve Cordony.


design trends 2023 patterned sofa old with new in white living room
Via The Inside by Havenly.


Of all the trends mentioned this year, the return to color showed up the most! After many years of neutrals, we’re seeing more color than ever before, including a return to deeper, more saturated colors. Color (and colorful pattern) add joy to a space and I think that speaks to all of us craving fun again!

Whether you choose to paint a room a strong color, buy a patterned chair, or simply add a colorful rug or throw pillow, if you’ve been craving color, then this is your year!

But that doesn’t mean neutral rooms are gone altogether. Neutral spaces are still here, just with more texture (see Trend #6) and a warmer palette of browns, caramels, and creams. As for me, I’ll probably always gravitate to neutral spaces. But now I’ll make sure they’re updated with texture and pops of color to keep them from going too flat. (Find out more about doing neutral spaces the right way in this post.)


And now should we talk about trends that are out?

• GREY: As you might have figured from what we spoke about above, grey seems to have seen better days. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any grey, just warm it up a bit! My office is a warm grey and I still love it. Grey is a lovely neutral when used right. It’s really the ‘grey on grey’ rooms with cool grey walls and all grey furniture that were the problem.

To keep grey rooms up to date, add some colorful pillows or rugs to brighten and modernize your space. Or if you want to keep your walls neutral (like me!), opt for a warmer white. 

• MODERN FARMHOUSE: With any trend if it’s too ubiquitous for too long, it usually goes out with a bang and the modern farmhouse trend is one of those (even Joanna Gaines isn’t doing it anymore!) However, ‘farmhouse’ itself will always be around, it just evolves. Now we’re seeing the farmhouse style take on a more European edge.

It’s getting updated with more texture like limewash wall treatments, authentic vintage pieces that bring warmth, as well as antique rugs and paintings.

• TOO MANY PILLOWS: Whether on a bed or sofa, too many pillows not only looks over the top, it makes it hard to sit comfortably! Maybe those complaining husbands were onto something?! Haha!

• FAST FURNITURE: A focus on sustainability has made us look twice at what we’re buying. Mass produced furniture that’s made on the other side of the world of dubious materials isn’t good for anyone. Do we need that cheap bookcase at Home Goods, or are we buying it just because it’s $69? (by the way – guilty as charged).

It seems more responsible, better for the earth, and better for our health to spend a little more for higher quality, real wood that can be painted or stained and used for years (or handed down!) Or better yet – buy an antique piece! 😉


And that’s it – the 8 Home Design Trends for 2023 (or at least the ones I think will stick around!) Which ones speak to you?

For me, I’m loving the return of antique and vintage pieces as well floral fabrics – something I’ve missed! On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of jewel tones so I don’t see myself adding red or gold anytime soon (though I’m loving the greens and will probably add more of those!)  

When it comes to trends, it’s still important to do what you love. It’s your home after all! I’ve always felt that mixing old with new was key to getting a collected look. In fact, I’d argue that the more you mix styles, the better off you’ll be. By decorating in a more personal way and incorporating different time periods and styles, your home will not only feel like an extension of you, but it will be less likely to ever feel ‘dated.’

And if it does, well then, simply pick one or two trends you like and incorporate those! Your home will feel instantly fresher.


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  1. Irene Madrid says:

    Wish I could send photos of my newly remodeled/rdecorated French Normandy home. ALL new wallpaper everywhere, tying in my fav colors of soft teals, pinks and whites. Swapped out the old backsplash for handcrafted teal mermaid tail and it is outstanding with my swirled brown granite, almond wraparound cabinets with ceramic pink/gold/ivory pulls, antiques mix with traditional and modern elements, . I drape velvet and lace over shades, chairs, tuck jeweled trinkets about for the children to find, have Mackenna whimsical reindeer everywhere. I am a maximalist decorating loving French,English, Grandminnelial, Coastal, and it works because it is very ME: romantic, elegant and whimsical.

  2. Regarding the mix of old and new, the first time I saw an Andy Warhol “tomato soup” litho (1970-something), it was framed in sleek chrome and hung over an ornately carved 1890’s Bombay chest in a family room that included a leather Tuxedo-style sofa. It was awesome and unforgetable and I was hooked. I’m happy to hear of the return of the dining room and hope the next generation of dining rooms will be used every day, not just for special occasions. I raised my children in a house with a galley kitchen, so we used the dining room a lot. Ours wasn’t a museum of upholstered chair seats and delicate china, but instead pub-style furnishings reminiscent of an old New England inn. It’s where we came together for dinner and Sundy brunch, held dinner parties and poker nights, celebrated birthdays and holidays (and sometimes helped with homework). And you’re right … it always seems elevated in the dining room.

    1. I love hearing this Jan – thank you so much for sharing! And I couldn’t agree more, the dining room is really a special place!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Liza Adams says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this statement in your article, “By decorating in a more personal way and incorporating different time periods and styles, your home will not only feel like an extension of you, but it will be less likely to ever feel ‘dated.’” I too believe we should let our homes tell our unique stories that reflect who we are, who and what we love, and how we live. I have always decorated that way and feel it reflects our journey and our story.
    Thanks for the post!

  4. Sheila, you are on point with the trends. I love the mix of old and new together. It makes for a cozy home. I am loving that color is back in both bold and rich colors. Dining Rooms, I have always had them. I love having both formal and casual dining. We use both dining areas of the home. Wallpaper has made a huge come back too and continues. This post was really good. Love hearing about all of the trends.

    1. I love that you love dining rooms too Tammy! And thanks so much for your kind words, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!


  5. Thank you so much for this information. You are my go to person and I think we have the same thoughts on decorating. I still believe you have to do what feels good to you and surround yourself with what feels good to you and colors that bring you Joy. My home is my sanctuary!
    I love Estate sales and enjoy finding hidden treasures and refurbishing. I love little splashes of feel good colors in corners.
    Thank you for all of your articles. I so enjoy following you!

    1. Yes so, so true Tricia (I should have said that – I think I’ll add that to my intro!)

      And I so appreciate you for following along! Thanks so much!


  6. I love your posts, however, I tend to disagree about grey being a dated color. I agree that adding some color to the palette may update it and look refine, but lets not get rid of a color that does wonders for a house, and at the same time is absolutely elegant. We can say the same for off white, beige, etc. All colors after a few years may look dated to see them come back a few years after. As for me, the elegance and talent is in contrast and well thought of house design.

    1. Yes I couldn’t agree more! I still have a grey office and LOVE it! To me, the problem was the grey rooms with all grey furniture (which would also be a problem no matter what the color is!) I think it was just over-saturated. But I agree it is still elegant and of course, decorating should always be about doing what YOU love!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Blanca!