Home Design Trends for 2024 – 8 New Trends to Know

Curious what’s in or out in the world of design? Today we’re sharing the eight trends predicted to be the biggest home design trends for 2024!

It’s that time of year again!  Designers and shelter magazines have been talking trends for the last month and I’ve been listening. Though I may not change my decor every year or deck it out in every trend to come along, I do like to know what’s happening in the world of design.

Nothing can stay stagnant forever, and change is natural. As long as we remember that these aren’t hard and fast rules or written in stone commandments that we have to follow, it can be eye-opening and even helpful to see what’s happening in the world of design.

And it’s fun! I love seeing what I like or what resonates with me – and checking back in a year or so to see which trends had staying power. And this year, quite a few trends are really speaking to me! I’m hoping to incorporate several of them into my own home (stay tuned!).

Even if you just add a pillow in a new color or a fun pattern you previously hadn’t thought of, small changes can keep your home feeling current, without having to remodel a thing!

So let’s see what the pros are predicting as the hottest home design trends for 2024!

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1. Butler’s Pantries

home design trends for 2024 butler's pantry
Via Rach Parcell.


hottest design trend gorgeous blue butler's pantry
Via Bria Hammel Interiors.

Secondary spaces like butler’s pantries, sculleries, and back kitchens are becoming one of the most requested items in kitchen design. If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I’ve been a huge fan of butler’s pantries since waayy back! Not only are they gorgeous, but they add much needed storage and practical function. 

In a walk-in pantry or back kitchen, you can add a coffee station, second refrigerator, wine storage, and more. They are an immediate way to add value to your home, and they’re undeniably charming. Yes, please!


2. Brown & Earth Tones

home design trends for 2024 brown and earth tones room
Via Amber Interiors.


hottest design trends brown rug in white entryway
Via Studio McGee.

This is a trend that’s been gaining steam for awhile now, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Browns, rusts, beiges, and warm creams are the go-to neutrals now and one of the biggest design trends for 2024. After years of pale, cool greys, it’s a natural inclination to want more warmth in our spaces, and earth tones are a great way to do that. 

Whether you add pillows, rugs, or even paint, shades of brown will add much-needed earthiness to any space. And because browns are so versatile, they work with everything from black, to blue, to green.


3. What’s Old is New Again

home design trends for 2024 gorgeous old world kitchen with wood beams and stone floors
Via Kristen Mullen Designs.

According to designers, clients are increasingly looking to add classic details to their homes. They want elements that won’t go out of style in less than a decade, and are opting to add classics like wood trim and millwork, arches, brick, and clay or terracotta tiles. 


hottest design trend wood treatments like picture frame molding in dining room
Via Jenny Martin Design.

These architectural details add a timeless feel to any space, and of course, I’m all about timeless! It’s refreshing to see a return to some of those classic touches that had been ignored, or worse, pulled out!

But rather than loading up too much detail in any one space (think 19th century decorating), designers are opting to create a feeling of contrast. Simple interiors and furnishings are enhanced by pretty details like woodwork or arches, rather than competing with them. 

And these are easy details to add to a home! We added picture-frame molding like the one above to our office as well as our primary bedroom. It’s inexpensive and gives you so much bang for your buck!


4. Quiet Luxury

hottest design trends quiet luxury in a stunning and peaceful bedroo with pretty curtain treatment over bed
Via Giannetti Home.

You may have heard of the ‘quiet luxury’ trend in fashion recently, which is all about investing in quality items that are well-made and meant to last a lifetime. It’s not about loud labels or the latest trends, but timeless and beautiful classics like cashmere sweaters, camel coats, and high-quality leathers. And as frequently happens, the fashion trend has moved over into the design world. 

Think clean and thoughtfully curated interiors, elevated basics, neutral tones, and high-quality materials like real wood, marble, linens, and velvet. In short, this style is about investing in quality pieces that are timeless and will remain a staple in your home for years to come. It’s elevated, yet understated. Now that’s something I can get behind!

Though I would argue that it’s not really a trend, I am glad that it’s catching on. What it boils down to is buying the best that you can afford, and avoiding fast-design that doesn’t last and ends up in a landfill. 


5. Fluted Details 

home design trends of 2024 fluted details on bathroom cabinet
By JKath Design via Better Homes & Gardens.
hottest design trends fluted detailing on bathroom cabinet with pretty marble sink
Via Studio McGee.

Fluted details appeared on cabinets and in kitchens a couple of years ago, but it’s gained even more momentum since then.

This classic technique, originating in the columns of ancient Greece and Rome, involves creating vertical grooves on the surface of furniture or cabinets, adding texture and visual interest to any space. Today’s trend also finds it on furnishings like tables, lamps, sofas, and everything in between. 


6. Wood, Wood, & More Wood

home design trends for 2024 wood treatments kitchen with wood beams, floors and island
Via Ashley Montgomery Design.

If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest at all, you’ll have noticed that natural wood tones have been having a resurgence of late. During the previous decade, everyone couldn’t get rid of their dark wood furniture fast enough and all-white kitchens were the rage. But now, the pendulum has swung.

From a piece or two in a room, to a full kitchen, natural and even darker-hued woods have come back with a vengeance. 


hottest design trends of 2024 stunning wood ceiling treatment in kitchen
Via Amber Interiors.

And not only furniture and kitchens are getting the wood treatment. Wood paneling is back in a big way, too, as well as complete wood ceiling treatments.

Though personally I don’t want to go back to my former all-dark-wood-furniture-days, it is nice that things are becoming a little more versatile. That means if you want to keep a dark piece that you inherited, you no longer have to worry that it’s out of style. Or if you want to mix several different wood shades in one room, you can.

Personally I love mixing wood shades for the same reason I don’t want all one style of furniture or one tone of metal. And I love the warmth that some warm wood tones bring to an all-white kitchen!


7. Herringbone is Everywhere 

home design trends for 2024 herringbone wood floors in French inspired entryway
Via Jenny Martin Design.
hottest design trends herringbone brick floors in French farmhouse butler's pantry
See more at this post.

This is a traditional element that could fall under the classics trend, but because this trend is so big, it needs it’s own mention! Herringbone floors have been on the rise, and are now one of the most requested items in design. However, it’s not just floors this pattern appears on anymore.

Beautiful in wood floors as well as brick, and truly stunning as a kitchen backsplash or shower tile, it adds texture and interest anywhere you put it. And it’s a classic! It’s absolutely one of my favorites of the recent trends and I would love to add it to my home somewhere in the near future.


8. Checkerboard

home design trends for 2024 checkerboard floors in pretty mudroom
Via The Fox Group.
hottest design trends checkerboard floors in stunning European style bathroom with stand alone tub
Via Marie Flanigan Interiors.

I saved the best for last, haha! Well, actually, I saved the two I love the most until last. 😉  Checkerboard floors are really having a moment, and I have to say, I’m utterly smitten! 

Whether the floors are stone or marble, they make a dramatic yet classic statement. They’ve been around for thousands of years, and it’s nice to see such a timeless design feature become popular again. I especially love the way they look in utilitarian rooms like laundry rooms and mud rooms, but they’re equally stunning in an entry or bathroom.


A Few Others that Are Still Going Strong…..

•Rich, moody colors like greens and moody blues. 
•Wallpaper (especially in small spaces like closets, niches, etc.)
•Formal dining rooms.
•Vintage and antique furniture.


And a Few on Their Way Out….

ALL GREY OR ALL WHITE SPACES: this was also mentioned last year, and the year before, so I think it’s safe to say the popularity of grey is waning. As we discussed last year though, I think you can still incorporate it, just in a warmer way. Choose a warmer grey fabric, or paint a room with a warm white that’s not stark. What’s definitely out is all grey or all white rooms, with no added warmth anywhere. 

BOUCLÉ CHAIRS: the popular consensus seems to be that though it’s still around, bouclé isn’t as popular as it once was. Apparently, it’s ubiquitous on resale sites like Craig’s List and FB Marketplace (a sure sign!)

DINING BENCHES: because they’re uncomfortable, dining benches were never the most practical thing to start with. Yes, you can fit more people, but I can’t imagine anyone being able to sit there for very long. A mix of chairs is a better way of mixing it up.

FAST FURNITURE: a focus on sustainability has made us look twice at what we’re buying. Mass produced furniture that’s made on the other side of the world of dubious materials isn’t good for anyone. Do we need that cheap bookcase at Home Goods, or are we buying it just because it’s $69? (by the way – guilty as charged).

It seems more responsible, better for the earth, and better for our health to spend a little more for higher quality, real wood that can be painted or stained and used for years (or handed down!) Or better yet – buy an antique piece! 

hottest design trends kitchen with stone walls and warm wood island
Via AKB Design.

And that’s it – the 8 Home Design Trends for 2024 (or at least the ones I think will stick around!) Which ones speak to you?

For me, I’m loving the return to classics like millwork and arches, checkerboard and herringbone flooring, butler’s pantries, and quiet luxury. In fact, I don’t remember a time that so many trends resonated with me!

But though it’s fun to look at trends, always remember that your home should reflect you and what you truly love, trendy or not. In fact, with a few exceptions, I would say the trends of the last few years are all about mixing styles and periods, as well as embracing both color and neutrals, with an emphasis on a ‘collected look.’ Which is a good thing for everyone!

By decorating in a more personal way and incorporating different time periods and styles, your home will not only feel like an extension of you, but it will be less likely to ever feel ‘dated.’

But if you do feel like it’s starting to feel a little dated, there’s nothing wrong with an update here and there. Simply pick one or two trends you like and incorporate those! Your home will feel instantly fresher.

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  1. Great post, Sheila! I love so many of these trends, but like you I’m mostly drawn to the idea of classic decor that stands the test of time. That, and sustainable decor. I would love to see quality items all made here at home instead of freighted over from across the world. I’m happy to see the pendulum swing from the days of fast fashion, and glad that it is spilling over into decor.

    1. Thank you Janet, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! And I couldn’t agree more about fast fashion or fast furniture – sooo much better to save up and buy better quality!

      Thanks for stopping by!