How to Decorate for Summer: 7 Easy Summer Decorating Tips

Looking for easy ways to add some summer to your home without a lot of fuss or expense? Today I’m sharing how to decorate for summer with 7 easy-to-implement ideas!

I can hardly believe it’s summer. Well, maybe not officially. But Memorial Day has come and gone and it is June, so in my world, it’s summer! And with summer comes a strong desire to lighten, brighten and otherwise bring in the season.

Do you feel that too? Heavy decor or dark, moody colors just don’t feel right. The summer season has a lightness about it and I want my home to reflect that.

Unlike Christmas, summer decorating can take its cues from nature. It can be subtle, and easy, but still bring a feeling of freshness to your home. And that’s the goal here. Easy, breezy, but still beautiful ways to bring the season into your home!


how to decorate for summer blue decor and pillows in gorgeous French farmhouse living room



Tip 1: Bring in the Flowers!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that one of the first things I do when decorating for summer is bring in some fresh flowers! 

how to decorate for summer bring in flowers pretty lilacs in white pitchers

I always love fresh flowers, but they seem especially essential this time of year. I think because nature is blooming and blossoming outside, it’s nice to reflect that inside, too. 😉



gorgeous pink peonies in rusty French vintage bucket summer decorating ideas

Peonies and hydrangeas are always favorites, of course. And I’ve got tips on how to help keep both of these popular flowers last longer! Find tips for peonies here, and hydrangeas here.

But actually, any inexpensive grocery store flower will do. It’s really just about bringing nature inside.

And if you don’t want to spend money on cut flowers, buy a few inexpensive potted flowers from the local grocery store. They’ll last all summer and be well worth the few dollars spent!



Tip 2: Bring in Some Summer Color

Now for me, this is definitely blue!

blue transferware platter in white French farmhouse kitchen summer decor

I can’t think of a color that feels more summery than blue. To me, it represents the sea and days spent at the shore, but if your idea of summer is bright yellows and oranges, or a pop of hot pink, go for it!

Whatever colors represent summer to you will work.


hydrangeas and blue and white ginger jars tips on how to decorate for summer

Blue and white ginger jars are one of my favorite ‘blue’ decor items!



Tip 3: Add some Seasonal Touches 

One thing I usually do as each summer rolls around is bring out some shells and coral. They are something I’ve loved and collected over the years, but I don’t have them displayed all year so it feels special to bring them out each time the season rolls around.

how to decorate for summer shells and starfish in glass cloche

You don’t need to go overboard with this. The trick is not to have them all over the house, but rather in just a few key spots. Here I displayed some starfish under a glass cloche to elevate them in the vignette.

But some collected seaglass gathered in a glass jar would be equally pretty.


gorgeous vintage bowl filled with seashells pink peonies in glass vase summer decor ideas

Or display a mass of shells in a giant bowl! This makes a great focal point on a coffee or dining table and the shells can be collected, or easily found at stores like Michael’s or ordered on Amazon.



Tip 4: Lighten Up

Are you someone who changes out your bedding or pillows for summer? Sometimes it’s nice to lighten up the mood by switching out pillows, rugs or even sheets. Wool blankets, heavy fabrics or dark rugs can really feel heavy during summer. Give your home a lighter feel by using lighter fabrics like linen, or switching to natural rugs like seagrass.

white kitchen decorated for summer with blue and white and plants and flowers

Even my candles get switched out this time of year for a fragrance that’s light and refreshing! If you love candles as much as I do, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones from Jenny Kayne – they all smell divine but I especially love the Basil. And this Sea Salt candle is a new one to me and I’m obsessed! 


blue and white summer decorating in beautiful French farmhouse family living room bowl with balls and branches

And of course, changing out throw pillows is a must for me! Here pale blue pillows in solids and florals here and here bring some summer color to the family room sofa.



Tip #5: Bring the Outdoors In

This is probably my personal favorite when it comes to ways to decorate for summer!

how to decorate for summer bring the outdoors in with outdoor concrete statue and pink peonies on table

When I say bring in the outdoors, I’m talking about things like using patio decor inside as well as outside. Here I brought a garden bird statue inside to convey that summery feeling. I love how it looks indoors, and it’s a great contrast to the marble table.


white tulips in antique French urn in French country farmhouse dining room gorgeous summer decor

Terracotta pots brought inside (these are especially pretty), or cast iron urns that normally decorate your outdoors are also ways to bring the outdoors in.


Tip #6: Add some plants or greenery

This is probably my number one tip once spring comes along! 

summer decorating ideas plants and flowers in kitchen

And if you didn’t add some plants a couple of months ago, now is definitely time to bring in some green!


pink jasmine in terracotta pot spring summer decorating

Plants and branches are good all year, but essential in the spring and summer months. I also love to buy inexpensive potted flowers at stores like Trader Joe’s or the supermarket. They last longer than cut flowers and really convey a feeling of freshness to any space.

Even faux branches add life and greenery to any space and help to bring the season inside!



Tip #7: Spruce up the Outdoors

You might think this is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this! 

summer decorating ideas refreshen the porch with wreaths plants and flowers on pretty black doors

Just the simple act of cleaning and tidying your backyard patio or front porch can make such a difference! Sweeping out the cobwebs, scrubbing our front door and adding a few potted flowers really brightened up our porch!

And if you want a little more punch, why not add a cute new doormat?



gorgeous outdoor patio setting how to decorate for summer with plants and flowers

And of course, if you can, adding an outdoor rug or a few new pillows adds color and freshness to any outdoor space.


I hope these seven easy tips gave you some ideas on how to decorate for summer. And it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive! A few flowers and plants and lighter colors and fabrics can make a big difference in the feel of your home.

And if all else fails, a good clean up goes a long way toward making any space feel fresher and brighter!


And I’m sharing some of my favorite summer accessories below!

Shop Summer Decor


Happy Summer!



 7 Easy Summer Decorating Tips graphic on Maison de Cinq


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  1. Hi Sheila…lovely decorating tips! What was the link for the white tulips?
    Thank you!

  2. Do you do design consults?

    1. Hi Bev! Thanks so much for asking but at this time I’m not doing them.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Love the terra cotta pots! Where did you get them?
    Very subtle changes really does give a refreshing look.
    Absolutely stunning!

  4. Deana Autry says:

    Where did you get your brass/marble coffee table? Love it!

  5. Great tips – especially, “Bring the outside in” – I’ve found this to be the best way to add in seasonal decor on a budget! Your peonies and florals are gorgeous!

    1. Yes!! Couldn’t agree more Colleen! Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by!


  6. Great tips Sheila. I just cut my last peonies but thoroughly enjoyed them for the month of May.
    Love the soothing colors for your summer decor. It’s always fun to see what you do for each new season.
    Happy summer!

    1. Thank you so much Rachelle! And I’m jealous you can grow peonies – they’re my fave!

      Happy Summer to you!


  7. Such wonderful tips! I’m about to pin this post like mad! LOVE your blues, your shells and your flowers. What is the plant in tip number 6 (second photo). It’s beautiful and I love it in the terra cotta. Thank you for the lovely tour. I really enjoyed seeing your home and tips. Hope your summer is off to a beautiful start!

    1. Aww thank you Danielle – you’re so sweet and I appreciate that so much! Happy Summer to you!


  8. Great tips! I’m totally with you on the blue and all the flowers!! Hope you have a wonderful summer.

    1. Thanks so much Jenn! Happy summer to you as well!


  9. Love the fresh touches that you’ve shared. I can’t get enough of flowers during any season but especially this spring/summer! I didn’t see your outdoor lumbar pillow shared on the source list. I may have missed it. Where did you purchase those? Thanks and enjoy your refreshed spaces!

    1. Hi JC thanks so much for your kind comment! And I’m sorry for the confusion! I linked the square that is the same pattern as my lumbar pillow. Here is the actual lumbar pillow link:

      Hope that helps! And thanks for stopping by!


  10. So charming, beautiful, and welcoming Shiela! Perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing and being part of this series1

    1. Thanks so much Krista! Thank you for having me! 🙂


  11. Love all of the seashells and florals added throughout. Your home is so soft and feminine and lovely!