New Landscaping and a New Yard – Landscape Remodel Reveal

Well, we have finally finished our landscape remodel and I can’t believe the difference! With new sod and some new plantings from Lowe’s, we’ve changed the whole look of our yard!

As I shared with you last summer, we embarked on a complete remodel of our yard – both the landscaping and the pool. Unfortunately, because of some very warm weather, we couldn’t sod or do any planting until at least November. And then, we got so much rain, that we couldn’t actually finish until later in the spring. So, it’s later than we planned – 9 months later, actually! But it’s finally done and we are so thrilled with the result!


landscape remodel reveal green lawn and white roses pretty yard

Our sod and all of our plantings are from Lowe’s. We love the customer service we received from the employees we worked with in the store, and we couldn’t be happier with the products we received.


landscape remodel reveal new lawn and roses blue sky golden retriever

The bed along the fence was completely pulled out as the plants were old and overgrown (and ugly!) We needed to replace the fence so it all needed to go. We left the bed to the left as it was planted a few years back, and then proceeded to try to make the yard more cohesive. The plantings that were along the fence were literally completely different from what we had on the left side bed, and it just looked not only overgrown, but under planned, haha!


landscape remodel reveal with roses and golden retriever on lawn

And as you can tell, Hudson loves his new lawn as much as we do! He had such a hard time when it was all dirt as we had it blocked off, and then after we sodded, we also had it protected for a short while to protect it from him. But now, he is seriously happy as a clam to be running, chasing balls, and rolling around on it!


landscape remodel reveal gorgeous lawn with roses and creeping figs against fence

In addition to the new sod, we also planted creeping figs and iceberg roses. I chose these not only for their looks, but also because they are both so easy to grow! As you can see, we have these both in the beds on the left and have loved how they performed, so it made sense to match that area. Once it all fills in, it will look like it was all planted at the same time.


landscape remodel reveal creeping fig plant

Creeping fig is one of my absolute favorite plants! It’s vigorous, doesn’t need a ton of care, and clings to almost anything. And it fills in fast! In about a year or so, you won’t see any of this new fence!  


landscape remodel reveal white iceberg roses against fence

And iceberg roses are just the perfect rose!


landscape remodel reveal white iceberg roses

They also grow quickly, are undemanding, bloom constantly, and can take sun or shade. They really are the easiest rose to grow – which is perfect for my black thumb ๐Ÿ˜‰ !


landscape remodel reveal iceberg rose


landscape remodel reveal trees green lawn and blue sky

And we love our sod! We knew we wanted fescue sod for our landscape remodel. It’s so lush and green, and one of the most resistant grasses to both drought and disease. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a lawn again! We were without one for months, and then with the rain, it went from a yard of dirt to a yard of mud!


landscape remodel reveal chairs and table with flowers and coffee in yard

We’re also enjoying our yard so much that I’ve been bringing our little table and chairs out to the lawn! It has a good deal of shade in the morning, so it’s a nice place for a morning coffee or an afternoon break!



golden retriever on lawn with chairs and table

Our yard has become a place where we love to spend time again. Whether it’s morning coffee, throwing a ball for Hudson, or just sitting on the patio, it’s now a place we all love to be.


adorable golden retriever on lawn asleep with roses in background


All of our plants and our sod are from Lowe’s Home Improvement Center. You can go here to find not only what we purchased, but a huge assortment of other garden plants as well. The products we used are fescue sod, iceberg roses, and creeping figs.


And now, if our weather would just cooperate and warm up, I’d be even happier! We can’t wait to enjoy lots of summer days out here! And, I’ll be revealing the hardscape and pool remodel in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!!



backyard landscape reveal new sod roses and plantings gorgeous yard with golden retriever


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  1. Sheila wow!! This is all so beautiful! I love the planting you chose to coordinate with the other side – and I have never had creeping fig or iceberg roses and they are such a pretty combination – I wonder if I can get them to grow well in New England! You did such a beautiful job with this space, hope you are enjoying it. xo

    1. Aww thank you so much Lisa, I so appreciate that! I think you should try the fig and the roses – they are SO easy to grow and hardy and adaptable! I’m pretty sure you could!

      Thanks so much for your support my friend:)


    2. claudia bassano says:

      Iceberg rose will do fine
      Creeping fig needs zone 8 or higher so NG

  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring yard! We’re working on our yard right now, and now I want all white flowers too! We’re working on getting a fence up and then we can work on plants so I still have some time to decide.

    1. That sounds wonderful! I am a fan of the all-white garden – good luck to you with yours!


  3. Your patience, hard work and simply gorgeous design was well worth the anxiety. Your Iceberg Roses are just beautiful and hard to beat.
    Hudson is the best staging tool ever what a sweetheart๐Ÿ’™

    1. Haha you’re so sweet – I’ll have to tell him that because he literally lays in front of every shot!! But thank you – I so appreciate your kind words!! This yard has been a long time coming and it’s so nice to hear that you love it too ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you so much for stopping by!


  4. Michelle gibson says:

    I love it Sheila….a white garden is so classic…I love my icebergs but they don’t make the best cut flower for bringing inside,as petals fall so easily.Cant wait to see the rest.Hudson looks like a very happy dog…must have been very hard to wait for completion….I’m not very patiient…looks lovely but.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! And yes, I admit, I’m not too patient either, haha! But it really was worth it!! So glad you love a white garden too:)


  5. Shelia the yard looks great. I can’t imagine dealing with mud and especially with a dog. We have two minidachsund and muddy pup feet are no fun.

    I’m going to check these plants out. I never had creeping fig and I’m curious.

    One luxury we spent money on in this home is a puppy run. Worth every penny. When I say run by no means do I mean small. Fake grass they use on professional putting greens.

    Can’t wait to see the rest. Now that I spoke about our pups area, after my husband finished put Trx down I’m going to post. Don’t think I ever did.

    Sorry for ramb8. Enjoy your beautiful yard and handsome Hudson


    1. Thanks so much Cindy! I appreciate your kind words, and your doggy advice! He’s mostly an inside dog, it’s just when it was the dead of winter and we had so much rain and mud and he needed to go out to the bathroom -that’s when it wasn’t too fun, haha!

      And yes – check out creeping fig!! It’s absolutely the best filler for fences or the like!!


    1. Thanks so much, we’re so happy to finally have a yard again! And thanks for stopping by – I so appreciate it!


  6. Just beautiful !!!! Love the fur-baby!!! …. and I have great results with creeping fig …. even here in the heat of The Sunshine State!!!

    1. Yes, I agree! It’s hot here too in the summer and it does just fine! And yet, I have it in the front yard in full shade and it also does well there. It’s the best!

      Thanks for your kind words, and also for stopping by!