Antique Lanterns: Adding Charm & Character to a Space

Antique lanterns are a fabulous way to add character to a space, but they can be so pricey! So today we’re sharing tips on finding lots of charming reproductions that will give you the look – for less!

Antique lanterns are something I’ve been smitten with for awhile now. I first fell in love with them when this kitchen was featured in a magazine a few years ago. I didn’t even realize that they were originally French outdoor lanterns, I just knew that I loved them!

lantern antique pair white french country kitchen pendant lightingThe patina! Design by Denyse Rinfret via Traditional Home.

The kitchen is already adorable, but the lanterns just take it over the top. Here is a close-up:

lantern antique french gorgeous kitchen lighting idea
Does it get any more gorgeous than this?!


Of course, these are genuine antique French street lanterns that probably cost thousands each. But their charm is undeniable!


lantern antique in white farmhouse kitchen gorgeous styleThis is probably favorite kitchen on the planet, and the lantern really adds that extra something! Via House Beautiful.


antique lantern over console beautiful entry way designDesign by Kate Martindale via C Magazine.


 A room can go from ho-hum to truly gorgeous when a lantern is added, whether it’s a genuine antique or a good reproduction.

They’re especially great in pairs in a kitchen, often over an island. But they work in a dining room, family room, or entry way…. really anywhere you want to add some patina and uniqueness.


lanterns over kitchen island pendant lighting This is an all-time favorite space designed by Rachel Halvorson. Love the pair over the kitchen island.



lantern antique in gorgeous white kitchen classic traditional styleSee what I mean?! Via Traditional Home.



lantern in french country style dining room with wood ceiling beams
This breakfast room is an old favorite – and such a classic! Design by Mary Jo Donohoe via House Beautiful.


lantern antique in french farmhouse style kitchen charming lighting ideas

Pamela Pierce is a favorite designer of mine, and she frequently uses the antique versions in her kitchen designs.


So, we’ve established that the antique versions are gorgeous! However, they are often prohibitively pricey. But since lanterns are so trendy now, you can find reproduction lanterns that do the job for a very reasonable price! 

two Pottery Barn reproduction lanterns over island pendant lighting ideaa white farmhouse kitchen joanna gainesHere they used two Pottery Barn Bolton lanterns, and they’re gorgeous! And one thing about this lantern is it is huge – you get a lot of bang for your buck. Kitchen design by Loudoun Interiors.
 two lanterns over dining table farmhouse style dining room Another room that used reproduction lanterns to great effect. Via Style at Home.

I started looking a couple of years ago and ended up with one from Ballard Designs for my family room. Not only does it add some greatly needed charm and character, but it adds a wonderful focal point to the room.

 reproduction lantern family room overhead lighting ideas pendant french country style
reproduction lantern ballard designs pendant lighting neutral french country family room
 No patina, obviously, but I do love the shape and it’s a nice size for the room. Previously, I had no overhead in this room (just the recessed lighting) and I think it really helped pull the room together!


So while I would love an antique one someday, I’ve settled for a good reproduction for now. And there are some wonderful finishes out there that mimic the vintage ones! And if you’re crafty, you could easily distress or paint in some patina of your own.
I’ve sourced some great finds below, at all different price points. TIP: If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, or just want to look more, don’t forget to look at outdoor lanterns. They’re usually more rustic looking, and they’re often priced less as well!


Shop Antique Lanterns 

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10 best vintage antique style lanterns and pendant lights farmhouse style


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  1. I love those gorgeous lanterns, as well. Would adore adding some to my kitchen over the peninsula, however, they would get so dirty from kitchen cooking. I’m wondering how people keep them so clean – we use our kitchen pretty hard, and the entire kitchen/ family room gets a sticky film on it from the cooking, in spite of my constant cleaning. Do others have this issue?

    1. I agree kitchens can be pretty dirty if you cook a lot! I do as well and have to clean quite a bit. I’m sure that some good glass cleaner and some elbow grease would do the trick – and it would be worth cleaning (I think!) to have such gorgeous lanterns in my kitchen! šŸ˜‰


  2. Thanks for this post, Sheila! I love lanterns and Iā€™m trying to find one for our foyer. I liked some of the lantern links but none of them seemed to work. Any chance you could repost those? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Sharon! Glad to hear you liked the post! I’m sorry that some of the links were dead. They are so hard to keep up with as they change really frequently so I apologize about that.

      Anyway, I’ve fixed some of the dead links and they’re working now, and replaced some of the other dead links with some new choices. The photos are clickable so you can look at them directly from clicking on them. Hope that helps!


  3. You’re going to laugh. But when my husband was at the dump, he saw that someone left a beautiful green patina antique lantern very similar to the large ones you showed us. He got it to work and used it as a corner lighting display for my daughters engagement party. I wanted to show you a pic but there was no option. It’s gorgeous though. Win win for us.

    1. Oh my gosh, wow!! You are so lucky! I bet it was gorgeous, too!


  4. Bernadette says:

    Well… consider yourself added to my blogroll. I have like six other blogs I read on a weekly basis, guess that number just increased to seven! Your posts are so inspiring!

  5. DEDE TAYLOR says:


  6. Gina Henrie says:

    Thank you for the lovely photos! They have definitely given me some great ideas. I agree that the lanterns add a nice touch to the kitchen and dining room area. I agree that there are good places online to find lanterns for sale at reasonable prices with a little time and research.

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Love the lanterns. How practical are they for a light source or is it more for ambiance? Not for task lighting I am guessing. Love to hear your thoughts. Thank you, Vickie

    1. Hi Vickie~ I use mine as an overhead light in two different rooms and I love them! They have 4 candle bulbs inside the glass so that’s about equal to a 4-arm chandelier. Not for task lighting, but fine for an overall room light.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  8. I have always loved hanging lanterns like the ones you shared and I also have the Ballard’s lantern like yours except I bought the red one that I later changed to gold or a brass look with Rub n Buff.

    1. I remember reading that at the time Kim! And I love it in the brass now – it looks great in your breakfast area!

      Happy Friday to you!


    1. Me too Courtney! So charming aren’t they?!

      Happy Friday!


  9. Well, the ones in the first pic are gorgeous because they are French antiques (I love them the best too!) I've been very happy with the Ballard one I got though, especially for the price!


  10. Well I love all of these lanterns! The one I wrote about this week I liked because it didn't have glass – we have one lantern by Pierre Deux (remember them?) and the thing gets dusty (not good for someone who isn't a fan of dusting!). Love the ones in the first pic the best!