Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Fun & Fabulous Last Minute Gifts!

Looking for last minute Mother’s Day gifts? Today I’m sharing fun, creative and fabulous gifts for all the mother figures in your life!

I’m a terrible procrastinator and earlier this week, I realized I hadn’t done a thing about Mother’s Day yet! 

Rather than send my usual floral arrangement, this year I wanted to send something a little more fun. I shopped all around the internet to find interesting and unique items, and these will all get here before the big day. They either have fast shipping, or you can use the “order online and pick up in store” option. Either way, you’ll be able to get your gifts in time

I’ve already ordered something for my mom from this list and can’t wait to see her reaction when she doesn’t get the same old flowers I usually send!


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1.This breathable cotton waffle robe is cozy but still cool enough for warm weather.

2. Jo Malone makes the most amazing fragrances, and the English Pear & Freesia is a personal favorite. (It’s on sale now too!)

3. This initial necklace is the perfect gift for any woman. (And the other side says “One in a Million” – a sweet sentiment for any mom!) And for a new mom you might want this sweet and dainty “Mama” necklace!

4. The all-in-one blow dryer and brush creates volume and sign –  a game-changer!

5. These pajamas are a personal favorite – soft and pretty and everyone loves them!

6. This adorable mug makes the perfect grandmother gift! (Another version here, and a cute ‘mom’ version here.)

7. Every woman needs a great packable hat that looks good and is easy to travel with.

8. How cute are these “Super Mom” fuzzy slippers? Love!

9. My ice cream maker is one of my all-time favorite appliances, and it makes a great gift going into summer.

10. We love our robot vacuum and the Eufy Robo-Vac gets great reviews, is quiet and has a new, slim shape.

11. This Always pan set can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, serve and store. And the nonstick ceramic coating is made without toxic materials!

12. Love this cute textured vase at such a reasonable price.


And I found a few more great items below!



Looking for more ways to make this year feel special? Whether these are things you do for yourself, for your mom, daughter or grandma, I think they can go a long way to making it feel like more than a typical Sunday!

  1. Have a special meal. Whether that’s breakfast in bed made by your husband and children, a take-out meal so you don’t have to cook, or a big brunch, make sure at least one of the three meals that day is more than average – and that you aren’t the one to cook it!
  2. And while you’re at it, make sure you eat dessert. This isn’t something I eat every day, but I think a holiday calls for it. It just feels inherently special when there’s a gorgeous dessert involved!
  3. Maybe buy some flowers when you’re at the grocery store that week. Of course, if your husband or children think to buy them, that’s even better! But if not, add them to the cart when you’re there and set them on the table during that special meal. They will bring a smile to your face. I promise.
  4. Stream (or rent) a movie. This is not something we’ve ever done on Mother’s Day, but I’m planning on doing it this year! And of course, it will be my choice. So if I want Sound of Music or Something’s Gotta Give for the 7th time, no one’s allowed to complain! 😉
  5. Do something as a family. This could be something as simple as going for a drive, taking a walk or hike, playing a family game, or doing a puzzle. Of course, you could also go out to a movie, museum, play, or brunch. Just so it’s something you don’t do on a typical weekend.


I hope this has given you some ideas for last minute Mother’s Day gifts, as well as ways to make the day more special! I think the most important thing is that the day feels out-of-the-ordinary in some way.

That can be the typical restaurant brunch if you choose (this is your day after all!) but it could also be something as simple as a hike or a picnic in the park.

Just because you celebrate with simple pleasures doesn’t make it any less festive, or special. In fact, sometimes those turn out to be the best days of all.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Mother's Day Gift Guide -Last Minute Gifts graphic on Maison de Cinq


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