Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Remodel

Today I’m sharing a friend’s master bathroom remodel that I thought you’d all enjoy seeing. This was a project we finished about a year and a half ago, but I never got a chance to go back and take photos until now!

This was one of the first projects that I helped to design, and it was a lot of fun to work on. A friend asked if I would help her in making some choices for her master bathroom remodel, and I was more than happy (and excited) to help. I mean, go shopping for things like mirrors, tubs, and marble with a friend? That’s like candy to me!

She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted already, but like many people, she needed a second opinion on some things. Someone to run ideas by. Someone to help with paint colors (always hard!) Basically, someone to help her bring her ideas, Pinterest pins, and visions in her head, come to life.

She loves farmhouse style so we knew we wanted to have that influence. But I also wanted it to be a little dressy, and not too farmhouse since it is her master bathroom, after all! And I think it has a great balance of rustic and elegant. It still needs a few accessories, and there are a couple of bare walls in some areas I’m not showing. But overall, I’d say it’s basically done. And she is thrilled which makes me thrilled!


Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Remodel


master bathroom remodel circular window area free standing tub chandelier

The tub resides in a circular area surrounded by windows and is the focal point of the room. Where the tub stands now there was a dated 90s built-in tub that was replaced with this beauty!


Unfortunately, I don’t have any “before” photos to show you which I know is always fun. She had already gutted the old bathroom when I came on the project, and she did look for some photos so we would have some to show you but she couldn’t find any. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s much prettier now!


master bathroom remodel birdcage chandelier gorgeous lighting taupe paint color tub

I suggested adding the wainscoting that is under the windows in the tub area, and she agreed. It is probably my favorite thing in the space and I love that it adds detail and character!


master bathroom remodel sink vanity area barn wood mirror

There are two sink/vanity areas in the bathroom. This one is slightly larger and is the “hers” side of the room.


master bathroom remodel sink vanity area barn wood mirror farmhouse style taupe paint

The floors are actually porcelain tile! You literally can’t even tell they aren’t wood, even when you are standing on them. And the color variations are so pretty.


master bathroom remodel sink faucet quartz counters

The mirror is one that we had custom made from old barn wood. I love the rough-hewn wood contrasting with the white quartz.


master bathroom remodel faucet close up quartz counters

master bathroom remodel stunning shower marble tile

That shower! It is Calacatta marble tiles and it is seriously stunning! I must say the photos do not do it justice!


master bathroom remodel marble tile shower dual heads glass door windows

Dual shower heads were added as well as a bench at the end for shaving.


master bathroom remodel white vanity quartz counters barn wood mirror flowers

On the other side of the room is the “his” area with the same mirror and vanity, just made slightly smaller.


master bathroom remodel stunning free standing tub iron bird cage chandelier

The shades are woven woods and are a very sheer taupey-grey that we both fell in love with. I love how they look in the space!


master bathroom remodel tub closeup windows bud vase rose

master bathroom remodel tub shelf close up bud vase rose candle book

master bathroom remodel stunning circular windows focal point free standing tub


Master Bathroom Remodel Source List:

Free standing tub: Hydro Systems Maestro collection “Donatello”
Woven wood shades: custom
Sink: Kohler “Devonshire”
Faucet: Santec “Vantage I”
Vanities/cabinets: custom
Mirrors: custom made out of barnwood from a local framer
Hardware: Restoration Hardware “Montepellier”
Shower: marble tile in Calacatta Gold
Counters: Pental quartz in “Statuario”
Porcelain floor tiles: Arizona Tile in “Club White”
Chandelier: Quoizel “Laila”
Paint color: walls, Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” at 50%, trim and cabinets BM Cloud White


Get the Look!

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master bathroom remodel farmhouse style with gorgeous free standing tub

I hope you enjoyed seeing this farmhouse bathroom remodel. This was such a fun project for me to work on, and a special one, too, as it was for a friend.  At the end of the day when I’ve helped someone to get a space that makes them happy, it is a wonderful feeling!




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  1. Barbara Archer says:


    What a beautiful remodel to match that gorgeous view! The choice of tile is lovely. Elegant Simplicity! Love that you kept that large mirror over the vanity! Another great renovation.


  2. Stephanie Romanoff says:

    Love what you did here – especially that shower! It’s gorgeous!

  3. Jennifer J. Harmon says:

    Love this bathroom, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Georgia Tribe says:

    I’m in love with this bathroom remodel!! Thanks so much for sharing this and inspiring us!

  5. What a most elegant bathroom!! The tub, the tile, the floor…everything was perfectly curated to create the elegant bathroom. And, must say I spy a beautiful view!!!

    1. Aww, thanks so much Shirley! It really was the perfect space to remodel – I mean, I can hardly go wrong with that view there right?!


  6. Beautiful- I just love the simplicity and yet finished detailed look.
    I just had a quick question, what is the size of your room?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Dawn! And thank you so much for visiting and for your compliments on the bathroom remodel. Unfortunately, I don’t know the size of the room exactly. But I would estimate that it is about 15 x 20 or so. It’s a large bathroom! Hope that helps!


  7. What a gorgeous room! Elegant yet simple and uncluttered. Love every inch of it!! Thx for sharing.

    1. What a nice comment! Thanks so very much for that, and for visiting the blog!


  8. What an exquisite yet simple and calming master bath retreat! Thank you for sharing your designs. May I ask what trim color you chose? I like the soft contrast to the 50% Revere Pewter walls.

    1. Hi Marilyn, and thanks so much for such a wonderful compliment! The trim is Cloud White, also by Benjamin Moore. Hope that helps!

      Thanks for stopping by:)


  9. This is such a beautiful update, love it all and great job! I’m trying to decide on some paint colors myself and love the neutral you used! I have a question though, what does the 50% mean after the color? Thanks!

    1. Thank you – that is so kind!

      The 50% is at 50% strength (meaning they cut the pigments in half). So when you order the paint at Benjamin Moore you would say “Revere Pewter at 50% lighter). It’s better in my opinion than going one down on the little strips of paint because it’s actually the same color with the same tones, just one notch down in saturation. Hope that helps!


  10. This is such a wonderful design – clean, simple and elegant – all in one space! I think I probably pinned almost each photo for a future bath remodel.

    1. Aww, that is so sweet! Thank you so very much – you made my day!


  11. Christiane Lavoie says:

    Wow! Great bath. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Elegant and luxurious – just lovely! I am not someone who ever has a bath, but that one is an absolute delight!

    1. Thank you so much Sally! I don’t have baths either – but that’s because I don’t even HAVE a bathtub in my master bath! I feel like if I had this one, I would definitely be inclined to indulge:)

      Thanks for stopping by!


  13. What a stunning bathroom design Sheila! Bravo! Everything is gorgeous from the wainscoting, to the tub to that shower!! I think I could seriously live in that shower forever lol!!! xo Heather

    1. Aww thank you so much Heather! That is so sweet of you – and I’m so touched that you visited the blog and took the time to leave such a nice comment! Thank you!


  14. Beautiful bath, my favorite is the shower — a stunner!

    1. Thank you so much! I LOVE the tub, too and wish I had one myself!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Shelley R says:

    Gorgeous job on this remodel!. I love the simple lines that look so extremely elegant, and I truly enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thanks so much Shelley! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I love the way it turned out so it’s always nice to hear from someone who feels the same way:)

      And thank you for reading and taking the time to comment – I so appreciate it!