Mixing Vintage Decor with New

When my friend Summer from She Leaves a Little Sparkle asked me to participate in her summer blog hop featuring how to mix vintage decor with new, I knew I had to join in! If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know mixing vintage and new is not only something I do personally in my own home, but it’s a tenet I firmly believe in with regards to decorating. In fact, I spoke about it as one of the most important things you need to do to get the “collected, not decorated” look in my series Collected Look Essentials.

To me, it’s all about the mix. Vintage and antique pieces give character and depth to a space that you just don’t get from new items. And I buy not only vintage furniture, but I like to mix in vintage accessories as well. In fact, accessories are a great way to start!

If you are popping in here from Hallstrom Home, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Today I’m sharing how I mix vintage decor with new in my home….


mixing vintage decor with new topiaries grainsack runner white ironstone tureen french country farmhouse styleThis is my kitchen table/breakfast area looking towards the family room. The table is new, as are the couch and side table in the background. Then I used an antique ironstone tureen on the table, and the vintage fabric for the pillows on the couch to balance it out.


mixing vintage decor with new family room french country style coffee table books flowers in ironstone pitcherHere is a closer look at the family room. The couch and lamp are new, but the coffee table is vintage. And even when I accessorize, I always try to have at least one vintage item on each table or surface. Here, the basket, books, and vases are new, but the cloche and weathervane are vintage.


White ironstone pitchers are one of my absolute favorite vintage items! I use them everywhere; as decor, to serve drinks, and of course, to hold flowers.


mixing vintage decor with new white bookshelves builtins family room french country farmhouse style I wanted to give you a close-up of the built-ins in the family room. Even here, I try to mix it up. Some of the items are new; obviously the frames, and also the wire basket. But the vintage white planters, iron urn, ironstone platter and the old butter crock provide the vintage aspect.


Mixing in some vintage pieces is so easy to do! Even if you think it’s not your thing, just adding in one or two pieces can make such a difference. Flea markets, garage sales, or even Craig’s List are great places to score some inexpensive vintage pieces. Most of my vintage pieces are a mix of antique store items and flea market finds.


mixing vintage decor with new white farmhouse kitchen cake stands hydrangeas white ironstone I love adding vintage items to a kitchen! Since a kitchen is all hard surfaces like marble and stainless steel, I think the vintage items add a lot of character that wouldn’t be there without them. Here the pitcher is vintage, as is the little marble bird dish in the background (my favorite!), while the cake pedestals are newer Home Goods finds.


mixing vintage decor with new white farmhouse kitchen glass cabinets white ironstone pitchers blue and white platterThis vignette is a true mix of vintage decor with new! The new is the canister and the blue and white platter, while the vintage is the French basket and the olive and vinegar bottles. Even the pitchers in the cabinet are a mix of antique ironstone with plain old white pitchers from Home Goods!


mixing vintage decor with new hydrangeas in ironstone pitcher vintage marble bird bath white farmhouse kitchenClose up of the marble bird dish and a newer pitcher together near the sink.


mixing vintage decor with new farmhouse kitchen french country style blue transferware and white pitchers on kitchen mantelHere I added antique items over the kitchen mantel, and on both of the high shelves of the glass cabinets.


mixing vintage decor with new farmhouse kitchen transferware and white ironstone pitchers on mantel glass cabinets french country styleThe upper shelves hold vintage scales and a set of French vintage canisters.


I hope you are inspired to add some vintage or antique items to your own home, no matter what the style. They add so much more visual interest than just having everything be store bought, and they make your house more unique as well.

Below is the list of all the other wonderful blogs participating. Please pop over and check them out for lots of ideas on how you can mix vintage with new in your own home. These women are seriously talented and I know you will be inspired by their creativity!

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Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Shelly Smith says:

    Thanks for the tip of mixing modern and vintage decors together. My mom wants to try a new set of decorations for this Christmas, and I support her with this because this is her hobby. I’ll be sure to suggest your blog so she can learn a thing or two!

  2. Awww thank you so much Kelley! You are the sweetest! So, so glad we got to meet in person – even if it was way too short! Happy Weekend my friend!


  3. Thank you soo much Jamie! Your house is stunning so that compliment means so much! And I loved meeting you too – wish we could've chatted more:)

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Really enjoyed this, I love mixing vintage and antiques with modern, I think it is a match that works really well each compliments the other.

  5. thank you so much Ashley! And thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it so much!


  6. Aww thank you sweet Summer! You always say the nicest things – I can't thank you enough for including me! I feel honored and thrilled to be included in this wonderful group:)


  7. oh my gosh Sheila! Perfection my friend!! You have found and incorporated such lovely pieces and I just love your kitchen so much! You've inspired me to add more texture, which I think I need in a couple of rooms. I'm so thrilled you could join in the fun and share. Thanks a million! Hugs!!! xoxo