Breakfast Area Refresh and My New Antique Farmhouse Table!

In today’s post we’re sharing the reveal of our new antique farmhouse dining table! Take a peek at what a difference it makes in the space!

Today I’m (finally) sharing my new-to-me antique farmhouse table. It is now in it’s new home in our breakfast room/kitchen dining area and I couldn’t be happier! 

I think I’ve shared with you all before that I’d been really wanting a new table and chairs in our breakfast area – the kitchen table where we eat most of our meals. The set that I’ve had for about 14 years was just that – a set. Though I loved it at the time, I would never buy a matching set now. I much prefer the look of a table mixed with different and/or un-matching chairs.  (See my post all about mixing dining chairs!)

And even worse, it was falling apart. The set was in bad shape and because it wasn’t solid wood, but a mix of veneers and MDF, it made it impossible to simply refinish it and make it right. While I love patina and chippy-ness, it has to be the right kind! And to top if off, it had ambered over time and was looking less brown and a whole lot more yellow/orange! Time for a change.


farmhouse table french country breakfast area chandelier french door

I set about looking for an antique farmhouse table, preferably made from some type of reclaimed or old barn wood. Something that is not easy to come by! Though I’m an antique lover, antique tables tend to be odd sizes for today’s lifestyle. But I also knew I didn’t want a reproduction. I wanted one that was made from actual old wood. And then I found my dream table!


farmhouse table vase with hydrangeas pretty french chandelier french farmhouse style

It’s from a store I’ve visited in Northern California several times called Elsie Green. You guys, this store is a dream!! It is a vintage French home goods store, and it just presses all my bells and whistles!

Every time I’ve gone I’ve felt like I could literally buy everything in the store! They sell all my favorites: ironstone, vintage bread boards, French kitchen items, dough bowls, and gorgeous linens. And now, furniture!

One of their furniture items is a farmhouse table made from antique fir salvaged from old buildings. I knew the minute I saw it that it would be the perfect choice for our breakfast area!


farmhouse table and chairs white kitchen farmhouse style breakfast area with chandelier

And after searching for antique chairs, I eventually chose a simple French bistro-style chair. I love the classic style, and because this is the kitchen and we eat three meals a day here, we thought the wear and tear might be too much on an antique chair.

I’m thinking I may eventually add some wicker chairs to each end, but for now I’m happy!

*UPDATE: I have a whole post on how I chose the chairs. You can see that post here.



farmhouse table details close up rustic distressed finish

I’m in love with this table! Not only is it made from old wood, but it’s made here, and it’s made to order, so I got to choose the exact size that worked for me. Our former set was actually a little too large, so I used this chance to make something more appropriate for the space. You can also order it extending or stationary, and in several different finishes. I ended up choosing not to have it extend (simply because my dining room table already does, but it’s a great idea if you think you may need to seat more people at some point). The finish I chose is the Waxed Pine. 

Basically you get an antique table, but one that’s made to your specifications. It’s the best of both worlds! 😉


farmhouse table white kitchen french country style dramatic white vase white flowers

I love the knots, dents, and scratches. The farmhouse table comes in two finishes, smooth or rustic, and I chose the rustic. I didn’t want them to sand down all the imperfections – I love that part of it!


farmhouse table with white vase white and green hydrangeas in white kitchen


farmhouse table with white vase window woven shades linen drapes pretty french country style

And by the way, they added another adorable table since I shared this post – I love the trestle style!


Shop Antique Farmhouse Tables 

*affiliate links included for your convenience*


I really can’t say enough about the store, and all the staff who work there. It’s owned by a sweet and talented couple who travel to France several times a year and come home with a shipping container’s worth of merchandise. 

If you live anywhere near there and can make a visit, I highly encourage you to do so! They also carry a large stock on-line and will ship anywhere in the United States.

You can find my farmhouse table here, and their full website here




farmhouse table french country breakfast area banner


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  1. I love your style so much! You inspired me to purchase my own farm table from Elsie Green. I can’t wait to get it. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Did you seal your table? I want to protect it from spills and such. If you didn’t seal it, how has it held up for you? Thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea, that’s wonderful to hear you ordered the Elsie Green table – that’s so exciting! It’s a great table and I love it. To answer your question, no, I didn’t seal it but I think if you want to protect it, you should. You could either wax it which would not make it shiny (some sealants can do that) and would offer some protection, but not as much as a sealant. I do feel if spills and such bother you then either waxing or sealing is probably a good idea for you.

      Mine has some stains, rings, etc. but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me much. At first it did, but eventually it just became part of it’s vintage look, and I started to appreciate the “patina”. But I know many people don’t want that! I say just do whatever feels best to you. Either way, it’s a great table and I sincerely hope you love it!!


  2. Hi Sheila! Great job! Please help me find those chair cushions. I lost them in my Ballard design cart and been searching hours! I have chairs & no cushions, the size I saw are perfect, not always easy to find ready made and look good. Thank you

  3. Sheila,
    I absolutely love your kitchen. The chandelier is so unique and was hoping you could tell me more about it. The link in one of the comments does not work so I’m guessing it is no longer available there. Any other help for finding it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you…Dawn

  4. Always look forward to your posts! So many interesting ideas and helpful hints!

  5. Harriet Ethridge says:

    Just want you to know that I love everything that you do! I work for a firm here in Charleston SC and we actually have an antique table with a similar look if anyone is interested. I can send photos if needed.

    Thank you for your wonderful ideas and looks.
    Harriet Ethridge
    CHD Interiors, Mount Pleasant, SC

    1. Thank you so much Harriet – so appreciate that!


  6. Teresa Snipes says:

    I know exactly how you feel when you finally get exactly what you need for a space that you’ve seen in your head for a long time. I’m so blessed to have a husband that loves woodworking as a hobby so he can build to my specifications and needs, but I waited a lloooonnnggg time for my breakfast room table. We had to build on another wing before I finally got my dream table. He used gorgeous wood that just draws you to it. I wanted bigger legs than had been the style at that time, but have turned out to be the coming trend. He teased me before, but now he knows it was the right decision.

    I also had to find chairs and didn’t want anything too precious since this is where we ate most meals when our family was younger. We used our dining room a lot because we wanted our kids to know it was a room we used and had meals at least once each week in there. For the breakfast room and new table, I actually found some great wrought iron and rattan chairs at Pier One that have held up beautifully over the years.

    We went to this look from a white wicker round, glass-topped table and matching chairs. It fit the room beautifully and our family and worked in our Central Florida location, but it just didn’t say “home” to me, so I know exactly how you feel now that you have what you dreamed of for so long. Enjoy it and revel in your good choices! it’s lovely!

    1. Thank you so much Teresa!! And your table sounds amazing – how lucky you are to have such a talented husband!


  7. Lol! I am the same takes me forever to find my dream piece but so far it’s always been so worth the wait until our dining room table! Never found what I wanted
    And after several years my husband built ours to my every detail. It is solid, turned legs, beveled edges and 7 walnut pegs at each end and I still love it and him!
    You will love yours for years to come I’m sure! So happy you found the perfect table..the finish is beautiful, the style of chairs and amply cushions are the perfect compliment. These pieces have set the room for wonderful tranquil feel.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Aww that’s such a nice compliment Darlene, thank you! And your table sounds gorgeous. You’re so lucky your husband could build something like that (and that you still like him, haha!)

      Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Linda Caminada says:

    Sheila, love the table and chairs. I have never been to Elsie’s shop, but I have been to the Chateau Sonoma Paris Flea Market. It is THE best flea market and Elsie does have a booth there. Not only is it a beautiful site, but you feel like you are in France!
    If you haven’t been, I highly suggest it in the future when things get back to normal. You will love it!

    1. I’ve heard of it but I’ve NEVER been!! Dying to go once things are back to normal!

      And thanks for your kind words Linda!


  9. Charlotte says:

    Love it!! Can you tell me where you got the chair cushions? And the white vase on table??

    1. HI Charlotte and thanks! The chair cushions were from Ballard Designs and the vase is from Pottery Barn but old and discontinued! It’s one I get a TON of questions on! You should check out my post all about it (I’ve also sourced some similar options there too!)

      Hope that helps!


  10. I absolutely just adore this space! What a dream! I’m in the process of putting together our eat-in kitchen! Where did you get your chandelier? It’s gorgeous!


    1. Oh that is so sweet – thank you Emily! And my chandelier is linked in the post! Both right under it (click on the photo) and also at the end under “Shop the Post”. It is sold out but here is the link – I think you can sign up to get an email when it’s back in stock!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  11. How lovely! It looks like the table and chairs you chose have “always been there,” they look so naturally perfect in your home. I think that is the best thing , if it just looks like it has “belonged.”. I love the style of decorating you are doing, and the feeling of it is so calm and restful.

    1. What a wonderful compliment Tracie! That is exactly how I feel, and the fact that you feel that when seeing my home makes my heart so happy – thank you!!

      And thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


  12. Hello! I am so grateful you found your perfect table so I can find my perfect table!! I am ordering the same one from Elsie green. And the exact same chairs and cushions from BD. How do you still like the table and chairs? The table is 31 height, do you feel like it is a little too tall? Did you make any specifications to change it or ordered it how it is? Thanks again for helping me find my dream kitchen table!

    1. Hi Dusty, and thanks so much! I’m SO glad you have found inspiration here, and even more glad you found a table you love!

      To answer your questions, yes, I still love my BD chairs – the color is perfect and I adore the cushions. They are way higher priced than other similar chairs out there so I may have overpaid, but they are pretty and seem to be wearing well one year in.

      And I did specify my table size as I don’t have much room in my breakfast area. My table is 68″L x 39″W and yes, it is 31″ high which is perfect (and I believe, pretty standard). Good luck and I hope you love it!


      1. Hi Sheila,
        I love love love all of it! So beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing where you bought everything. Were the BD chairs weathered oak and what color cushion did you get?

        1. Hi Risa and thanks very much for your sweet comment! My chairs are weathered oak and I don’t remember the name of the cushion! I’m sure it was the lightest neutral they had – maybe linen or sand or something? Good luck!


  13. Beautiful home.
    What color did you use for the stain on your wood floor and what is the color of the crown molding and trim?

    1. Hi Jane and thanks for your lovely compliment! My stain is custom from the installer so unfortunately I don’t have any information on that, but the trim and molding are all painted Cloud White from Benjamin Moore.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  14. Love everything …I need your rug info under that table 😍

  15. Sheila, the table is so beautiful and the gorgeous chandelier ties it all in just right! I also love the paint color on the kitchen wall and the adjacent room (esp. the ombré look). Do you mind sharing the colors? Thanks and Happy Friday!

    1. Hi, and thanks so much for the kind words! As for paint colors, they are all Benjamin Moore. The kitchen/breakfast area is Muslin and the dining room beyond is Shaker Beige. However, there is no ombré!! Haha, that must be the photo!

      Hope that helps- and thanks for stopping by!


  16. Your breakfast room and this table are just lovely! I’ve been dreaming of an antique farm table for years. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I had been dreaming of one too, hopefully you’ll get yours one day soon:)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


    2. Brenda Merchent says:

      The table is beautiful. How wonderful to find just the perfect piece and I love the finish on it. Thanks for the information about Elsie Green. I’m almost 80 but still love beautiful things and most of my shopping is online. And they do have beautiful things.

      1. Thanks for your kind words Brenda! I’m so glad you love Elsie Green too – they really have an amazing eye!


  17. It all looks so lovely Sheila! It is so exciting to have your “dream pieces”. Your chandelier just ties it all together perfectly!!

    1. Thank you Holly! I am thrilled with the table and the chandelier – it’s so satisfying to finally have the room looking like how I envisioned it!


    1. Aww thank you Shirley! I hope to do just that 🙂


  18. I just love your table and your choice of chairs!I want one!You have such a beautiful home!

    1. Thank you so much Ellen! And thank you for stopping by – I so appreciate it!


  19. Sheila, that table is fabulous. I know you are so pleased with it. I have ordered from Elsie Green a couple of times. I didn’t know they had a store, too.

    1. Thanks so much Kim! And I didn’t realize you knew about them, too – aren’t they amazing?! If you ever visit Northern California, you should visit!