One Room Challenge Week 2 – Wainscoting, Lighting & a Snafu!

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge (you can read all about what I’m doing here), and I’ve definitely made some progress on the home office project! But before I show you what we’ve done, I wanted to touch a little more on all that we’ll be doing.


     Home Office To Do

1. remove old beadboard and replace with new wainscoting
2. prime and paint new wainscoting
3. paint walls new color
4. choose and install new woven wood blind (to replace existing floral roman shade)
5. choose photos from our recent trip to France and have them framed

      Home Office to Buy

1. two matching desks and chairs
2. light fixture
3. artwork for walls
4. possibly a rug?
5. accessorize! (my favorite!)


One Room Challenge – Week 2 Progress

Okay, so I’ve already run into a major snafu, but some things have also already gotten done! For one, I’ve chosen all the trim for the wainscoting and that’s been started (thanks honey!) I also went ahead and ordered the lantern that you saw in the mood boards, and that has been installed which is good since there was no source of light in the room as we had moved my daughter’s chandelier into her new room!

And just to prepare you all, the photos you’ll see in this post (and probably a few more) are not going to be pretty! Though the blog is usually a place in which I like to share beauty of all kinds, these will not be that! You will definitely be seeing the nitty, gritty and ugly (just a warning!)


So here is where we were just a few days ago. The old beadboard was removed (my daughter’s desk and bookcase are still in here for now).

one room challenge week 2 before photo teen girl room


My husband started measuring out the wainscoting “picture frames” or boxes by taping them up with painter’s tape so we could visualize how they will look. Also, some molding samples were purchased to play around with.


one room challenge before photo prep for wainscoting home office


one room challenge prep for wainscoting tape trim samples home office

Notice the former pink color that was behind the beadboard of some former girl who lived here! (Also, lots of writing on the walls and junior high-esque writings… it’s quite funny!) Who knows what’s behind the wainscoting in your home, right?!

With the wainscoting started and him making progress on that, I hope to be able to show you that next week!


one room challenge home office makeover lantern lighting choice And, my lantern from Ballard Designs is installed! I’ve also ordered the woven wood shade and it should be here by next week.


Just to refresh your memory (or if you didn’t see my Week 1 post), here is my mood board for reference:


Home Office Inspiration Board

one room challenge mood board home office vintage french style


Unfortunately, I did order the desk which is the Printer’s Desk from Pottery Barn, however, huge bummer because it is back ordered until JUNE! Ugh. I seriously thought I might cry when I found this out. Especially after shopping and hunting online for hours, finally deciding it was the right one, and even finding it on sale! I gave some serious thought to changing, however, it really is the perfect desk. I love the size and the color, and so does my husband,  so I will just have to have my reveal sans desks! Or, hope that somehow, by some miracle, they come in earlier! (fingers crossed) Meanwhile, I’m still working on finding a desk chair that we both like, and that is affordable – no easy task!


Okay, that’s it for Week 2! This week I’m off to get the photos framed, choose the art for the walls, pick a desk chair (I hope!) and try out some paint colors! And here is the Week 2 link up over at the One Room Challenge if you want to see what all the participants are doing! And if you missed my first post all about my plan, you can read Week 1 here.


one room challenge week 2 home office makeover




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  1. Debra Cook says:

    Never have posted on a blog before, so this is a first. Not sure if you are able to respond to this question, but I am in the process of designing our new home. I am wondering if you are able to share/sell the floor plans of the house that is on the your main page or direct me where to find this. Hope that this is not an inappropriate question to be asking. Also, loved the wood trim in your room.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Debbie and thanks so much for your interest! Unfortunately, my home is older and there are no plans available. You can see quite a bit detail in the layout in this post, , but that’s about all I have! Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help. Best of luck to you in building your new home!


    1. Aww thanks Shannon! I appreciate your vote of confidence:)


    1. Thanks so much Shirley! And yes, the writing is pretty funny (and quite inappropriate, haha!) Hope I get to finish in time!

      Thank you for following along, and for your support – I so appreciate it!


  2. Yay – welcome to the world of self-inflicted torture! Nothing like a deadline to get you moving, right? I love your plans, Sheila and can’t wait to see the room come together! Love the light!

    1. Yes, totally!! I’m super nervous because I already have a painter who’s backed up and a desk that’s on back order! But now I can commiserate with you!! Looking forward to seeing your dining room too:) (the paint already looks SO good!)


  3. Very nice choices!Can not wait to see what it looks like completed!

    1. Thanks so much Ellen! I’m excited – and so glad you’ll be following along!