One Room Challenge Week 3: Wall Trim Work Is In!

Well, here it is, week 3 of the ORC already! How did that happen?! Boy if you ever want to speed up time, just join the One Room Challenge, haha!

This week has consisted of a lot of things, including ordering a ton of stuff! But although I have a pile of boxes in the corner of my master bedroom (the UPS guy is definitely on a first name basis now!), a lot is still on back order or yet to arrive! Eek! Some of my delivery dates are so close – let’s just cross our fingers that they arrive in time!

But before I share with you what I’ve ordered and decided on, let’s talk about that wonderful wall trim work we had planned in the room! After last week’s post, I was still waffling a bit about the trim and I’ll tell you why. I had envisioned mirrors over the night stands for so long, that even though the trim is gorgeous and I knew in my heart it would look good (and add a lot to a plain-Jane room, too) it still made me a little sad to let go of the mirror dream!

I ended up doing a mock-up of sorts of how it would look in either version, and once I saw that, I ended up deciding to go for the trim! And, my husband said he was excited to be doing some carpentry again so a win-win for all, right?!

Here is how the wall trim work it looks right now. He has just done the upper boxes, but he’ll be finishing the rest of it this weekend and then next week I can start deciding on a paint color!


one room challenge wall trim work master bedroom remodelIt’s not even painted and I already love how it looks! I just feel like it adds much needed character to the room.


one room challenge wood wall trim work master bedroom

master bedroom remodel wood wall trim work is in!

When I shared the idea on Instagram earlier this week, I got a few comments about changing out the chandelier, haha! So just let me reassure you, this chandelier will not be staying! 😉

I shared with you last week that I didn’t think I could do a chandelier because of the low ceilings. However, that is a dream I couldn’t let die… at least not yet! I’ve ordered the one below and am hoping it might work. We moved the chandelier from over the bench to over the bed so that I can go a little lower. That gives me a little more freedom and I’m hoping it’s enough. We will see!

one room challenge master bedroom chandelier choice

Varenna French Country Wood Chandelier

It’s so pretty – can you blame me?!!


If not, then it will be the Morris Lantern I posted last week, which I also love…

one room challenge master bedroom second chandelier choice


 As for the bed, I’ve found a very reasonable local upholsterer who was kind enough to say yes when I asked her if she could make a custom headboard in 3 weeks time – yay for that! I also ordered the drapes, and two throw pillows for the room, and those should be ready as well, fingers crossed! My lists are starting to decrease!!


One Room challenge inspiration mood board French farmhouse master bedroom



1. Strip, sand and clear coat (or paint?) the existing dark brown dresser
2. Chalk paint existing nightstands and have new marble cut for the tops 
3. Make (or buy) headboard
4. Add picture frame molding to walls (This is new! I know!!)
5. Decide paint color & paint
6. Have chandelier moved to over the bed



1. Area rug
2. Bedding
3. Light fixture/chandelier
4. Artwork for wall next to bed
5. Bedside lamps? Not sure – may keep the ones we have and paint them, or replace. TBD.
6. Mirrors for over night stands
7. Small side table for next to chair
8. Order drapes
9. Accessorize!! (the fun part!)


As for the art on the wall to the left of the bed, we haven’t discussed that much because, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. I love the prints below from Restoration Hardware (they are the ones in the mood board). And I’ve seen them in the store here and they’re so pretty!


one room challenge artwork


But I’ve also always wanted some intaglios. They are something I fell in love with years ago after seeing them in some of my favorite rooms, like the ones below. Intaglios are a design or figure carved into stone or other hard material, similar to a cameo. The antique ones are a fortune, but there are reproductions to be found.


one room challenge inspiration pic intaglios gorgeous french country style roomDesign by Suzanne Kasler via Atlanta Homes.


These below are from Restoration Hardware as well and they are stunning!! So they are a definite contender….

one room challenge intaglios master bedroom artwork possible choice


So that’s it for Week 3! 


Thanks so much for following along! If you missed any of the previous posts and want to catch up, you can see them below:

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And, please go check out all the other bloggers participating! You can get to everyone who’s linking up here for Week 3!


See you next week!




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  1. Hi Sheila! Love how your bedroom is turning out and I love the soft grays in the wood chandelier you chose!! I don’t care for the other one ~ it’s perfect for an entryway or over a dining table, but not in a bedroom. Too modern. Ick! Sorry to be blunt but those French trims your hubby just put up are crying out for a French bedroom. 😉

    Happy ORC and I look forward to seeing how your bedroom turns out! Inspiration for mine… 🙂

    Happy Easter weekend to you,
    Barb 🙂

    1. p.s. Now if you hung two of the Morris lanterns (one over each of your nightstands, looking back at the bedroom photo again), that would look pretty cool! Still think the first choice is the winner.

      Barb 🙂

    2. Thanks so much Barbara – I appreciate your sweet comment so much! And yes, even the critique, haha! Always good to get feedback! This is the thing – I LOVE the French chandy but it truly may not fit. And I have to say, much like my living room (which has a very contemporary coffee table), I LOVE mixing in something that is a little edgy or modern in an otherwise French or romantic space. I do believe it breaks up the space and can make it more interesting.

      Have no fear though! I will use the chandy if it can work. If not, then it might be the Morris!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


  2. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    You are making progress!! Intaglios are so gorgeous! They give a rich and soft feel to a room. Get them! Happy Easter!

    1. Aww you’re so kind – I love them!! So glad that you do, too!

      Happy Easter to you, too!


  3. I’m very interested in how your chest of drawers & night tables look once you strip one and paint the others. I’ve been considering doing mine. Well, I want to do mine but I’m lazy lol

    1. haha, well I am definitely that as well! I’m going to do the painting next week so you’ll get a peek at that! And as for the dresser, I may strip it but I may get a new one if I can swing it!!

      Thanks so much for following along!


  4. Sheila,
    I love the trim work on the wall and was wondering if you put it up over plaster, and if so, is it smooth plaster?

    1. Hi Jill, and thanks for your kind words!

      We did put it up over plaster, and yes, it is smooth (no texture). In my office (which was my first ORC) we did wainscoting and put up flat solid wood panels, and then the trim over that which was admittedly, more work and more money. This time we took a bit of a short cut and I think it looks pretty good!


  5. That’s funny that your husband was excited to help work on some projects for your room – mine tries to ignore me during the One Room Challenge, ha! The trim work is looking good, and you could always add mirrors afterwards if you wanted 🙂

    1. Well, let me tell you, it certainly does not apply to most of the things I ask him to do, lol! Usually just asking him to move furniture elicits groans!!

      And thanks so much! Right now I’m not ordering mirrors, but I thought the same as you – I can always add them later if I want to! Thanks so much for following along and for commenting – I so appreciate it!


  6. Hello Sheila! I’ve been following your instagram account for some time (LOVE!) and it’s so fun to follow your ORC here on your blog. We have similar tastes so I’m living virtually through you and your master bedroom remake, getting ideas for my own. I’ve been thinking of trying the wall trim, too, for that Parisian apartment look! Might I make a small suggestion regarding artwork – the pieces you are looking at are gorgeous, no doubt. But for the prices you would be paying for the architectural prints (and at those sizes), you could get original artwork, which would be so much more personal and meaningful. The intaglios would be tougher to find (although I do know of an artist who does florals that have the same look – check out House of Brinson’s bathroom makeover from last year). But as far as the prints – you might want to consider searching etsy, ebay, Instagram, etc, for original artworks, taking into account the cost of custom framing, of course. Good luck!

    1. Hi Jean and thank you so much! I so love hearing that you hopped over from IG – yay!

      It’s funny you should mention original artwork because I already have SO much in my house! You know how some people have no real or original art, and it could use some? I was beginning to feel like my house was the opposite – painting after painting which I’m feeling is just too much. So, that is the reason I like the architectural prints or the intaglios. They feel like non-art art if that makes sense! But as you said, RH is pretty overpriced. I would most likely do my own version. In fact, I found a wonderful source for intaglios on Etsy which I will share later, and I think I’m ordering from her! Much more reasonable than RH!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by – I truly appreciate your sweet support!