Simple Fall Decor Ideas: Autumn in the Family Room

This year’s fall decor is traditional, but decidedly on the softer side of things. Today I’m sharing some simple fall decor ideas for the family room in the subtle shades of autumn. 

Are you someone who decorates for the season quickly, or do you take your time? Normally I spend a few days pulling out some seasonal touches, but this year I spent the better part of a month finally finishing!

I think some of the reason is that I had a certain idea of what I was going to do, and I ended up completely changing it almost before I even started. 

French country room gorgeous fall autumn decor roses pumpkins on coffee table

Originally I thought I was going to decorate for fall in all the traditional colors of autumn.

I had spent a few years doing everything from complete neutrals to muted fall tones. Which is why this year I thought I’d go with bright oranges, dark rusts and browns.

But once I started adding those bright oranges to the house, it just didn’t feel like me! 


gorgeous family room with soft and subtle fall decor

So I pulled back a little, and went for a soft and simple take on traditional. The colors I used are still very representative of autumn, just a little more faded.

I used soft browns, greens, and cream and I’m loving the more muted look! 


simple fall decorating ideas roses pumpkins and copper accents

It feels comfortable. It feels like me.

I guess I’ll never be a bright orange type person, what can I say?! 😉


simple fall decor white pumpkins in copper pot

On the coffee table I brought out some of my copper pieces, along with some seasonal flowers (essential!) For more on how to decorate with copper, check out my post all about it.


white flowers with eucalyptus and cattails fall flowers pumpkins

And of course, white pumpkins are an essential part of any simple fall decorating.


fall flowers with copper accents and white pumpkins simple fall decorating idea

 The little copper plant mister is vintage, but I found a very similar one here.


Pottery Barn Gather pillow fall family room decorating farmhouse kitchen

This Gather pillow is from a few years ago at Pottery Barn. Unfortunately it’s discontinued, but you can frequently find it on Ebay and I’ve linked some very similar options below, too.


farmhouse table with flowers and pumpkin simple fall decor ideas

fall flowers white roses eucalyptus Jarrahdale pumpkin on farmhouse table fall decor

White roses mixed with cattails and eucalyptus fill a vintage ironstone pitcher and sit on the table with a Jarrahdale pumpkin.


gorgeous French country family room decorated for fall with flowers pumpkins and copper

On the bookshelves in the background, I added some wheat to a simple cache pot. I also removed the few blue items I had in the shelves to keep all of the tones on the warm side.


white roses with eucalyptus and white pumpkins pretty fall decorating idea in farmhouse kitchen

I hope these simple fall decor ideas give you an idea of how to decorate for the season! You don’t need a lot of money or effort to decorate for fall. Pumpkins, simple flowers, and a few pillows or throws can completely change your space and make it feel festive!


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Happy fall!



simple and neutral fall decorating ideas autumn



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    1. Aww thank you Kim! That’s so kind of you!!


  1. Narelle Lindner says:

    Yes Sheila, Fall is my favourite season, and I love all the fall colours of the trees, however as long as they are outside and not in my house! I confess I am mentally allergic to red, orange or gold in my decor……even yellow unless it is a citrus lemon shade. I need the cool calming palette of natures whites, soft greens, grey`s, mauve`s, pinks, aqua`s and creams, and Jacaranda blue.

    1. haha yes!! I guess I’m the same! Give me the subtle shades over the reds and oranges any day!

  2. Love the subdued look. Very, very pretty. Hope you bring the blue (and white, right?) back for Christmas. It’s so timeless and classic. Kudos for Fall though. It’s inspiring!

    1. Thanks so much Deb! And YES! I will absolutely bring the blues back in – probably after Christmas and most especially for spring and summer! Thanks for stopping by!