Simple Summer Decorating – Lightening Things Up with Blue and White

It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through May!! How did that happen?! I feel like I was just talking about winter decorating, and now we’re well into spring and about to talk summer! (Not that I’m complaining mind you – we’ve had such a rainy winter and quite a gloomy spring so I’m very ready for some sun!)

Today I’m excited to be joining my friend Kristen for her Seasons of Home Summer Tour! This is one of my favorite groups to tour with, as these ladies are so talented! I love their creative ideas and simple aesthetic. So, since I’m starting to slowly bring in some summer, I thought I’d share some simple summer decorating in the kitchen today.

It seems whenever I start decorating for a different season, I usually start with the kitchen. I’m not quite sure why this is! Maybe because it’s a small space, or I spend the most time there, but for whatever reason, I usually introduce a change of seasons there first, and this time was no exception.


simple summer decorating lilacs in a vintage French zinc pitcher in white farmhouse kitchen

As I frequently do, I started with flowers! I have found I have been really crushing on lilacs this year. In fact, I’ve bought them for several weeks in a row now – I can’t get enough! (For even more seasonal floral tips, check out my post How to Decorate with Flowers).

Lilacs are absolutely one of my favorite flowers. There’s something about their light and airy look, as well as that gorgeous lavender color, that just has me smitten! To me, they are the perfect expression of late spring and/or early summer!


simple summer decorating french farmhouse kitchen with lavender in metal basket on farmhouse table

And since the these pale purple colors have really been speaking to me this year, I also bought some lavender and brought it inside. Admittedly, it doesn’t last long inside the house. But it does last considerably longer than a cut flower. And if you keep them inside for a few weeks and then transfer them outside, you can then enjoy them for the rest of the summer!


simple summer decorating farmhouse table with runner and lavender in metal basket

simple summer decorating white french country farmhouse kitchen

simple summer decorating with lavender in metal basket in gorgeous white kitchen

I plopped a couple of lavender plants in this cute metal basket, and I’m loving the simplicity of it. And the smell! Every time I walk near the table the scent wafts right by me, which I love!


simple summer decorating farmhouse kitchen with blue and white decor

Another thing I love to do to bring a little freshness to any space is to bring out the blue and white. Whatever you have that’s blue, bring it out! To me, nothing says summer louder than this classic and crisp combo!


simple summer decorating blue and white transferware platter in white farmhouse kitchen

This vintage blue and white transferware platter is a favorite, and I usually bring it out every year, along with some ginger jars and some other pieces. And did you notice the scent of my candle?! It’s lavender rosemary, and it is heavenly!!

That’s another way I like to change things seasonally. I usually change out the candles I have sprinkled around the house to some lighter, fresher scents.


simple summer decorating lilacs in french zinc pitcher with vintage scale in white farmhouse kitchen

I also change out my tea towels to all blue and white ones. It’s such a simple thing, but it really makes an impact in my all-white space.


simple summer decorating lavender in basket with burlap liner white farmhouse kitchen


So it’s a simple start on summer, but it’s early so I thought just a touch would be good for now. I will slowly be bringing out more summer decor in the next couple of weeks! I have a few more tours coming, and even more exciting, the backyard/pool remodel reveal will finally be coming!! I’m so excited to share that with all of you!

I’ve sourced some of the items in this post for you below – including some of the vintage items! And where the exact items aren’t available, I’ve found some similar items for you that could work.


Shop the Post!

*please note some affiliate links have been added for your convenience*


simple summer decorating ideas on Maison de Cinq white kitchen with purple summer flowers




In the meantime, I hope you’ll visit some of my talented friends sharing their early summer decorating inspiration below!


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  1. Amelia Jackson says:

    The lavender on the table is so simple and refreshing! We recently refinished our wood floors so my seasonal decor budget is a bit slim right now, but you’ve convinced me that lavender is a MUST, along with any other cheap greenery and flowers I can get my hands on. Thanks for the inspo!

    1. Thanks so much Amelia! I agree – ANY flowers or greenery is always better than none! And lucky you to have redone your floors, ours need to be done!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hello!

    Would you share where you purchased the grain sack table runner? Everything is beautiful!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim and thanks so much for your kind words! That table runner is vintage and I purchased it at a flea market. However, I also have the one below which gives a great vintage look and it’s gorgeous. You might want to check it out below. Other than that you can find vintage ones on Etsy.

      Hope that helps!


  3. Wendy Buchnell says:

    Your house is so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Hi!

      Where did you purchase your rug??

      Thank you!

  4. Hello,

    I love all your photo’s, thank you for sharing. I would like to know where did you purchase you wooded chandelier in the kitchen?

    Thank you,

  5. Mary Cancelliere says:

    Love the color of your kitchen, can you tell me the name of the paint and the maker 🙂

    1. Hi and thanks so much Mary! The color is Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.

      Hope that helps!


  6. Barbara C. says:

    Beautiful! For some reason, I am unable to open the links to the products. Is the problem my computer? Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much! Not sure why they aren’t opening? Maybe try another browser as mine are opening fine.


  7. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Sheila, The simplicity of the table runner and basket with lavender tucked inside burlap is so lovely. I have a terrible time growing lavender. Each year I try it and bought 2 more this year thinking I may have better luck. I am persistent when it comes to plants! Love your home!

    1. Aww that’s so kind Cecilia – thank you! And I have the same problem with lavender!! They do okay outside but I just can’t keep it alive inside the house so I usually enjoy it in the kitchen for a couple of weeks and then move it to the backyard 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  8. My husband and I saw your table in this post and LOVE it! We are currently table shopping. Can I ask where you found this gorgeous French Euro table?

    1. Hi and thanks so much Joy! That table is one made from reclaimed wood by Elsie Green. It’s very pricey, but I did link very similar ones at much better prices in the bottom of the post (check out Shop the Post). Or, you can see all the similar ones I’ve found in the Shop my Kitchen link below:

      Hope that helps!


  9. Monica Morejon says:

    Sheila – your home is beatiful decorated; with great taste.
    Love love love your kitchen!

    I like the blinds on your kitchen window – can you provide information on how to get them?


    1. Aww what a nice comment to wake up to Monica – thanks so much!! Unfortunately, these blinds were custom ordered and I don’t remember the name or maker. But I do know that The Shade Store does one very similar! Hope that helps!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  10. Oh how I love the combination of lilac and lavender! I am sure your home smelled so wonderful when you snapped these photos! Beautiful as always! xo

    1. The lavender smells so good – definitely a favorite! Thanks so much Chloe!


  11. Shelia,
    I adore your blue& white vintage platter on the counter top!
    I, too, create vignettes within my kitchen.
    Filled with gorgeous Spring lilac & lavender, makes my heart happy
    as I grow both in my Gardens!

    1. Aww I’m so glad to hear that – thank you!! And I love that you are growing the lavender and the lilacs – how lucky you are!!


  12. Blue and white is always so perfect for summer – or any time! Your home looks beautiful with your summer touches.
    Love the lilacs! I just picked some of ours this morning. We finally have a sunny day – hooray!
    Enjoy your day, Sheila!

    1. Oh I’m dying for some sun!! It’s just May Gray every day here :(( That’s why I need the lilacs and the blue and white to bring some sunshine INSIDE, haha!!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend!