Spring Kitchen Decorating: A Simple & Easy Spring Refresh

Looking for a spring refresh? In today’s post I’m sharing four tips for easy spring kitchen decorating ideas!

Well hello friends! I feel like I haven’t shared seasonal decor here in quite awhile, so I’m thrilled to be talking spring decorating today!

We’ve had the most erratic weather lately – one week it’s pretty warm and I’m feeling that spring is here, and the next (like now!) it’s cloudy and cold and dreary. But my solution is to ignore the weather and bring spring inside – whether it’s here on the outside or not! 😉


spring kitchen decorating French country white kitchen

Do you want to add some pretty touches of spring but keep thinking it’s not worth the hassle? Well I beg to differ!

Changing up your seasonal decor doesn’t need to be super fussy or complicated. In fact, all the changes I made today are super easy to do. And you know what? They completely changed the feel of the room!



Tip One: Add Plants

There’s nothing like a little greenery to make a room feel springy! I added a few plants to the kitchen and I just love the way the whole room feels fresher and more alive.

jasmine plant with pink roses and little nest and eggs spring decorating


white flowering plant and vintage scale with French bread boards spring decor in the kitchen



Tip Two: Lighten Things Up

For me this means the colors of your linens or towels, the candles you choose to burn or even the soap scent you use. All of these visual cues and scents really change the way you respond to a space! 

lovely pink and white flowers in French country white kitchen gorgeous spring decor

The first thing I do when March rolls around is change out my kitchen towels. I always use linen tea towels, but instead of the darker colors I use in winter (or even the reds I’ve used during the holidays), I change them out for pretty neutrals, as well as cheerful blues or soft pinks.

I also put away the pine scented candles of the winter and bring out some non-seasonal or spring scents. Right now I’m burning my favorite Espresso candle. And since it’s a bit lighter than something like a pumpkin, it works year round! Another favorite is this candle from Voluspa – I love the Casa Pacifica scent, but all three scents are yummy!


pink and white ranunculus flowers spring decor



Tip Three: Use Seasonal Decor

For me this is a subtle thing. I don’t like to go too crazy with signs that scream spring, or “themed” decor. However, just adding a few touches with a nod to the season really set the tone for the room.

egg platter spring decor on range mantel in white French country kitchen

This speckled egg platter is a favorite! I love the soft colors and the fact that it says spring in a fresh way. 


gorgeous French farmhouse kitchen dining table pink and white flowers spring decor ideas

And I also bring out lots of eggs! I may bring out bunnies when it gets closer to Easter, but for now, the eggs symbolize spring to me.

Another favorite is to use little nests. They’re another nod to the season and I love that they symbolize nature and rebirth – all the things that spring represents!


gorgeous pink and white ranunculus in glass vase with eggs easter spring decorating in the kitchen

And this vintage French egg basket is a favorite! I love the sweet shape – and it’s so practical in the kitchen, too!



Tip Four: Bring Out the Flowers

I’m sure this one is a shocker, haha! You all know how much I love flowers, and try to have them in my home year-round as much as I can. However, spring is definitely a season that just screams for some!

pink and white flowers in glass vase spring kitchen decorating ideas

So whether it’s a blooming tulip plant, hydrangeas from the market, or ranunculus from the flower mart, flowers go a long way towards bringing that feeling of spring into your home!

I usually choose either flowers in all white, white and green, or in this case, white and pink. These are the colors that say “spring” to me, but choose whatever speaks to you. I guarantee you that any fresh flowers you find will be just the right touch for your spring kitchen decorating!

And if you can’t find fresh near you, you can always get some high-quality faux – they’ll still brighten up the room.


French farmhouse style dining area flowers eggs spring decor

I hope this gave you some ideas of how to bring spring into your home. Today I started with the kitchen because that’s the place I seem to spend the most time in. But next week I’ll be completely “springifying” my home and lightening and brightening the other rooms as well!


gorgeous spring flowers with eggs decorating ideas easter

And if you’re interested in creating some of these spring looks yourself, I’ve sourced most of the items I used in my spring decorating below!


Shop Spring Kitchen Decorating 


Happy Early Spring!





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  1. I know I can always count on your for beautiful fresh flowers! Your spring-ified kitchen is lovely – thanks for all the inspiration all the time! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Barbara – so appreciate that!! 🙂


  2. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! What is the delicate plant with the pink buds?

    1. Hi Cyndi and thank you! It’s a pink jasmine – they smell so good!!


  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    Beautiful Bouquets!

  4. As usual lovely!!! May I ask what is that beautiful flowering pink plant you show in the clay pot??

    1. Aww thank you Donna! That’s pink jasmine – and it smells divine!


  5. Roseann D'Elia says:

    Always perfect. Happy Sping! happy national women’s day.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Roseann- really appreciate it! And Happy Spring to you too!