Styling a Coffee Table – How to Blend Fall and Christmas

Hi Everyone! And welcome to the second edition of our monthly blog post on styling your coffee table hosted by Janine of Happy Happy Nester! If you are here from Crazy Chic Design, welcome! If you are a regular reader, you might have read last month’s post on styling a fall coffee table. For those of you who might have missed it, every month 15 bloggers will be sharing how to style a coffee table. Well this month, we have a new edition and I’m changing it up! I didn’t want to do a full-on Christmas table just yet, but I definitely felt done with all of my pumpkins! So what to do? To try to bridge the gap between fall and Christmas decorating and do a table that looked slightly wintery. To do this,  I emphasized natural elements with a color scheme of green and white. I wanted to style a table that could last from now through Thanksgiving, but also one that would work for Christmas if you wanted it to.


styling a coffee table fall christmas pinecones antique urn

I decided that pinecones is the new pumpkin! At least for me:) Here an antique French urn is filled with pinecones and seeded eucalyptus.

styling a coffee table fall christmas pinecones antique urn 2
styling a coffee table fall christmas silver tray deer bowl pinecones

I like the emphasis on green as I think it works for both holidays, so I added two preserved topiaries and elevated them on a stack of green books. A couple of little silver birds and a tiny green tray on top of the books adds interest.

styling a coffee table topiaries silver birds fall
This silver bowl with deer heads on either end is something I purchased last year at an antique store so I filled that with more tiny pinecones. This bowl just says “winter” to me!
styling a coffee table silver bowl deer heads pinecones christmas
styling a coffee table fall christmas topiaries pinecones
After that I added a silver tray, put the deer bowl on top of that and added a vintage bee catcher bottle along with a mercury glass candle.
styling a coffee table pinecones antique urn fall christmas
styling a coffee table antique urn pinecones silver tray fall christmas
You might remember I gave some basic guidelines for styling a coffee table in last month’s fall coffee table post. Basically, I talked about incorporating:


Something natural

Something unique or interesting (preferably vintage)

Other options (candles, boxes, trays, etc)


For all the tips, you can read the full post here.
styling a coffee table antique urn pinecones eucalyptus christmas fall
styling a coffee table silver tray candle bottle fall
styling a coffee table antique urn pinecones topiaries christmas
styling a coffee table topiaries silver birds fall
For this table, I used books in tones of green and grey. The natural items are the pinecones and topiaries, unique and/or vintage items are the urn and bee catcher bottle, and the “other” items are the candle, tray and birds. Also, remember to vary the heights of the objects you’re using as well.


styling a coffee table blending fall and christmas 2
styling a coffee table crusty white antique urn with pinecones and eucalyptus christmas
Hopefully this gave you some inspiration on styling a coffee table in your own home! And if like me, you want to make it wintery without fully emphasizing Christmas yet, then you have some ideas as well. You could also incorporate pine tree sprigs or other greens, neutral ornaments like shiny balls, or even some bare little Christmas trees while still having it not scream Christmas. For me, that will be next month’s table!
I hope you will visit Oscar Bravo Home next and then hop on over to the rest of the group’s posts. All of these bloggers have great ideas, and if you want to do Christmas already, several are doing that too!
And I’ve found some great items to help you get the look. You can just click on the links below to shop!


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  1. So many elements to love here. My favorites have to be the white urn and the silver bowl with the stag head handles. Just lovely! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

  2. Thank you so much Janine! I actually saw that PB version and missed out on it which is why I plucked up that antique version when I saw it!

    I'm so thrilled to be joining you in this hop, and I'm so thankful to be a part of it!


  3. Sheila,
    Such a great blog post! Gosh, I love your urn and I have the Pottery Barn version of your silver bowl! Love your whole table decor and congrats on bridging the gap between seasons!

  4. Thanks Angelina! I get all of mine on my walks as well. And thank you for the compliment on the bowl – I just loved it! It had to come home with me:))


  5. Thanks Shelley! Me too! Though I have to do it earlier than usual because of the blog hops, at least this doesn't feel too over the top for me! But I'll be there soon:))


  6. Thanks so much Eilis! And yes, go get them! I have to go and hunt down more this week:)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  7. Love it Sheila…. I loved how you styled it and my favorite is those pines cones inside that French urn…gorgeous!

  8. I love how you incorporated natural elements on your BEAUTIFUL coffee table! Looks great, Sheila!

  9. So beautiful!!! I love those little silver birds…..

  10. Your vignettes are always so lovely and interesting, Sheila! I love all your beautiful vintage pieces! And you KNOW I love that coffee table!


  11. Yes I agree, pinecones are winter's pumpkins. I have been using pinecones for Winter for some time… when I go on hikes in the woods I always look for out for really big ones! I love that reindeer bowl that you picked up last year – it is so cute!